Stoner Room Decor: Weed-Inspired Room Ideas

You know that stoner aesthetics are having a moment when Architectural Digest includes “cannabis” among its predictions for the biggest interior design trends for the new year. The Condé Nast publication states, “there are so many tasteful ways to integrate cannabis into your home decor, from sculptures and floral arrangements to throw blankets and coffee table books.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Whether you’re repurposing a bar cart into a bud buffet, collecting functional artworks, or setting the mood to get high with soft lighting, here are three stoney decor ideas to elevate your space.

Show off your stash

Forget hiding your bong in a closet. With the days of prohibition mostly behind us, cannabis products and paraphernalia are finally out at home with stoners keen to showcase weed in lieu of — or along with — alcoholic spirits on their home bars.

For inspiration, take cues from the stylish folks at Senses, who repurposed a thrifted bar cart to help “spark this interior styling trend.”

It’s a fitting evolution for the cocktail cart, which was “first popularized during the prim and proper Victorian era of the late-1800s, known then as a ‘tea trolley,’” according to Amelia McDonell-Parry’s article, “The History of Bar Carts“.

While your typical bar might house carafes, drinkware, coasters, and openers, a bud bar could be stocked with functional art objects, stash jars, and chic smoking accessories like rolling trays, papers, and grinders, of which there’s no shortage to choose from.

Elevating the stoner aesthetic finds purveyors of chic, modern smokeware like Laundry Day, Yew Yew Shop, and Humble Pride Glass.

Meanwhile, ceramists like Stonedware Co., Wandering Bud, High Art Headshop, and Seth Rogen’s Houseplant Ceramics deal in one-of-a-kind art objects.

Dabble in dank arts

Of course, decorating with cannabis needn’t be so practical. Craftivists, decorators, and DIYers from across the globe are embracing the plant as both a source of inspiration and a subject of appreciation.

Examples of cannabis decor span the gamut of botanical illustrations and needlepoint hoops to whimsical wall art and textiles laced with weed leaf motifs. Even high street brands like Jonathan Adler are in on it, simultaneously glamourizing and normalizing cannabis for mainstream audiences.

Those lucky enough to be located in Los Angeles or Las Vegas can even order 420 floral arrangements from Love Pot, while green thumbs can follow Manny’s Cannabonsai instruction in the art of growing expressive autoflowers.

And hey, don’t let Architectural Digest’s definition of “tasteful” rule you. Pillows shaped like giant nugs or printed to look like freezer bags full of weed are hilarious and fun.

Create spaces for consumption

Aside from accenting your space with functional pieces and weed motifs, other interior design considerations are more experiential and centered around creating a cozy, comfortable setting for cannabis consumption — essentially, Danish Hygge culture for potheads.

Creating a suitable setting for getting high can be as easy as dimming the lights or staging the coffee table with fidget toys and interesting books. But for the more invested, think glowing pink neon or a Himalayan salt lamp to radiate good vibes. Throw in a comfy couch to melt into, or a hammock to set the mood for a post-sesh nap.

In this instance, the emphasis is less about entertaining and socializing with cannabis, and more about self-care, relaxation, and personal space: Love to soak in a CBD bath? Stock up on cannabis candles and borrow spa-like design inspiration. Enjoy a few tokes before bed? Consider a weighted blanket or crisp linens.

These stoner decor ideas won’t just elevate your space, they might influence your high, inspire creativity, or help you unwind.

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