Everything You Need To Know About Purple Octane Seeds

Purple Octane is an Indica-dominated hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) developed as a phenotype of the traditional Hi-Octane strain. Purple Octane, named after its stunning look, is an excellent pick for any fan of classic indica strains. This bud is characterized by gorgeous little, rounded forest green nugs with dark purple overtones, thin pale orange hairs, and a frosty thick covering of deep purple-tinted white glittering trichomes oozing with delicious sticky resin.

Origin of Purple Octane strain

Purple Octane was developed by combining Biscotti X Sherb BX1 X Jealousy F2 strains. Purple Octane seeds are named for their stunning look and are suitable for any breeder of well-known Indica strains. Furthermore, the Purple Octane seeds develop medium-sized plants with shorter internodes, resulting in abundant flowers.

Growing Purple Octane seeds

Purple Octane strain seeds are simple to grow since they need little maintenance. This strain is a robust variety that can grow both inside and outdoors. Purple Octane thrives in a warm, controlled environment with temperatures between 70-85°F (20-29°C). Regularly check pH levels and avoid overwatering to prevent root rot. You can use growth tactics to increase output rates. Also, you should anticipate high-yielding crops with popcorn-shaped buds wrapped in fluffy trichomes and attractive orange pistils.

Should you grow Purple Octane Strain seeds indoors or outdoors?

Purple Octane seeds are well-suited for growing in different conditions. They produce hardy plants that can grow either indoors or outdoors. Even beginners can expect a smooth experience growing these cannabis seeds. However, as with many cannabis seeds for sale, growing Purple Octane Strain seeds indoors is generally recommended as it allows for better control over environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and lighting. Indoor cultivation also reduces the risk of pests and diseases, leading to higher yields and better-quality plants. When grown indoors, the flowering time for Purple Octane seeds is around eight or nine weeks. On the other hand, when you grow this strain outdoors, expect to harvest around October.

Training Techniques for Purple Octane Seeds

When growing Purple Octane seeds, you will want to maximize your grow space as much as possible. Training techniques allow you to obtain higher yields and get better-quality plants. Here are some training techniques to use for your Purple Octane seeds:


Supercropping aims to increase the number of primary colas by directing the plant’s energy away from the central stem and onto the side branches. It involves pinching the stem between the fingers and bending until the inner section of the stem breaks. The outside stem and “bark” stay intact if done properly. The stem cannot hold itself upright and will droop carelessly to the ground. However, it still puts the plant under much stress, albeit not as much as topping or FIM. Recovery should be rapid, and no stem tissue or potential flower sites should be lost. Still, the plant is “tricked” into thinking it has lost its main stem (because the tissues responsible for transporting nutrients are damaged). As a result, it focuses its energy and growth hormones on maximizing the growth of lower branches.

In addition, the main stem will heal and even strengthen itself as a swelling segment forms at the break site to shield and mend the injured tissue. This ring of supplementary tissue will speed up the delivery of essential nutrients in the long run. In most cases, this piece will never stand upright again and always be at an angle. By doing so, the whole length of the stem will be exposed to light, promoting the strong upward growth of any tertiary branches that may have formed between the cut and the stem’s tip.


Topping is one of the most basic methods of plant training. You may use this method to make the most of available light by training your cannabis plants to spread horizontally. Any gardener may learn to undertake topping since it requires minimal skill. Topping is a “high-stress” training method that involves cutting off the tip of your primary stem or branch. Many farmers worry their young plants’ development may be stunted if they cut off the tips. However, proper topping is essential for rapidly filling the canopy and preventing overgrowth.

In addition, the apical meristems, which are the sites of auxin production, may be removed to alter the plant’s development. Apical dominance breakdown is the possible outcome of this process of branching out. Topping is also integral to other plant training methods like manifolding and mainlining.


Lollipopping entails cutting off the lower branches to encourage development in the upper parts of the plant. Cannabis looks like a lollipop with a stalk at the bottom and a flower at the top. A plant’s production might increase if it concentrates its resources on a smaller number of its branches. You should remove just the lowest branches that are shaded from the sun.

The practice of lollipopping cannabis plants has various benefits. The first step is to train the plant’s energy to rise to the canopy. It will ensure that your plant puts its maximum effort toward flowering. But there are other benefits to lollipopping as well. With this strategy, airflow will be improved, and humidity under your canopy will be decreased. Therefore, it might help lessen the circumstances that lead to mold and other plant diseases. This theory also helps to clarify the circumstances under which cannabis plants thrive when grown in the open air.

Purple Octane seeds profile


Pulling apart each glittering nugget releases scents of peppery grape wine and spicy diesel, which get stronger the more you smoke.


Sweetness dominates the flavor, with a spicy, sugary grape wine flavor with a hint of pungent diesel on the exhale.


Regarding Purple Octane seeds, expect intense delight first, then gradually subsiding into tranquility and rest. This strain can make you feel sleepy. Users have also reported positive effects from this strain on many conditions, including sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, and chronic pain.

Most cannabis consumers, particularly those who like indica strains, adore this strain. Purple Octane is perfect for a group of pals to get stoned before settling down for a night of watching a movie or a program on Netflix. However, be sure you have enough food and drink on hand.