Micro Growing: Growing Weed in Small Spaces

Who said that growing marijuana was only for those who had huge spaces to grow in? If you’ve got a small cabinet or small closet, you can micro grow! Micro growing is a lot like indoor growing but with a bit of training so that your plants can stay small. When you finish reading this article, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know to start your micro grow.

Having almost no space for a cannabis cultivation operation is only a small hurdle to overcome for the enthusiastic and creative grower. In fact, micro growing is one of the best accidental things to occur in the world of modern cultivation. Even without a garden, anybody can use micro growing techniques to start their own weed cultivation.

The more legal marijuana becomes around the world, the more liberty everybody has to grow it. Unfortunately, not everybody has access to an acre of land for planting or even for a small plot in the backyard. Some people live in apartments and still want to grow weed. Micro growing has really enabled growing operations to happen in very, very limited space.

If you’re planning the very fun task of growing weed under your kitchen sink or in a small cabinet, we’ve got some essential tips and tricks for you. There are a couple of things about micro growing that you have to really pay attention to. Other than that, it’s just like growing in a regular grow space!

1. Choose your strain wisely

If you’ve ever grown weed before, you know that certain strains can get pretty tall – way too tall for a closet. While each strain has its own unique characteristic, there are definitely patterns of behaviour to watch out for. For example, sativas have a tendency to grow quite tall and tree-like. Indicas tend to stay small and bushy.

Think about your grow space and how tall it is. The fact that you’re reading this article means you probably don’t have a 2 metre tall space for growing dope. So indica is really the best way to go when it comes to this project.

It’s also worthwhile choosing an autoflowering strain. Because of how these seeds are generated, they usually don’t grow as tall as regular plants. Which is great for someone who really wants to grow using limited space! Plus, autoflowering strains typically grow much faster, so you can harvest them sooner!

Best strains for small spaces

1. Northern Lights Autoflowering

Northern Lights Automatic produces large buds ready for harvest in only 9-10 weeks. It is a popular strain for novice indoor cultivators due to its ability to adapt and thrive in various environments. The effects include an intense body ‘stone’ and should be approached with caution.

2. WSS Skunk Autoflowering

WSS Skunk Automatic grows short and chunky cannabis plants, requiring little maintenance. A go-to for beginners looking for an easy first project. The fat mature buds sparkle with a glistening spray of THC crystals, producing rich mango and spice flavours. The high begins with an energising cerebral buzz, followed by a light and floaty bodily sensation.

3. Top 44 Autoflowering

Top 44 Automatic will leave you with XXL yields meaning it requires some extra attention. Mature buds are dense and compact, with a bright orange hue. Its proud resistance to pests and mould makes it suited for dark enclosed spaces, like a cupboard or under the sink. You can expect a well-balanced high with legendary genetics, perfect for chilling out after a long day’s work! 

4. Critical Mass Autoflowering

As the name suggests, you can expect yields of large proportions within the short-flowering period of Critical Mass Automatic. This indica-dominant hybrid induces a long-lasting, relaxing body high that won’t leave you greening out.

5. Auto CBD Autoflowering

We created Auto CBD to produce buds with a high content of cannabidiol (CBD), and a rare THC to CBD ratio of 1:6. Grow short and compact plants within 100 days of germination to unlock the healing properties of weed, without the psychedelic effects. 

2. Train your plants

Micro growing definitely involves some serious pruning. To keep your plants contained comfortably in the space you’re using, you will have to train them. There are several ways you can train them, including low stress training (LST) and topping. These two methods give you the ability to train your plants to grow wider rather than taller.

Once your plants enter flowering, it is unlikely that they will get much bigger in size. The vegetative growth stage is when your plants will usually grow taller and develop more leaves and stems. So it’s during this time that you want to apply training techniques or prune it so that it continues to fit snug in your small grow space.

Training autoflowering vs photoperiod plants

Keep in mind, though, that if you’ve indeed opted for an autoflowering strain, your plants might not respond to training methods very well. Photoperiod seeds (feminized or regular) are more suitable for training methods.

On the other hand, most autoflowering plants don’t require much training as they tend to stay smaller anyway. On top of that, they usually flip quite early. So you could get away with not using any training methods if you opt for an autoflowering strain. However, if you would like to experiment with training methods in small rooms, you might want to give Amnesia Feminized, Critical Kush Feminized, or K2 Regular a try.

3. Smaller pots means smaller plants

They say that your plant is just as tall under the soil as it is on top of the soil. The entire underground system feeds your plant with nutrients and water, so it makes complete sense. Think about this when you are choosing pots for your plants. The bigger the pot, the bigger your weed plant.

To keep the size in check, continue to repot your seedlings but stop when your pot reaches the desired size. The roots will essentially get rootbound, stopping your plants from getting too much taller.

On a side note, this will mean that you need to water your plants more frequently as they will have less root space. It does not mean you need to give them more water, but you will need to feed them more frequently overall.

4. Keep the temperature and humidity in check

It is very easy for the temperature to rise and the humidity to get out of control in a small grow space, especially if your grow space is under the kitchen sink! Things can get pretty messy with lights and plants in small rooms, so take measures to manage the temperature and humidity.

Airflow is essential for your plants. It keeps the carbon dioxide flowing well through the space, which is very important for your plants to photosynthesize. You must find some way to keep the air flowing and to keep the temperature down. It might mean attaching some small fans to the top of your grow space.

Another tip for keeping the temperature down is to use LED lights instead of HIDs. The heat emitted from LEDs is much less and should help you keep the temperature down.

Enjoy the pleasure of micro growing!

It can be very satisfying to embark on a micro growing adventure. You really can grow marijuana in tiny spaces. Indoor growing really gives people that opportunity so that it is no longer a privilege enjoyed by those with loads of space. Enjoy your teeny-weeny micro grow, and let us know how you went!

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