7 Best Board Games to Play High

Getting stoned and sitting around talking is fun. But it’s even more fun to get stoned and sit around and play board or card games—especially on a cold night. So if the weather’s not so good outside and you want to have your stoner circle over, try one of our seven favorite games to play stoned!

Not every smoking circle is an occasion for talking and socializing. Sometimes, to make things a bit more fun and interactive, you have to pull out board games or card games. Of course, if you’re into video games, that can be fun too, but make sure there are enough controllers or computers for everybody! So if you want to do something a little bit different at your next smoking circle, check out our list of the best games to play while high.

Not all games are suitable while you’re high. Games that are too simple and fast can be boring. At the same time, games that are too complicated or last for too long can cause everybody to burn out. In this list, you’ll find games that are perfect for those stoner moments, and we’ve even paired them up with strains for you!

1. Cards Against Humanity

Most people know of the game Cards Against Humanity. This game is the epitome of verbal comedy, and it’s pretty simple. Everybody starts with ten cards that have words on them. Then, each person gets a turn at picking a card from the deck with a phrase on it with missing words. From your ten cards, you have to choose words to fill in the blanks. The person who picked out the phrase card gets to choose the winner.

Typically, the phrases are offensive, politically incorrect, or downright dirty. That’s what makes this whole game fun. Don’t play this game with anybody who’s easily offended or who doesn’t know how to laugh at genitalia jokes! The game is easy to play and lasts about as long as you don’t get bored of the cards in the deck. Expect some belly laughs, some screwed-up noses, and a lot of fun.

Best weed pairing for Cards Against Humanity

Pair this game with the likes of OG Kush, Laughing Buddha, or Blue Haze. These are great strains for keeping the giggles alive, keeping the spirits high, and keeping everybody in the mood for throwing around insulting phrases!

2. Monopoly

Okay, so it’s cliché. But you can’t deny how fun it is to play a solid, competitive game of Monopoly. We all know the rules, so there’s no need to go through them here. As a word of warning, this game is extremely competitive. Obtaining the monopoly entails systematically bankrupting your competitors. Things begin to escalate pretty quickly.

To make the game a little bit more fun and a little bit different, you can try introducing new rules that cost money. For example, if you say the word “weed” throughout the game, you have to put $20 in the middle of the board. Of course, whoever lands on Free Parking gets the goods. That’s just one example, but it is a fun way to keep the game interesting.

Weed strain for Monopoly

Monopoly goes well with strains such as Durban Poison or Lemon Haze. These sativa strains keep the mind active, the brain focused, and the body energetic—exactly what you need to power through a game of Monopoly.

3. Lords Of Cannabis

If you don’t already know about this game, then it’s time to familiarize yourself with it. And a cannabis-themed board game such as Lords of Cannabis is, as you can imagine, ideal for playing stoned. The game’s objective is to dominate the weed market using trading, strategy, and, of course, risk. During the game, you have to make sure the cops or the mob you’re playing against don’t catch you. It’s all the fun of being a cannabis lord without the seriousness!

Like Monopoly, the Lords of Cannabis can go for a while. So make sure there is an ample supply of weed for a night like this. You could be up for hours!

Best cannabis strain for Lords of Cannabis

Games like Lord of Cannabis need endurance strains, preferably long-lasting ones. For that reason, we recommend Amnesia and Trainwreck. There’s nothing wrong with being completely blitzed while playing Lords of Cannabis!

4. Magic

For those who have never played Magic, you should step out of your house now and go purchase a deck of Magic cards. This game is like the Dungeons & Dragons of card games. Like Dungeons & Dragons, Magic is a narrated story of magical creatures, sorcery, and enchantments. Magic, on the other hand, lacks a narrator.

Instead, the cards narrate the game. The objective is to destroy your opponents using your magical powers. Different decks have different powers, strategies, complexities, and creatures. It’s your job to put all of that together and beat your opponents.

A game of magic can have many players. However, the more players there are, the longer the game goes. The best game has three to five players. Watch the magic unfold!

Perfect cannabis strain for Magic

The strategy involved with Magic can become complicated, so it’s best to use a strain that really invigorates the brain. We recommend Gelato White, Super Silver Cheese, or Jack Herer. The way these strains affect your brain should help you figure out the best way to beat your opponents.

5. Risk

Risk is one of those games that everybody has at least heard about, if not played before. So there are no special introductions here. It’s a great game to play while stoned because it requires strategy, diplomacy, and risk!

Your mission as a player at risk is to conquer the world. It’s a pretty simple concept, but not always so simple to play! Like Monopoly, Risk is a competitive game that ends in sneaky alliances, evil plots, and conflict. It is a war game, after all! So stuff a game into your best stoner backpack and play with your friends.

Best strain for playing Risk

To play Risk, we recommend Girl Scout Cookies, Chemdawg, and Mexican Haze. While playing a war game, these strains keep you happy and relaxed before things get out of hand. They are uplifting strains, making everybody feel good before they destroy their opponents.

6. Settlers of Catan

Prepare for an epic. Settlers of Catan isn’t a game you should expect to end within an hour. In this game, you have to settle and build your empire. The way to build cities and roads is by using one of the five different types of currency and essentially trading with other players in the game. This is the kind of game that leads to trading arguments, shady trading, and sometimes some conflict. All the right kinds of fun and amusement for a stoned night in.

Settlers of Catan strain paring

For this game, go for something with longevity. This is a long game, so you’ll want to stay adequately stoned. That’s why we don’t recommend an indica, because you might end up falling asleep before the game ends. Try Bruce Banner and Gorilla Haze, two hybrids well known to get you feeling energetic and creative.

7. Buffalo

Last but not least, there’s Buffalo. This is a game of quick thinking, and that’s kind of why playing Buffalo is so much fun when you’re stoned.

The gameplay goes like this: there are two decks, a card is drawn from each deck, and it is placed face-up on the table. Then, players race against each other to name-drop people or characters that match the two cards on the table. For example, if one card says “British” and the other says “Wizard,”  an obvious answer would be Harry Potter or Dumbledore. The winner takes the cards, and whoever has the most cards at the end is the winner.

Ideal strain to play Buffalo

The best way to play this game is to be really high. Brains just don’t work the same when they are stoned, and in a fast-paced game like this, it can end in very heavy and deep belly laughs—which is what you want! So we recommend basically anything from the Kush variety, like Nicole Kush or Banana OG Kush.

Getting your friends around for a stoned game night is always a fun way to enjoy good company and good weed. We hope you enjoy the games on this list, and let us know of any other games you love to play while stoned!