Why Shop at Plain Jane?

Right now, the CBD market is overrun by brands, many of which sell comparable goods. Because white label brands sell their goods at wholesale prices for other brands to slap a label on, some firms essentially supply the same things under different names. We occasionally come across a business that is a little unique. One such business, Plain Jane, focuses exclusively on pre-rolled hemp joints and raw hemp flower.

Undoubtedly, not everyone would enjoy this market. This manner of consumption won’t appeal to anyone who is worried about the negative effects of smoking, though Plain Jane does provide some options. Everything you need to know about this company is covered below, so you can decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Plain Jane’s Best Features

Products at reasonable prices: Hemp flower is frequently pricey. CBD products are notoriously expensive in general. However, Plain Jane pledged to keep its products as reasonably priced as possible, and it appears that the company has succeeded in doing so. Smaller hemp flower samples can be purchased for as little as $11. Even more affordable is their Plain Jane Delta 8!

American Hemp:

Most of the hemp used by Plain Jane comes from farms in southern Oregon. Plain Jane aspires to cultivate hemp utilizing ecological methods in addition to growing it on American soil under strict laws. Although some of the hemp is cultivated in greenhouses, Plain Jane supports sustainable agriculture.

Mild-Scented CBD Cigarettes:

According to Plain Jane, their CBD pre-rolls have a mild aroma. They won’t smell strongly like cannabis, in other words. This is fantastic news, especially given that Plain Jane is credited on the website as the inventors. This brand is for you if you like to keep your routines discreet.

Lab reports say that there is a certificate of analysis for each product, including the hemp flower. It serves as evidence of this brand’s trustworthiness and gives customers reason to have faith in each store.

Concerns about Plain Jane

Despite having a wonderful reputation, Plain Jane has certain drawbacks. First off, there is some legal ambiguity surrounding the products. According to the website, Idaho is the only state where Plain Jane hemp flower cannot be delivered. However, you must exercise caution if you smoke hemp in public. If you smoke marijuana in a place where it is legal, you might get away with it, but if you live in a state where it is outlawed, you might come under scrutiny. You decide whether to take that chance.

The second problem has to do with shipment. Even though people pay for tracked delivery, TrustPilot is full of complaints from people who say they never got their orders or that they got them late. Plain Jane has attributed this to Route, the courier. But it seems to have happened so regularly that they might want to think about using a different courier.