5 Workouts That Pair Perfectly With Weed

As marijuana stigmas slowly fade, the act of lighting up a joint or popping an edible is becoming as acceptable as opening a bottle of wine. Getting stoned is now an after-work nightcap equivalent, and “high” is the preferred mental state for many travelers. You might even have noticed that THC is being infused into some of America’s favorite workouts.

In a recent study from Colorado University, “the results showed that the majority (81.7%) of participants approved of using cannabis while exercising.” That number is very telling, even for a state that has legalized recreational marijuana and has a thriving cannabis industry.

The same study went on to state that “approximately half reported that it increases their motivation to exercise.” So, if you’re someone who enjoys getting high but can’t seem to find the ambition to start a workout routine, perhaps it is time to try one of these five popular exercises that are proven to pair perfectly with a little pot.


5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Yoga
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Yoga and marijuana have been friends for a long time. Many yoga practitioners speak to the mellow qualities of THC and how they can greatly enhance a guided yoga practice. 

“It really does facilitate getting out of the head and quieting the ego concerns of what has already happened in the past and what may happen in the future,” Dee Dussault, founder of Ganja Yoga, told Yoga Journal. 

Many yogis and even yoga studios in states where marijuana is legal for adults have started to use it openly as part of their yoga practices. Marijuasana, for example, is a company that “infuses” the practice of yoga with cannabis, and they have successfully made a business out of it. Marijuasana is just one of many small businesses that have sprung up in states that have recently legalized marijuana.


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Running and marijuana were discussed a great deal recently thanks to a heated Olympic controversy. One thing to come out of the controversy was the knowledge that many athletes, especially runners, use cannabis. 

Not only does marijuana have mental benefits, but it also has proven pain relief benefits that may be attractive to high-endurance athletes like runners. 

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In a 2019 study of athletes published in the journal PLOS One, “Of the 1,161 participants, 302 (26.0%) were current cannabis users.” The study cited the pain relief benefits of cannabis as one potential reason so many professional athletes use it.

Even if you don’t plan on winning a gold medal any time soon, it is good to know that, after a long run, cannabis can assist in numbing the pain. This may be all you need to help stick to a consistent workout routine.


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Pilates has been a popular exercise for many years and resurged as a favorite for many during times of quarantine. Adding a dose of THC to Pilates and other low-impact, repetitive exercises can be a great combination.

Not only does cannabis potentially help with any pain or aches, but the THC can help focus you during your workout, just as it would during a yoga practice. Several groups have formed in states where recreational marijuana is legal. In fact, a “Puff-n-Pilates” event may be happening at an exercise studio near you.

Stationary Biking

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Pilates is not the only type of workout that has a large following. “Pelostoners” and other cycling groups that like to pair stationary biking with marijuana are popping up throughout social media. 

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While biking on roads under the influence of THC may be dangerous and certainly illegal, it can be great fun to cycle safely indoors while slightly “elevated.”

Many cyclists use marijuana because “its pain-relieving properties can ease the strain on the body while its mind-altering effects can help some athletes get in the zone to push a little harder when the workout gets really tough,” according to an article in Canada Cycle Magazine.


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Cannabis and hiking have gone hand in hand for generations. Many nature lovers who are looking to disconnect can find an even greater sense of peace and calm when sparking up a joint while sitting at a beautiful vista.

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Combining your high-intensity hike with cannabis can be highly motivating. It is important to note that you should avoid any dangerous or treacherous hikes when under the influence of cannabis. Before you combine cannabis with any activity, you should always think about your safety. Stay within the law, stay safe, and stay motivated.