It can be difficult to determine in which particular state potential cannabis producers are paying to enter the trade. Some states make their selections easily accessible and easily digestible. Others may need some time to search the pages of different websites.

Please note that some states do not always accept new applications for a marijuana license. These windows open and close at different times in each state.

However, in 33 states that allow the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes and, in some cases, for adult use, a permit must be applied for and obtained. We will update this note when the fee structure in the U.S. state-regulated markets changes. Let us know what additional application and licensing information you would like to see in this post.

ACCEPTED : Interactive Map of Marijuana Legislation

Editor’s note: This article was published in 2015. The last update is dated February 2021.


New application fee : $1,000

Standard breeding license: 5,000 (Upgrade: $7,000)

Limited cultivation permit (500 square feet or less) : 1,000 (Upgrade: $1,400)

Product license: $1,000

Authorisation to produce concentrates : $1,000


Application Fee: $5,000 (of which $1,000 is refundable if the application process is unsuccessful).

Initial registration fee : $5,000

Annual renewal of registration : $1,000

In Arizona, medical dispensary owners are allowed to grow marijuana for no profit. The price to enter the new market of adult medical marijuana non-profit distributors is $25,000.


Annual fee for cultural licences : $100,000

Performance guarantee : $500,000


Annual permit application fees :

Special outdoor cabins 135

Special interior for chalet 205

Special mixed cab, level 1 340

Special country house Mixed Light Level 2 580

Outside Special 270

Speciality Within 2 170

Special mixed lighting level 1 655

Specialised mixed light level 2.125

Small-scale outdoor activities 535

Small interior 3,935

Small mixed light Level 1,310

Small Mixed Easy Level 2,250

Medium-sized Outside 1,555

The average coverage is 8,655

Average mixed light level 1 2,885

Average Mixed Light Level 2 4,945

Kindergarten 520

Processor $1040.

Annual License Fee :

Opening of a special chalet 1 205

Special chalet interior 1.830

Mixed light level 1 3.035

Chalet Specialized Mixed Level 2 5 200

Outdoor speciality 2 410

Interior Specialty 19.540

Special mixed light level 1 5 900

Special mixed light level 2 10 120

Small opening 4,820

Small interior 35 410

Small mixed light Level 1 11 800

Small mixed light level 2 20.235

Outside average $13,990

Average coverage

Medium Mixed Light Level 1 25,970

Low Mixed Medium Level 2 44,517

Kindergarten 4,685

Transformer 9 370

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New application fee : $4,000

A new application for the conversion of an adult crop protection facility : $1,750

Annual renewal fee (from 1,801 to 3,600 plants) : $1,100

Annual renewal fee (from 3,601 to 6,000 plants) : $1,800

Annual renewal fee (6,001 to 10,200 plants) : $3,300

Annual renewal fee (10,201 to 13,800 plants) : $5,300


Initial registration fee : $25,000

Registration fee for the cultivation permit : $75.000

Annual fee for renewal of cultivation permit : 75.000 $.


Registration fee : $5,000

Certification fee: $40,000 (payable every two years)


Registration fee : $60,830

In Florida, Medical Marijuana Processing Centers (MMTCs) are allowed to grow, process, transport and distribute marijuana for medical purposes. In 2018, the additional charge of $174,844 was waived.


Registration fee : $5,000

Annual License Fee : $75,000

In Hawaii, marijuana licensees may grow, process, transport, and distribute marijuana. The state does not offer a cultivation permit.


For early approval of use in adults: Non-refundable licence fee : $100,000 ;

Contribution to the Cannabis Business Development Fund: 5% of total sales between 1. and 2. July 2018 and 1. July 2019 or $500,000.

For newcomers: Tree care providers must pay a $5,000 non-refundable registration fee and a $40,000 permit fee.


There is no licensing procedure for the cultivation. Two cannabis companies have succeeded in obtaining cultivation licenses for the University of the South and Louisiana State University.


Registration fee: $300 per patient (caregiver model)

Annual cultivation license fee: $300 per patient


Registration fee : $6,000

Annual fee for cultural licences : $125,000



Fees for filing an application for a state permit : $6,000

Licence fee class A (500 plants) : $150,000

Licence fee class B (1,000 plants) : $300,000

Collection with permit class C (1,500 plants) : $500,000

Authorized processor card : $300,000


Registration fee : $20,000

Minnesota requires vertical integration and has licensed two companies so far.

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Cultural licence application fee : $10,000

Missouri began accepting applications for medical marijuana licenses in January 2019. Since the beginning of 2021, the state has not accepted any applications.

For more information on Missouri’s medical marijuana regulations, visit Reynolds and Gold.


Annual license fee for care (up to 10 patients) : $1,000

Annual license fee for care (11-49 patients) : $2,500

Annual authorization fee for service providers (50 patients or more) : $5,000


Registration fee : $5,000

Annual License Fee : $30,000

New Hampshire

Registration fee : $3,000

Annual license fee: $40,000 or $80,000 (depending on geographic region).

In New Hampshire, alternative treatment centers (ATCs) are licensed to grow, process, and distribute marijuana for medical purposes.

New Jersey

Application Fee: $20,000 ($18,000 will be refunded to unsuccessful applicants).

In New Jersey, Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs) are licensed to grow, process and distribute marijuana for medical purposes.

New Mexico

Application Fee: $10,000 ($9,000 will be refunded to unsuccessful applicants).

Annual license fee: $30,000 for the first 150 plants and $10,000 for each subsequent 50 plants (up to 450 plants).

Big Apple

Registration fee : $10,000

Initial registration fee; $200,000.

North Dakota

Registration fee : $5,000

Annual License Fee : $110,000


Registration fee : 2,000 Acreage for a Level I grower license would be $30,000 (up to 3,000 square feet), $20,000 (up to 3,000 square feet for a Level I grower license). (Up to 25,000 square feet for a Level II cultivation permit).

Initial license fee: $18,000 (Level I), $180,000 (Level II).

Annual license renewal fees: $20,000 (Level I), $200,000 (Level II).


Registration fee : $2,500


Registration fee : $250

Annual License Fee :

Micro Tier I – 1 000

Micro Level II 2,000

Level I 3,750

Level II 5,750

Medical cap: $100


Entry fee (non-refundable) : $10,000

Registration fee (refundable if registration is not completed): $200,000

Annual permit renewal fees : $10,000

Proof of Funds: $2 million with $500,000 in cash in the applicant’s bank account.

Rhode Island

Registration fee : $5,000

Annual License Fee :

Micro license (up to 2,500 square feet) : $5,000

Class A (from 2,501 to 5,000 square feet) : $20,000

Class B (5,001 to 10,000 square feet) : $35,000

Class C (10,000 to 15,000 square feet) : $50,000

Class D (15,001 to 20,000 square feet) 80,000


Registration fee : $500


Annual fee of $25,000 after first year of operation.


Registration fee : $250

Annual license fees (levels 1, 2, 3) : $1,480

West Virginia

Registration fee : $5,000

Annual License Fee : $50,000

frequently asked questions

How much does a grow license cost in California?

Under current regulations, a permit for a small outdoor cannabis producer costs $4,820 per year.

How do I get a grow permit in Missouri?

The State of Missouri is not currently issuing any new cultivation, production, dispensary or testing licenses.

How much does a grow license cost in Michigan?

The license fee in Michigan can range from $4,000 (Class A manufacturer’s license) to $40,000. And they have to be renewed every year for a similar amount.

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