CBD Oil vs. CBD Gummies: Which Is Better for Sleep?

The use of cannabidiol (CBD) for medicinal and wellness purposes has massively increased. Taking this organic cannabis compound can help improve how your brain and immune system react to certain triggers. People use CBD for a variety of reasons, such as to deal with the symptoms of not being able to sleep, insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and other sleep problems. The versatility of CBD makes it even more attractive to use. You can find CBD products in the form of gummies, oils, and tinctures. But when comparing CBD oil vs. CBD gummies, which one is better for improving sleep quality? Besides that, how do these products work to effectively improve your sleep patterns and quality? Let’s find out.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second-most prevalent cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. CBD oil is usually made by mixing an extract from a plant that doesn’t make you high with another oil. This is important for increasing its bioavailability and ease of use. CBD oil usually comes in bottles with droppers.

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are regular candy bears that are infused with CBD oil. They are available in a rainbow of concentrations, shapes, colors, and sizes. These edibles are for oral ingestion and are normally sold in pre-dosed servings.

How CBD Oil Works as a Sleep Aid 

CBD oil products are normally used for sublingual applications. You need to apply the recommended oil drops under the tongue. Thereafter, wait for 30 seconds to a minute before spitting. The CBD compound will find its way into the bloodstream via the blood capillaries found under the tongue. The onset of the effects can take 15–45 minutes to kick in. This makes CBD oil an effective sleep aid for those who want to fall asleep quickly. For better results and safety, consider buying the best CBD oil for sleep available on the market.

How CBD Gummies Help You Sleep

CBD gummies are made for oral ingestion. The delicious treats are often available in fruity flavors that perfectly mask the raw smell and taste of hemp. After taking CBD gummies, it has to be metabolized by the liver. From there, it will reach the circulatory system via the intestinal lining. This process can take 60–90 minutes, depending on the contents of your digestive tract.

CBD gummies can help alleviate the symptoms of insomnia and its risk factors. This includes managing stress and anxiety. Besides that, it’s also ideal for reducing the causes of nighttime waking, restless legs, and other sources of sleep disruption.

The mechanism of action of both CBD oil and CBD gummies for sleep is the same. This is because they contain CBD as their primary ingredient. Besides that, the CBD compound usually ends up in the circulatory system in both instances. CBD works by helping to regulate the hypothalamus, which plays a vital role in various sleep-related functions. This includes synchronizing sleep patterns and regulating stress and body temperature.

CBD Oil vs CBD Gummies: Which is Best for Sleep?

Even though both CBD gummies and CBD oil contain CBD as their primary ingredient, their mechanisms of action are quite different. This is because they exist in different forms, resulting in unique modes of intake, bioavailability, and onset times for the effects.

  • CBD oil vs CBD gummies: Ingredients and formulation

CBD gummies are undeniably sweet. They are often made of fruit flavors that help mask the annoying smell and taste of raw hemp. They appeal to consumers due to their great aesthetic appeal. You can find CBD gummies in the form of isolate, broad-spectrum, and full spectrum. Besides that, they might also have other sleep-enhancing ingredients, such as melatonin.

CBD oils can be found in the forms of isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum. However, the complex formulas often have to be mixed with a carrier oil such as MCT for better absorption.

  • CBD oil vs CBD gummies: Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the portion or amount of a substance that gets to reach the circulatory system after being introduced into the body. It should be noted that bioavailability also determines the time it takes for you to eventually feel the effects.

CBD oil products for sublingual application have greater bioavailability. The rate usually ranges between 13 and 20%. This is because the blood vessels under the tongue tend to get bigger, which makes it easier for the medicine to be absorbed.

Meanwhile, CBD gummies have low bioavailability, ranging between 6 and 19%. This is because the compound and other ingredients have to travel along the digestive tract before finally reaching the bloodstream.

  • CBD oil vs CBD gummies: Duration of Effects

Taking CBD gummies for sleep usually produces long-lasting effects. The CBD compound might remain in your system for 2–8 hours. However, this time is reduced for CBD oil, as the compound can remain in the system for up to 4 hours.

So, which one is the best option for you? Each form of CBD has its pros and cons, so the best solution depends on what you want.

CBD Gummies vs CBD Oil: Dosage for Sleep

When using CBD gummies for sleep, what’s the appropriate dosage? One thing that makes gummies stand out against CBD oil is the pre-dosed servings. Each serving in each gummy has been conveniently measured. Users have to simply determine the amount of CBD they need and count the gummies.

But the idea of finding the right dosage is quite complicated. This is because there are factors such as weight, age, metabolism, and biochemistry that influence dosage. However, early studies indicate high CBD dosages may be what you need to sleep comfortably. An investigation found that, when compared with a placebo, a 160 mg CBD dosage helped enhance sleep duration.

It should be noted that high levels of the stress hormone cortisol have been associated with most nighttime awakenings. Research has found that taking 300–600 mg of CBD oil can help reduce the production of this hormone. Generally, it’s been found that the ideal dosage of CBD for sleep ranges between 25 mg and 175 mg.

Final Thoughts 

Gummies and oil are the two most commonly used forms of CBD for sleep. But what makes them different is their mode of administration, the onset of their effects, and their bioavailability. Because of this, they can be used by many different kinds of people, depending on their needs. CBD oil for sleep is ideal for those seeking increased bioavailability and a quicker onset of effects. On the other hand, gummies are ideal for those who want better dosage precision and longer-lasting effects. It’s worth noting that CBD gummies usually come in a wide range of flavors, helping to cater to different taste preferences.