5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a High-Quality Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs are a tried-and-true smoking method with a reputation as a quick way to get very high. People who smoke a lot like it because it makes them feel powerful. People who have never smoked before might be more interested in it because it is new.

This article will cover what you need to know before buying your next bong. Read on for more information on gravity bongs—how they work, why you should get one, and how to pick the best device!

What’s a Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong is a water pipe that relies on water and gravity to draw weed smoke into the chamber and then push it back out and directly into the user’s lungs. It can go by different names—GB, geeb, or bucket bong—but they all refer to the same type of smoking device.

In appearance and function, gravity bongs are a bit different from other water pipes. There’s a lot of variety to smoking, as you can read in our guide to bongs.

How Does a Gravity Bong Work?

Gravity bongs are a two-chamber system. One chamber holds the water, while another fits inside and is meant to hold your bowl.

Once the cannabis is lit, the user slowly draws out the submerged chamber, causing it to fill with smoke. The consumer then removes the bowl and pushes the chamber back down again. This causes the smoke to exit through the opening and, if done right, travel straight to the lungs.

This is the traditional or bucket-style gravity bong, but there are also waterfall gravity bongs.

Waterfall gravity bongs are different because you only have one chamber filled with water and a small opening through which the fluid flows out. When the water exits the bottle, air will enter the only way it can—through the bowl.

Reasons To Buy and Use a Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs might look more complicated at first, but they are easy to use once you understand how they work. You’ll find there are a couple of benefits to using a gravity bong;

Impactful Hits

Due to their two-chamber system, gravity bongs usually hold more smoke than your average water pipe. That means a rip from a GB will surely pack a serious punch. They are known to produce strong hits and have intense effects. Gravity bongs will get you high with fewer hits in less time, thanks to their capacity.

Smoking a lot at once rather than spreading it out will always have stronger effects. However, just how impactful a GB is will always depend on the exact size of the device. In any case, gravity bongs are not very beginner-friendly. They are more suited to smokers with a higher tolerance who can handle powerful rips.


When you use a standard bong, the vacuum relies on your pull, making it much easier for smoke to escape. With a gravity bong, the smoke is drawn in to fill up the space left by the water exiting the chamber. There’s no means by which the smoke could go anywhere other than the chamber.

It’s one of the most efficient ways to smoke, drawing out every bit of THC from your flower, keeping it all in the bong, and getting it straight into your system.

Easy Rips

A bong usually requires a firm pull if you’re looking to produce huge rips. With a gravity bong, you can achieve great results even if you lack the necessary muscle strength to suck in.

That’s because there’s no need to pull at all; the gravity bong relies on water pressure to fill up. That means hits from a GB are faster and more powerful, as well as easier and more effortless on your part.

A Striking Centerpiece

Many gravity bongs are large and made of glass, so they’re not easy to transport. However, a gravity bong can be a beautiful and exciting centerpiece for your home.

When you pick it up for a smoking session, the GB is also a fun and exciting experience, especially if you’re new to it.

Can Fit Your Budget 

Gravity bongs can range in price and go up to $600, but many are affordable for just about any smoker.

You can find a good-quality gravity bong that costs no more than $30 or invest in a more expensive piece. How much you want to spend is up to you, but gravity bongs have a variety of prices and can work even for low-budget smokers.

Easy DIY Project?

There is another style of GB we haven’t mentioned yet: the homemade gravity bong. These might not provide the most sophisticated way to smoke, but putting them together in a pinch is easy.

Beware, though, that while cheap and easy to make, homemade bongs can come with potential health risks due to leaking chemicals from the materials used, like plastic or aluminum.

This might not be a problem for a one-time event, but we don’t recommend making homemade gravity bongs a regular thing.

Before You Buy a Gravity Bong

Before you settle on a purchase, especially if you’ll be spending big bucks on a bong, consider the following:

  • Experience – We already mentioned gravity bongs aren’t the best for novice smokers. They offer significant hits with the potential to send even more experienced users into a coughing fit.
  • Smoking style – Even if you can handle a gravity bong, you may prefer more minor, conservative hits. GBs are great for getting high, but there is no “light” way to use them.
  • Storage and portability – Knowing where you’ll keep your bong and whether you want to move it around before buying is essential. This will help you select the type, size, and materials that work best.
  • Budget – Always keep in mind how much you’re willing to spend. Gravity bongs are highly efficient, and you can find a piece to meet most budgets.

A gravity bong can be a great option, but you should always consider whether it’ll be the best option.

Final Thoughts on Gravity Bongs

If you’re most familiar with haphazard homemade bongs, you may be surprised to find out what a high-quality, professionally made GB can offer.

Gravity bong designs are more evolved and complex than ever, so it’s a great time to find out. Find a piece to match your budget and try out the effortless and powerful hits only a gravity bong can offer.