You NEED London Pound Cake Seeds in Your Grow Room

Look no further than London Pound Cake if you want a strain with a sweet, dessert-like flavor and a potent, stress-melting high. This Indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between the well-known Sunset Sherbet and an unknown heavy-hitting indica; it has a short flowering time, high yields of delicious, thick buds, and a mellow, relaxing high.

Origin of London Pound Cake strain

London Pound Cake is primarily Indica (a 70/30 hybrid) and packs a THC punch that few strains can match, sometimes reaching 29%. The strain’s genetic makeup is a respectful homage to its Sunset Sherbet ancestry. The Cookie Fam Genetics produced its grape-like, tropical nut masterpiece by crossing it with an unidentified Indica. The high starts out mild but gradually builds as it travels through your system. Though it won’t put you to sleep, London Pound Cake is a wonderful companion for those who struggle with irritability, melancholy, and focus issues.

Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet is a hybrid strain descended from the famed OG Kush through a mix between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. The flavor of this kind is delicious and sweet, with undertones of mint and lemon. It has a rich fragrance that combines earthy, sweet, and spicy undertones. Sunset Sherbet’s calming effects are well-known for helping people unwind after stressful days. Because of its favorable benefits, it is widely used for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. The high THC concentration in Sunset Sherbet, which can reach 24%, is also highly regarded. This makes it a powerful strain, therefore those with a lesser tolerance level should use caution when consuming it.

Growing London Pound Cake seeds

London Pound Cake is an excellent strain for inexperienced and experienced growers due to its low maintenance requirements and high yields. It’s a breeze to cultivate, but the thick, resinous blossoms it yields will blow away even the most seasoned growers. Because of its moderate size, the London Pound Cake is a great option for individuals limited in square footage. Despite its small stature, it can produce substantial harvests, up to 500 grams per square meter indoors and 600 grams per plant outdoors.

The short time it takes to bloom is another plus for cultivating London Pound Cake seeds. This strain’s 8-9 week flowering time is short compared to others, even other Indicas. It means that indoor or outdoor producers may expect a fast return on their investment.

Should you grow London Pound Cake Strain seeds indoors or outdoors?

The London Pound Cake strain is a versatile cannabis strain that works well indoors or outdoors.

Tips for growing indoors

Hydroponics and soil may be used to cultivate London Pound Cake in the home effectively. The screen of green (ScrOG) technique, which may boost yields and make the most of available space and light, works well with this strain. This strain produces thick buds; therefore, it’s extremely important to monitor humidity during the late blooming stage to prevent mold and other infections from ruining your crop.

Outdoor growing guidelines

London Pound Cake is at its best when it’s nice and bright outside. The strain does particularly well in warm climates like the Mediterranean and can tolerate even hotter conditions. Put her where she may bask in the sun for at least six to eight hours daily. Keep an eye out for pests no matter where in the great outdoors you decide to cultivate her.

Training Techniques for London Pound Cake Seeds

Here are some of the best training techniques for London Pound Cake seeds.

The SCROG, or “Screen of Green,”

ScrOG, short for “Screen of Green,” is a popular growing method that involves cultivating one or more cannabis plants under and around a screen to create a uniform canopy that optimizes light penetration to all bud sites. By raising and lowering the lower and upper branches, the ScrOG method achieves a more uniform distribution of the branches throughout the plane. As plants expand and mature, they may be trained to weave their branches through a mesh screen suspended above the growing medium. A horizontally uniform canopy is achieved by guiding individual branches down the length of the screen.


All growers should consider removing fan leaves and low-growing tips at the appropriate time. Because plants focus their resources on new development, it’s crucial to know when to remove and strip the plant’s lower, less productive sections. Use scissors to remove the lower plant parts shading the buds you want to harvest, just as if you were harvesting clones.

Everything from little, unhealthy fan leaves to large, main branches should be lopped off. As a general guideline, you should reduce the plant’s growth by around 60-70 percent from the pot’s base upward. Keep a close eye on the areas you pruned to ensure new growth hasn’t started. Low-yielding, light-starved growth is an ongoing problem until you cut the plants’ bases. When you remove the lower portions of a plant, more of the plant’s resources may be directed toward developing the dense buds at the top during the flowering stage.

Low-Stress Training (LST)

In LST, stems are bent and then secured in place. The goal is to create a wider, flatter plant by bending the taller stems outward from the center as they develop. Start doing this when your London Pound Cake plant is still a seedling since mature plants’ woody stems make it difficult to bend them. Some farmers use “LST” to refer to bending exclusively, while others use it to include all plant training methods.

THC concentration of London Pound Cake

The mild euphoria brought on by the London Pound Cake is perfect for calming the mind after a stressful day. Its 29% THC content induces a state of balance, inspiration, and relaxed concentration.

London pound cake aroma and flavor

The London Pound Cake strain is a treat to the senses, much like the smell of a traditional pound cake. The buds have a sugary taste and even a tang of citrus when you sniff them. According to some customers, the aroma may not be quite what you’re anticipating. Likewise, London pound cake has a better flavor to its pungent aroma. Grapes, lemon, and berries are just a few of the fruits reflected in the tastes; there is also an underlying earthiness that some may call “woody” or “nutty.” This mingling produces a balanced sweetness that anybody may appreciate.London Pound Cake is one of the favorite weed seeds USA among cannabis consumers because of its deliciously sweet and creamy flavor. It is one of those strains you need in your grow room, and as a bonus, the euphoric and soothing high it provides makes it a good option for people wishing to unwind or ease tension, anxiety, or discomfort. So relax and allow the intoxicating scent of baking London Pound Cake to carry you to a place of perfect joy.