Strain Spotlight: SS1

The SS1 strain has a distinctive flavor profile that is delightful, sweet, and fruity. Users describe SS1’s effects as uplifting and soothing, and medical users typically utilize this strain to treat mood issues such as depression. SS1 combines the best genetic domains, providing energetic Sativa high balanced with full-body Indica calm.

The unique taste profile of SS1 undoubtedly makes it popular in social settings. Also, the SS1 smells like cherries and citrus with a hint of a skunk underneath. The SS1 strain has beautiful green and purple blossoms coated with trichomes. You will have to keep reading to discover what it is and how it compares to its renowned parent.

An overview of the SS1 strain

The SS1 strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid of 85% Indica and 15% Sativa. It is a hybrid between the famed cannabis strain Sunset Sherbet and the wonderfully named Gelato 41. Users report that SS1 marijuana is wonderful for relaxing and de-stressing after a long, hard day in modest dosages. Nevertheless, the sedative effects of SS1 become more evident at increasing dosages, which is why some cannabis users take it to treat sleeplessness.

The average THC content in SS1 is 21-24% and is a low CBD strain, with the maximum amount of cannabidiol recorded reportedly 0.2%. Conversely, SS1’s effects can be enjoyed by experienced cannabis users when consumed in moderation. The scent of SS1 mixes aromatic, fruity tones with sweet berries and a mild fresh earth fragrance. This hybrid boasts a delectably sweet, sherbet powder-like taste and a luscious citrus and berry flavor. A mature SS1 cannabis plant is medium in height, with huge blooms and a thick Indica structure.

Aroma, taste, and appearance profiles

The scent of delicious berries and juicy orange zest explodes off the cured buds, a fascinating blend of SS1’s parent strains. A skunky pungency lies behind the fruity tones while grinding or splitting apart the nugs reveals the strain’s dank, hashy aromas, compliments of grandparent strain OG Kush. When combusted, the SS1 strain produces a strong smoke that can irritate the eyes and sinuses and cause coughing. This smoke has a tangy, sugary flavor on the exhale. Importantly, the anthocyanin pigments that give this strain its distinct purple color have little influence on taste, and grape tastes are rarely noticed in SS1’s flowers.

The SS1 strain is characterized by medium to large-sized blooms that form a thick, Indica-like structure. The broad leaves are a bright spring green, accented by rust-colored pistils. Flowers with vivid purple flashes appear in specific genotypes when pigments called anthocyanins are triggered by colder-than-usual temperatures during the growing phase. Sticky trichomes adorn the already vibrant blossoms, imparting a silvery shine.

Properties and uses

SS1 is a delectable, colorful hybrid that begins with a strong body stone and ends with a burst of mind stimulation. The predominantly Indica high builds gradually, leaving users with a drowsy sensation of utter relaxation. Later, a cerebral, dreamy mood takes over, making this a fantastic strain for working on creative tasks or watching TV. This is the ideal strain for unwinding on a sunny summer evening. Pack plenty to share if you’re whipping it out in social circumstances.

Moreover, SS1 is useful for medical marijuana patients. It can give short relief to those suffering from sadness, anxiety, and even PTSD, psychologically. Its intellectual yet easygoing nature also can help to eliminate obstructions in emotional or creative energies. More specifically, the pseudo-narcotic effects of this strain can dull aches and pains, whether accidental as a result of an injury or chronic as a result of illnesses like arthritis or lupus. It can stimulate hunger in patients who have lost their appetites due to sickness or treatment, such as chemotherapy.

Additionally, because of its appropriate combination of stimulation and relaxation, SS1 has a lesser risk of paranoia and is ideal for persons with anxiety problems who have a low THC tolerance. Cottonmouth is the most prevalent adverse symptom reported by consumers. As a result, it is important to drink lots of hydrating fluids before, during, and after consuming SS1. Some users may experience dry eyes after smoking SS1 cannabis, which can be readily remedied with eye drops.

Growing information

SS1 is the strain for you if you want a straightforward Indica-dominant strain to cultivate. It is inherently resistant to common molds and mildews and is described as a reasonably low-maintenance plant to cultivate by expert growers. SS1 plants thrive in protected locations in a warm, Mediterranean-like environment. If you don’t reside in a region of the globe with this environment, you can create similar circumstances indoors by utilizing strong grow lights.

SS1 cannabis seeds for sale are normally available for harvesting outdoors in late September to early October after an eight-week indoor flowering period. SS1 plants grow short and bushy, with strong lateral branches. Farmers are advised to “top” their crops by removing broad fan leaves that may block light and air from reaching any low-growing blooming nodes. Those wishing to bring out the purple potential of SS1 can additionally expose the plants to cool overnight temperatures right before flowering.

SS1 is a sweet and euphoric marijuana strain named after its uplifting effects and pleasant taste characteristic. While recreational users like this hybrid, medicinal patients embrace it for its potent mood-altering properties. In smaller doses, its effects are uplifting and calming; therefore, consumers mostly use it for relaxation and unwinding. Medicinal users claim that this strain efficiently treats mood problems and, in larger dosages, can aid with sleeplessness. The good news for individuals interested in cultivating the SS1 strain is that it is simple.