Delta Munchies Review: Best Delta 8 Gummies 1000mg

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Today’s review is centered around a brand called Delta Munchies! I was super excited to try out a number of their products; they all looked super delicious and were significantly more potent than other brands. From the beginning, I would have to say that their Watermelon Gummies and 2 Gram Delta 8 Disposables caught my eye. I’m really excited to share this review with you. I truly only have positive things to say about Delta Munchies.

Why Choose Delta Munchies?

First and foremost, Delta Munchies cares about its customers. Unlike many other companies, Delta Munchies offers a satisfaction guarantee: if for some reason you don’t love your products, you can send them back and get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase! With 15+ years of experience in the industry, this is how confident they are in their product line.

Furthermore, all of their products have been third-party lab tested and are GMP certified! To top it all off, Delta Munchies offers top-of-the line customer service: if you have any questions or concerns, you can be sure a helpful representative will be there to assist you.

Best Delta 8 Gummies 1000mg

I can honestly say that these are some of the best Delta 8 Gummies I’ve ever tried. They’re delicious and taste just like regular candy, coming in a wide variety of flavors. I would have to say my favorite was Watermelon Runtz, although Grape Gushers comes in a close second! These gummies are very reasonably priced and contain significantly more D8 than those of other brands.

You get a whopping 1000 mg per container! Not only are they reasonably priced, but they’ll also last longer than other products at the same price point. I could go on and on about these Delta Munchies gummies, but I think it’s time we moved on to one of my other favorites.

Delta 8 Peach Rings

Another one of the best products Delta Munchies has to offer are their Delta 8 Peach Rings! They come in 3 different strength levels, up to 450 mg, so regardless of your tolerance level, you can still enjoy a peaceful high. These gummies are just as delicious as the classic candy, but they also carry a hefty dose of vitamin D!

Whether you are looking to have a night out on the town or a cozy night in, these Delta 8 Peach Rings will make a perfect addition to your experience. Like all of Delta Munchies’ products, each container is reasonably priced and comes with a hefty supply of gummies.

Berry Gelato Vape Cartridge

Next up is the Berry Gelato Vape Cartridge! Each cart is filled with one gram of premium Delta 8 distillate, with the strain being Berry Gelato! Although this one was my personal favorite, they also offer several other strains like Blueberry Jack, OG Kush, and Banana OG.

Overall, the Berry Gelato Cart was incredibly pleasant in terms of its flavor and effects. On the inhale, it was incredibly smooth to draw and tasted like a subtle mix of fresh herbs and berries! Each cartridge will last you about 350–400 draws, and of course, it is lab tested to ensure quality.

2 Gram Disposable: Grape Runtz Strain

I was super excited when I saw that Delta Munchies’ disposables were two grams! I love Delta 8 disposables, but I always find myself wishing they lasted longer. The Grape Runtz Disposable was probably the flavor I enjoyed the most, given how I’m a huge fan of the Grape Runtz strain.

Each disposable has a lifespan of 1,000 puffs and also comes in additional flavors like Berry Pie, Apple Fritter, and Forbidden Fruit. I found that they hit super smoothly and are also pretty potent for a D8 vape! I’d recommend these highly to anyone looking for a new Delta 8 disposable to try out.

Edible Gummy Worms 

The last product I’ll be reviewing today is the Sour Gummy Worms! I’m having a hard time saying I left the best for last given the rest of the Delta Munchies lineup, but it’s pretty close! I’m a big fan of sour gummy worms, and these honestly exceeded my expectations.

Unlike other edibles that leave a strange taste lingering in your mouth, the Sour Gummy Worms taste exactly like the original candy! Not to mention, they also contain a solid amount of premium Delta-8 THC. You can choose between two sizes, which either contain 25 or 40 gummies. Each gummy is 25 mg!

Delta 8 Dosage

If you’re new to the delta-8 THC world, you might be wondering how much Delta-8 to start with. Depending on how much you can handle and how high you want to get, your first dose may be different from that of other people. A word of advice though: it’s best to under-do it than over-do it, so start slow! Although each product comes with instructions and suggested doses printed on the label, we’d like to also include some helpful information. Courtesy of Delta Munchies, here’s a helpful Delta-8 dosage chart for their most popular products.

Delta 8 Dosage Chart (Edibles, Tinctures, Vapes)

Delta Munchies Review: A Summary

Overall, I have only great things to say about this company and their entire product line! If you’re looking for new Delta 8 products to add to your daily routine, I’m sure you can find a great addition in Delta Munchies. They have really gotten good at what they do, making everything from tasty gummies to incredibly smooth and strong vapes. Speaking of edibles, they also just released some 3000 mg Sour Belts which I am dying to try!

* As a thank you to our readers, use code HIGHYIELDS15 for 15% off all purchases! *