Session Goods Stash Jar Review: Best Glass Stash Jar In 2023!

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If you enjoy using cannabis products, then you know that having a good stash jar is essential. Stash jars keep your cannabis products fresh and potent, and they also help to keep your bud hidden from nosy roommates or family members. With this being said, you already know we had to get our hands on this classic Session Goods product!

Do You Need A Stash Jar?

Stash jars are an essential part of a cannabis user’s setup for a variety of reasons. For one, they provide a safe and secure place to store your cannabis. This is important because it keeps your cannabis out of the reach of children and pets and also protects it from being damaged or lost. Additionally, stash jars help to keep your cannabis fresh and potent.

By creating an airtight seal, stash jars help preserve the flavor and potency of your flower, as THC begins to degrade when exposed to the air. Finally, stash jars are a great way to show off your collection and display your favorite strains. Whether you’re a casual cannabis user or a connoisseur, stash containers are a great way to keep your cannabis safe, fresh, and stylish!

Best Stash Jar: Session Goods 

This stylish, compact storage jar by Session Goods is designed to keep your precious herbs fresh and extra Session accessories safe. The Stash Jar has a press-fit silicone lid with a built-in bowl stand and a silicone base with three divided sections to hold your extra parts and pieces.

The jar is made of high-quality borosilicate glass and is incredibly sturdy. It’s also compact enough to fit easily into a purse or pocket, making it perfect for on-the-go use. The three divided sections in the silicone base are perfect for holding extra parts and pieces, such as a bowl screen, a pipe cleaner, or a small amount of herb.

I absolutely loved this Stash Jar: it exceeded my expectations! Honestly, I’ve just been using plastic bags or mason jars for most of my smoking history, so having this stash jar makes me feel like I’m living lavishly. I could go on and on about this piece by Session Goods, but here are some of the reasons this product wins the title of “Best Stash Jar Of 2023.”

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Sturdy Design

The Stash Jar by Session Goods is one of the most incredibly sturdy jars I have ever used. It is compact in size and has a black-tinted borosilicate glass body that makes it very durable. I have had this jar for several months now, and it has never once leaked or broken.

In my personal experience, this jar is also very easy to clean, and the black-tinted glass helps to keep your stash hidden from view. Overall, I could not be more pleased with the Stash Jar and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a durable and reliable storage option for their herbs and small accessories!


Although compact, this container can also fit a sizable amount of things inside of it at any given time! It’s able to fit around a quarter ounce of ground flower, as well as other small items. With its three divided sections, you can easily store bowl pieces and smaller accessories underneath the top compartment, adding to its overall utility.

Airtight Seal 

What would a stash container be if it wasn’t airtight? Although this is true, some companies still allow for small leaks in their seal, canceling out the whole point of the jar. I found that Session Goods’ Stash Jar was completely airtight: I could put in the dankest of buds and a freshly used bowl, and it was like they were never even there!

As someone who was previously using plastic bags and old recycled jars, the Stash Jar was an incredible upgrade. This container truly contains all of the odors placed within it, and the black glass makes it so that you can’t even see the contents. If you’re trying to be extra stealthy, this is a great added bonus.

Easy Replacements

Are you worried about breaking your prized new stash jar? Well, worry not, for they offer replacements! If you have any trouble at all with your product, you can just email their customer service, and they’ll help you get your jar all nice and put back together again.


Last but not least, this stash jar looks great! Listed as the “Best Designer Stash Jar” on the official Session Goods website, this container can also serve as decor. Do you want something a bit nicer than a mason jar or a Rick and Morty container from your local smoke shop? Well, with Session Goods, you can find luxury at a reasonable price point!

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