Strain Spotlight: Collins Ave

What’s in your weed garden? New marijuana strains continue to hit the market, each packed with unique properties geared for certain uses. Collins Ave Strain, also known as Collins Avenue or simply Avenue, is among the top strains every marijuana enthusiast can hardly get enough of, whether looking for medicinal or recreational contributions. The hybrid strain is bred by Cookies and Seed Junkies Genetics and introduced in the market in collaboration with American artist Rick Ross.

Collins Ave background

Collins Ave is a rare hybrid strain featuring 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, which gives the strain a kick like no other. The evenly balanced hybrid is a bred of the well-known Kush Mints 11 and GTI strains. It delivers both the THC and CBD impacts that weed lovers desire for the high and the health benefits.

Collins Ave strain features thick trichomes that are wavy and shiny, coating the neon green buds. The buds are long and oversized, sitting chunkily on the plant’s dense and curly leaves with an attractive green color resembling a fern. It is a look you’ll love in your marijuana garden, especially the long orange hairs with tiny and frosty white crystal trichomes highlighting the buds, giving off a bright neon green look.

Growing Collins Ave

Avenue strain takes around 50-60 days to flower. The yield is ready for harvesting at around 70 days. As for the size, it is considered medium, averaging a height of 60 to 80. Indoor plants yield an average of 0.5-1 oz/ft. The outdoor counterpart’s yield averages 10 to 15 oz per plant. The yield is significantly reliant on the quality of the genetics you use for your grow and grooming.

Fortunately, you can easily find quality weed seeds for sale online, ensuring you use the best genetics that will make your growing process more manageable from germination to grooming. Collins Ave is considered moderate-difficult to grow, but the strain’s yield and potency make the challenge worth it, especially since you know what you fed the plant throughout the phases.

The scent and taste

The primary Ave flavors are tea, apricot and Chesnutt. Collins Ave gives off a tart cream flavor with citrus undertones. The flavor invokes a yogurt image, which even comes close to an ice cream cake taste. Its aroma includes hints of berries and lavender, and as it combusts, it makes the creamy taste spicier with notes of black pepper and berry and a minty aftertaste. The sweet taste is complemented by a pleasurable spicy and earthy scent, with strong mint and diesel fumes clouding the experience.


The even Indica and Sativa bred gives Collins Ave a strong THC composition. The THC is above your average weed, playing between 17-22%. The THC level means beginners should choose an appropriate dose since smoking more can do more than knock their socks off. Besides the THC, Collins Ave is rich in CBD, which delivers many medicinal benefits. Other notable terpenes featured by this strain include limonene, pinene and caryophyllene.

Limonene is the dominating terpene, which gives the strain that citrus effect and delivers notable stress and anxiety-relieving properties. Caryophyllene gives Collins Ave the pepper flavor and is packed with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that help with stress and pain management. Pinene delivers that pine and earthy scent, and the main health benefits include protecting you against oxidative stress and inflammation.

Collins Ave use

Hybrid lovers stick to the strains mainly due to the almost immediate kick, which Collins Ave does – excellently. The strain packs quite a full-bodied punch effect that sends you in a relaxed and happy pace in no time. The “high” starts from your head, featuring a lifted feeling. The euphoria immediately kicks out any negative thoughts racing through your mind, which could be troubling you, causing anxiety or stress.

The calming effect as the negative thoughts subsides grows, leading to a physical relaxation that travels throughout your body. The calming relaxation delivers a sedated feeling, leaving you completely at ease. Considering the high THC levels, the full-body relaxation wave lasts much longer than most strains deliver.

The lasting impact makes Collins Ave a great marijuana strain for medicinal uses, including managing chronic pain. Alleviating pain and muscular tension allows you to manage your activities much better, making the strain a go-to if you struggle to navigate your routine. This is more so since the strain also works well in managing stress, anxiety, mood swings, chronic stress, and depression, concerns that can aggravate the pain.

Moreover, the strain tends to uplift and help sustain better energy levels. This is more so because it helps deal with chronic fatigue, nausea and lack of appetite. The strain combines well with food, allowing you to eat more and replenish your body with vital nutrients. The energy, less pain, and better mental wellness allow you to be more productive.

Collins Ave is a great medicinal and recreational marijuana strain. You can take it in almost every instance. This includes during your busy days when anxiety tends to kick in, draining your energy and leaving you hardly productive. You can alleviate the pain and stress standing in your way, helping you remain more productive. Recreationally, you can smoke the strain for more energy to explore the outdoors or stay on long enough with friends for that binge marathon you have meant to mark off your bucket list.