5 Do’s And Don’ts Of Enjoying Cannabis Products

You can use cannabis products for medical or recreational purposes. And like any other hobby, knowing the game’s rules is crucial. Some are unwritten, while others are stipulated in the laws of the land.

First, you must be of legal age to have the products. Any licensed recreational cannabis dispensary will want to confirm how old you are before they sell you CBD products. Once that’s settled, consider these dos and don’ts to have an excellent experience with cannabis products:

Do: Have Snacks Around

One side effect of taking cannabis is the munchies that come about. Although not everyone experiences them, you should have some snacks to counter the hunger pangs. You never know when or how strong the craving will be. On that note, never forget to carry your favorite snacks to your dabbing spot.

Note that snacks taste better when you’re high. Some popular stoning snacks include:

  • Avocados
  • Coconut
  • Chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Sunflower, pumpkin, or watermelon seeds
  • Grass-fed burger
  • Granola bars
  • Mac and cheese

Do: Use The Right Tools

Using suitable cannabis tools gives you a more exciting experience. There are dozens of options for taking CBD products. For instance, beginners can start with cannabis rolls, which require only lighting and enjoying some puffs.

On the other hand, experienced smokers can go for vaping. It’s a way to take the cannabis flower without smoking it. The vape has a more potent dosage. Thus, it’s not suitable if you’re a beginner. Alternatively, you can try CBD edibles. These are slow, taking up to 30 minutes before you take a hit. All options are feasible.

Below is a list of tools and accessories you may need, depending on the method you choose:

  • Tabletop vaporizer
  • Portable vaporizer
  • Bubbler
  • Magical butter machine
  • Decarboxylator
  • Odor-proof designer bag with a concealed cannabis compartment
  • Hookah
  • Electronic dabber
  • Dab rig
  • Dab torch
  • Banger
  • Carb cap
  • Stainless steel dabber toolset
  • Kief scraper
  • Smokers air purifier
  • Reusable silicone filter
  • Grinder
  • Storage container
  • Rolling machine
  • Glass pipe cleaning solution

It’s quite a long list, but don’t feel overwhelmed. Start with the essentials and upgrade gradually. Ensure you purchase premium-quality tools from reliable suppliers.

Do: Stay Hydrated

Smoking has its fair share of downsides. One of them is that you get a dry mouth. To avoid “cotton mouth,” you must keep a bottle of water close every time you smoke. You can also use lip balm to keep your lips moist.

You might get migraines and other related discomforts if you’re not well hydrated. Water helps your body and mind to be healthy.

Do: Use Cannabis At The Right Time

Since cannabis effects vary with every strain, you must ensure that you’re taking them at the right time—when you’re not engaged or in a hurry. You should also ensure you’re not going to be involved in technical activities after your stoning session, as this can affect your performance. Since the effects vary, you might not be sure how your body reacts. Some strains also induce sleep, and it’d be best to take them in the evening before bed.

Do: Start Slow

One way of enjoying cannabis is by taking the correct dosage. You’d want to start slowly and gradually increase the dosage as you get used to it. Vaping generates a quicker high than eating edibles. Raw flowers come in between these two in terms of highs. Taking it slowly helps you monitor the effects of cannabis products on your body.


If you’re just starting on cannabis, you must keep the dosage on the low side. It helps you track the effects and avoid adverse impacts on your health such as paranoia. Avoid peer pressure whenever smoking with your crew. As a newbie, you can’t measure up to the consumption standards of seasoned smokers. Learn to say no to extra round offers.

Don’t: Mix It With Other Substances

When smoking cannabis, avoid taking other substances such as alcohol. You might have several side effects if you mix CBD with other hard drugs. Using cannabis alone allows you to monitor the impact and respond appropriately.

Don’t: Share

Although it’s common practice to puff and pass the blunts among your friends, you might risk contracting some diseases. For instance, you could contract infections like flu, cold, and mono through saliva exchange by sharing vaporizers, bongs, pipes, and joints.

Don’t: Drive When High

Avoid getting behind the wheel when you’re cannabis high. Being high impairs your judgment, and you may cause a fatal accident. If you must drive after a hit, do it slowly and keep your undivided focus on the road. Otherwise, you might not get to your destination.

Don’t: Blow Smoke Into Someone’s Direction

When smoking with a friend or group, you shouldn’t blow smoke in someone’s direction. It’s rude to force someone to inhale the smoke from your nose unless you’ve all agreed to do so.


Cannabis products can help you relax and unwind. But you should follow the tips above to make your experience better and stay safe. Besides, don’t allow the hobby to interfere with your daily routines and responsibilities. It’s easy to smoke roll after roll and laze around. Know when to stop and get to other worthwhile activities.