Strain Spotlight: Purple Lemonade

Purple Lemonade Auto by Fast Buds is unlike any cannabis strain you’ve seen before. The buds resemble big, pink clouds and appear nearly appetizing. Rose-pink trichomes, vivid orange pistils, and spiky green sugar leaves emerge from the spectacular color accompanying these distinctive blossoms. The Purple Lemonade strain will stand out in your grow room and gardens, leaving your grower friends speechless.

An overview of the Purple Lemonade strain

Purple Lemonade is an autoflowering hybrid strain (70% Indica and 30% Sativa genetics) made by crossing Purple and Citrus Cali genetics with a marijuana ruderalis cultivar. The Purple Lemonade high isn’t as lively, with effects that will leave you feeling completely drowsy in no time. Your mind will be foggy with a pleasant and elevated sensation of euphoria that sweeps away any negative or rushing thoughts and leaves you blissfully disconnected. This dizzying feeling is accompanied by a calming body high that keeps you glued to the sofa and completely peaceful from head to toe.

Purple Lemonade’s effects, combined with its high 20-22% average THC level, provide an advantage in alleviating headaches or migraines, depression, severe pain, cramps or muscular spasms, and chronic stress. Aromas of fresh sour citrus and luscious grapes are released when you tear apart each small sticky nugget, deepening in sweetness as you hit. Named after its wonderful flavor and stunning appearance, the Purple Lemonade strain is ideal for any typical Indica enthusiast looking for a stoney head high. Beautiful, enormous, pepper-shaped olive green nugs with dark purple overtones, vibrant red-orange hairs, and a covering of tiny, purple-tinted white crystal trichomes characterize this bud.

Aroma, taste, and appearance profiles

The Purple Lemonade cannabis strain will emit a long-lasting lemony aroma from the start of flowering until the curing stage. When you break apart each little sticky nugget, aromas of fresh tart citrus and succulent grapes are released, and the sweetness deepens as you devour. The fragrances of the Purple Lemonade strain are then turned into a sweet, citrusy taste with a sour undertone and powerful sweet flavoring, delivering an all-around sweet lemon taste.

The flavor is reminiscent of freshly squeezed lemonade, with overtones of sweet grapes and cherries, and the exhale is fairly sour. The blossoming Purple Lemonade strain has a striking look with purple buds that are extremely complex and tiny. The purple clouds look great against the bright orange pistils! Furthermore, this weed strain is distinguished by its glossy green foliage, gorgeous purple buds, pinkish trichomes, and vibrant orange pistils that grow in all directions.

Properties and uses

If you’re new to cannabis, the Purple Lemonade strain could be what you’re looking for since it can help you relax and boost your mood. The aftereffects of Purple Lemonade are mild, allowing you to decompress, calm your body and mind, feel dreamy, or fall asleep. It will not, however, limit you to your bed. You can utilize this strain during the day if you have enough time to recuperate.

This marijuana strain has a very low CBD level; however, it is known to provide a variety of medical effects. Purple Lemonade Auto is popular among individuals seeking pain and anxiety relief. The relaxing effects can assist with anxiety and depression, while the body buzz can help with arthritis. Also, some users have reported this strain to aid with chronic pain, cramps, and muscular spasms.

Purple Lemonade Auto is a fairly typical Indica hybrid marijuana strain. When the head high kicks in, some people have mild headaches, especially gentle pressure around the temples. The onset’s intensity can occasionally produce dizziness. Dry lips and eyes are also common, so use them cautiously if you’re going out in public.

The biggest worry for users who use Purple Lemonade for anxiety is that some experience increased anxiety due to overconsumption. The initial consequence of the high is a mild mind-racing sensation that sensitive users can misinterpret as paranoia. However, taking it in moderation helps keep this great bud’s pleasant and energetic benefits from becoming overpowering.

Growing information

Gardeners can anticipate their Purple Lemonade to reach a height of 70-110 cm (about 3ft). It’ll form a ring of chunky bud sites around the stem, strikingly contrasting the brilliant green stem, dark purple bud development, and deeper green and purple sugar leaves developing around the buds. Purple Lemonade will be an excellent candidate for LST due to its excellent internodal spacing. It is a strong and aggressive marijuana strain that thrives inside and outdoors.

Purple Lemonade marijuana strain that will function admirably without nutrition but will excel with high-quality nutrients and careful care. Growers are recommended to start the flushing phase two weeks before harvest. When grown outdoors, Purple Lemonade yields 12 to 16 oz. Per plant. In contrast, 14 to 18 oz. Per m2 is expected in indoor conditions. The yield is governed by the competence of the producer as well as the genetics of the seeds. You can also expect excellent yields if you get these weed seeds for sale from a reputable seed bank, such as Premium Cultivars.

The Purple Lemonade hybrid strain has a lovely aroma with lemon and grape nuances. The flavor is similar but with a sour undertone. Also, its purple buds with green leaves and bright orange hairs will catch everyone’s attention. The Purple Lemonade Auto is among the best cannabis for classic Indica fans looking for a nice uplifting, relaxing high that keeps them smiling all day!