Strain Spotlight: Zoap

The hot and hyped Zoap strain is a hybrid cannabis strain with a balanced combination of Sativa and Indica genes. It has a lemon, pine, and diesel flavor profile and produces uplifting and energetic effects.

When Zoap dropped it had the whole cannabis world on alert – this strain made a big impact and it’s easy to see why! The crossing of Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Guava to create Zoap is a big reason – two fan-favorite strains that had never been crossed before but the idea of the two mixing genetics is enough to make even the most veteran smoker’s mouth water.

Zoap is a hybrid cannabis strain known to produce uplifting and energetic effects, often used to treat stress, depression, and fatigue. Its THC level typically ranges from 21% to 27%. There is an element of a relaxing, Indica-like stone from Zoap but the real draw of this strain is the phenomenal energetic effects and cerebral, buzzy head high.

Zoap has a pungent aroma with strong notes of lemon, pine, and diesel. Its flavor profile is described as tangy and zesty, with dominant hints of lemon, pine and hints of diesel. The taste is often described as sharp, crisp, and earthy with a lemon aftertaste.

So you’ve seen chatter about Zoap on every forum, seen people smoking or growing it on Instagram, you may have even heard it come up in song lyrics – but, you can’t seem to find your own Zoap. It’s easier than ever to get your hands on some Zoap as you can find weed seeds for sale from reputable seed banks that have bred their own Zoap. This is great because it means that the strain is no longer exclusive and is more widely available to enthusiasts who want to give this exquisite strain a try!

Growing Zoap cannabis from seeds can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for those who are experienced and knowledgeable about cannabis cultivation. Here are some general tips for growing Zoap:

Choose a suitable growing environment: Zoap can be grown indoors or outdoors in a warm and humid climate.

Start with high-quality seeds: Good quality seeds are crucial to ensure a healthy and productive plant.

Provide adequate light and nutrients: Zoap plants need plenty of light, water, and nutrients to grow strong and produce good yields.

Prune and train the plants: Pruning and training the plants can help increase yields and improve air circulation, which can prevent mold and pests.

Harvest at the right time: Wait until the plants are mature and ready to be harvested, which can take around 8 to 10 weeks.

Growing Zoap can be rewarding for experienced cultivators, but it requires attention to detail and a commitment to providing the plant with optimal growing conditions. It is important to be aware of local laws and regulations regarding cannabis cultivation as with growing any strain. Zoap is the kind of strain that will become a future classic so it’s the kind of strain you’re going to want to pick up now before it’s gone.