11 Best Indica Strains to Smoke for a Good Sleep


  • A Quick Note About Strains
  • 1. Granddaddy Purple
  • 2. Bubba Kush
  • 3. Do-Si-Dos
  • 4. L.A. Confidential
  • 5. Northern Lights
  • 6. White Domina
  • 7. Cookies ‘n’ Cream
  • 8. Purple Urkle
  • 9. Tahoe OG Kush
  • 10. Blue Cheese
  • 11. Star Killer
  • Kiss Insomnia Goodnight

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Do you dream of waking up fresh and rejuvenated after a healthy eight hours? Well, it’s about to come true. Enter the best indica strains for sleep.

You’re not alone in your nightly fights. The US is the world’s fourth-most sleep-deprived nation. Stress, apnea, blue light, and overstimulation are parts of people’s daily lives. You can’t always avoid them, but you don’t have to fight alone.

Nature is here with assistance, and it comes in the form of our favorite green plant.

Choose the right indica for sleep, buy high-yielding seeds, and set yourself up with a heavy bag of non-addictive slumber-inducers. Not sure which cultivar to choose? We’re here with 11 strains that do the trick.

A Quick Note About Strains

We’ll start by laying some information groundwork. Use these facts to surpass our list and explore countless dream-bringers on the marijuana market.

Many misconceptions surround cannabis. Some believe that smoking any cultivar turns you into a sleepyhead. In reality, though, sativa can energize you until 3 am and leave you tired when you need vigor most.

That’s why most tokers follow this simple rule—indica for sleep and sativa for daytime hours.

Does indica make you sleepy, though, or is that another myth?

It does, but not always.

There’s variance even when you’ve zeroed in on the family. Most indica cultivars induce relaxation and the well-known “couch lock,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean the ZZZs.

Drowsy weed results from cannabinoids and terpenes. So, consider these factors when looking into the best indica strains for sleep:

  • The ratio of CBD and THC. THC is intoxicating and sedating, and CBD inhibits that activity. In translation, potent buds make you sleepier.
  • Reasons for poor rest. CBD counters THC, but it could help with indirect insomnia causes, like anxiety and pain. A CBD cultivar can be better than sheer psychoactive power if you’re tackling a diagnosis.
  • Marijuana terpene composition. Choose herbs with high concentrations of myrcene, linalool, terpinolene, or caryophyllene. These aromatic components make the effects dozy and cozy.

If you can find the right indica to help you sleep, marijuana is a better choice than prescription drugs. These 11 THC specimens are the perfect place to start your search.

1. Granddaddy Purple

THC: 15–19%

CBD: Under 2%

Dominant terpene: Linalool

Grandaddy Purple is a fantastic indica for sleep and an all-around charmer. Violet hues, grape flavors, and muscle-melting effects are this cultivars’ primary selling points.

The mental high is wonderfully drowsy, erasing all stress and tension. The physical effects relax your muscles and dull aches and pains. It’s not long before you’re dozing off between your couch cushions.

Moderate THC levels make this indica for sleep perfect for users of all levels. Start with several small puffs, gauge your reaction, and let peace come gradually.

2. Bubba Kush

THC: 14–19%

CBD: 2.50%

Dominant terpene: Caryophyllene

Bubba Kush is an excellent indica that will put you to sleep. Its buds shimmer with crystals, delivering several calming terpenes. This chemical cocktail is also tasty, boosting the bag’s appeal.

The cannabinoid contents are an insomniac’s dream. Moderate potency and CBD infusions make the experience relaxing and well-rounded. Newbies can enjoy these sought-after effects without burdensome intoxication.

Apart from introducing snoozy vibes, this indica for sleep aids also addresses physical issues that could otherwise hinder rest. Users have said that it helps with muscle pain and makes it easier to get comfortable between the pillows.

3. Do-Si-Dos

THC: 26–30%

CBD: Under 2%

Dominant terpene: Limonene

You’ll no longer wonder whether indica makes you sleepy after several inhales of Do-Si-Dos.

Its THC alone is enough to knock down an old-school toker. Add its terpene composition, and a siesta is inevitable with Do Si Dos.

This entry on our best indica strains for sleep list starts high and ends low. Spend several hours riding the happy leisure wave before dropping into lethargy. Slumber soon comes knocking, and it won’t take no for an answer.

Take things slow with this cotton candy smoke. It’s palpable and super-enticing, but it requires mindfulness.

4. L.A. Confidential

THC: 20–26%

CBD: 2%

Dominant terpene: Limonene

L.A. Confidential is another strong indica for sleep. It’s a THC powerhouse, bringing sedation in a psychoactive, couch-locking cloud. Smoke this one in moderation to have fun before heading to Neverland.

This wood-and-pine smoke treats acute and chronic pain, according to some tokers. It also slows down the mind. The cultivar leaves you comfortable and free from running thoughts; sleep naturally follows.

You’ll decompress before dozing off, adding another layer to this wellness boost. A good meal and pain relief for the whole body give you more energy the next day.

5. Northern Lights

THC: 14–17%

CBD: 2%

Dominant terpene: Myrcene

Northern Lights is a world-famous strain and a superb indica for sleep. It’s renowned for its ganja scent and soothing properties, letting even the most high-strung toker sit back with a smile on their face.

The smoke is light and smooth, carrying moderate potency. Effects are fast-acting but rarely too strong to handle. You’ll have the energy and drive to do something relaxing before going to bed.

The cerebral high banishes the blues. Combined with pain relief, this influence paints the next morning in brighter colors.

6. White Domina

THC: 11%

CBD: 0.5%

Dominant terpene: Caryophyllene

White Domina is a sleep-inducing indica if there ever was one. Enjoy this spicy flavor blend and let its mellow influence carry you into relaxation land.

Even though this strain isn’t super strong, it will still stick you to your couch. Its soothing touch alleviates mental and emotional distress. Its influence is near-instantaneous, but novices don’t find it too powerful to handle.

Clear your schedule and stock up your fridge before having a blunt of White Domina indica for sleep. It leaves room for nothing but the munchies and a desire to crawl beneath the covers.

7. Cookies ‘n’ Cream

THC: 17–22%

CBD: Under 1%

Dominant terpene: Linalool

Who’s in the mood for dessert? Without the sugar rush, Cookies ‘n’ Cream is a delight. Choose this best indica strain for sleep to treat your entire system with much-needed sweetness.

This inducement to sleep is much loved for its stress-busting capability. It banishes wild thoughts, vivid dreams, and concerns that could creep up on your sleeping form. The physical effects make the embrace of couch cushions too alluring to refuse.

Rookies are good after two puffs. Seasoned users can relish several more for a surprisingly early night with their phone out of sight.

8. Purple Urkle

THC: 10–14%

CBD: 0.5%

Dominant terpene: Caryophyllene

Purple Urkle fights anxiety, and it wins. This herb promotes sleep by relaxing the body and releasing tremors and nervous energy. No concern is capable of intruding into your zone after a toke of its sweet berry smoke.

The mellow cultivar could also bring physical relief. No more twisting in bedsheets—this comfort is immobilizing. You feel limber in the morning, enjoying extra energy from a proper rejuvenation session.

The gentle chemical makeup of this indica for sleep lets rookies savor the THC infusion without risking side effects. Positive experiences are the norm with Purple Urkle.

9. Tahoe OG Kush

THC: 19–22%

CBD: 1%

Dominant terpene: Terpineol

Tahoe OG Kush is a well-balanced indica for sleep. It’s the perfect cultivar for presence and peaceful satisfaction. Veg out and never find yourself scrolling through Instagram and suffering FOMO when you need rest.

Tokers link the experience with being wrapped in a soft blanket. The sensation is physical and psychological at once.

Stay within your limits, and high-quality sleep will arrive even then. You don’t need a tolerance test to reap this herb’s immense benefits. If you want to, this cultivar’s THC has your back.

10. Blue Cheese

THC: 16–20%

CBD: Under 2%

Dominant terpene: Myrcene

Blue Cheese is a potent stay-at-home herb, whether you’re looking to unwind or have a lazy Sunday. It’s also known as one of the best indica strains for sleep because it can relieve pain and make it hard to stay awake.

A couch lock doesn’t always ensue with this indica for sleep. You get super-lazy, but immobility isn’t imminent. Use your newfound physical comfort for some light movement and tuck yourself in as it leaves your bloodstream.

Have a meal before the lights go out. The aroma of cream cheese and blueberries is amazing for the appetite.

11. Star Killer

THC: 23–29%

CBD: 2%

Dominant terpene: Myrcene

Why is indica sleepy? In Star Killer’s case, it’s mostly a matter of power. Its terpenes assist the soothing action, turning you into a lazy puddle.

This potent cultivar is the weapon of choice for those dealing with insomnia. Its sedating influence releases mental and physical stress. You’re free to cozy up and engage in relaxing activities from the depths of your cot.

The squeaky, aromatic bouquet also activates the appetite. Fuel your system before sending it to rest—next-day energy is guaranteed.

Kiss Insomnia Goodnight

Bedtime issues make you grumpy and even harm your health in the long run. Why let sleep deprivation continue when there’s a simple solution? Our selection of the best indica strains for sleep is just what you need.

Don’t rely only on nature’s meds—reducing blue light, cutting down on caffeine, and exercising are elements of a healthy lifestyle. Cannabis is merely a way to make it easier and more fun.

Choose a cultivar that seems the most appealing and run a test on yourself. Be mindful of the effects and track your reactions. It might take some trial and error, but you’ll soon find one that does it for you.

Once you’ve found your ideal option, it’s time to buy seeds and grow indica at home. Have a stash at hand and keep yourself well-rested every day of the week.

Cortney Bennett

Cortney Bennett, a pharmacist at I49 Seed Bank, with 5+ years in the pharmacy field regarding cannabis. Cortney constantly upgrades her knowledge and skills in the weed industry. She has learned the characteristics of the different marijuana types and their effects on the human body in detail. Her constant thirst for knowledge allows her to stay up to date with all the latest research and discoveries in the cannabis field.