Strain Spotlight: Jealousy

If you are searching for one of the most popular cannabis strains in recent years, look no further than Jealousy. It has found its way into dispensaries everywhere and is always being crossed with other hybrids to develop new strains for all users to smoke, dab, vape, and enjoy. The Jealousy strain was named Leafly’s Strain of the Year in 2022 with good cause, thanks to its exceptional quality, terpene-heavy taste, and powerful effects. Here’s all you require to know about this recent hybrid.

An overview of the Jealousy strain

The Jealousy strain was originally bred by Seed Junky Genetics, well-known for other big-name strains such as Wedding Cake, Ice Cream Cake, and LA Kush Cake. Genetically, this cannabis strain is a cross of Sherbert Bx1 and Gelato #41. Also, it has been used to create other popular strains like Jealousy Pie.

Jealousy’s blossoms are extremely dark purple, nearly black. The buds are compact, tight, and clearly coated in trichomes, making them ideal for hash production. Its high concentration of chemical-filled trichomes explains why the strain is so potent and flavorful. That implies more cannabinoids like THC and flavor-creating terpenes similar to those dominant in Jealousy.

Aroma and taste profiles

Jealousy has a sweet cream and candy aroma, a prominent orange citrus streak, and powerful lavender notes. This ideal balance of dessert fragrances pervades the strain’s flavor, which combines the best aspects of both parent plants’ characteristics. Tangy orange soda flavors mingle with smooth ice cream flavors, black pepper and energizing Kush spice. Customers will notice an even stronger recall of the strain’s OG Kush heritage on the exhale. If you want ice cream cake or fiery citrus flavors, a Cookies, and Kush blend like this Gelato41 x Sherbert Bx1 is the way to go.

 Jealousy’s terpene profile is rich in caryophyllene and may contain limonene and myrcene. This is, once again, quite similar to Gelato. Because of the caryophyllene, which can endow cannabis with an intense aroma, you get spice like black pepper and herbal touches like basil and oregano. Any citrusy notes in Jealousy, such as those found in lemons, limes, oranges, and even juniper, are derived from limonene.

Myrcene, one of the most prevalent cannabis terpenes, is responsible for overtones of mango, thyme or lemongrass. Additionally, as you consume Jealousy, you may detect a sweet earthiness like a flower. In a concentrate, its sweetness takes on a funky gassiness that brings the flavor sensation to the forefront.

Properties and uses

“Giggly, chatty, and relaxed” are the top three most reported effects of Jealousy. Customers describe how Jealousy soothes their worry and tension, improving their mood while relaxing them. Depending on who smokes it, Jealousy can appear to be both a head high and a body high, but in general, the strain lends itself to being more of a visceral experience than a cerebral experience. But, as you’d expect from such a popular strain, there’s a wide spectrum of praise, with some talking of sliding into a spacey, dreamy state or finding the ideal combination of focus and relaxation.

Jealousy seeds are like small kernels of latent potential energy that deliver a lift for both body and mind that patients suffering from tiredness problems can benefit from. If you’re feeling physically or artistically drained, its two-pronged strategy can assist in reviving lethargic muscles and get the brain firing on all cylinders. Even people with chronic diseases may benefit from its pleasant daytime effects. Despite their intellectual approach, Jealousy’s medicinal advantages are useful for treating physical pain and tension-related issues. Its calming action can help ease pain at the source while its mental effects occupy the mind, making it ideal for headaches, migraines and menstrual cramps.

Growing details

While the THC-induced effects may be too strong for first-time users, this resilient, Indica-dominant strain is an excellent starting strain for new producers. Cultivating Jealousy marijuana seeds is simple since they adapt well to most settings and require little upkeep. These strain seeds can be grown directly in the ground, in pots, or hydroponic systems, although they will likely do best in warmer climes if grown outside. If you’re willing to put in the extra work, they’re also a good option for super cropping, producing short, bushy Indica plants with enough internodal spacing. The average blooming period is around eight to nine weeks from seed and may be harvested in late October if planted outdoors.

Moreover, experts recommend using odor control techniques to deal with the plant’s seductive aroma to keep your garden or grow space modest. If you want to increase its terpene potential, LST or the FIM method are highly suggested since they can enhance trichome development and boost production rates. Growers should also expect bountiful crops of multicolored popcorn-shaped buds coated in fuzzy, caterpillar-like trichomes and bright orange pistils regarding Jealousy output and beauty.All in all, this strain’s reported experiences are a testament to cannabis’ subjectivity. For the same cannabis strain, you receive different (but similar) reports. How a weed strain hits you depends on your physical build, Endocannabinoid System (ECS), level of tolerance, and the setting. With Jealous strain, just go slowly at the start. The easiest way to determine how you will respond to Jealousy is to try it in tiny, medium, and large dosages and track your highs. Jealousy is a popular strain that is available from a variety of brands and producers. Ensure you only get Jealousy strain from brands with a solid reputation for producing high-quality weed seeds for sale.