The strains here drip like drops of sweat from the trichomes, and the rounds only get sharper as the legendary weed strains collide with the dandy layers who see the new consumers as the champions of the people.

Grandpa Violet thought it was cute and learned that the MAC is not for playing with. Will the Alien Kush suffer the same fate? Is that a scary watch for the Pineapple Express?

The field looks like this now:

Quick tip: Don’t forget to vote on Widmap’s Instagram Stories. Polling stations will remain open until 4:20 p.m. Saturday. PST.

And that brings us to our 16 Thanks games.

Top shelf

(#1) OG Kush vs (#2) Wedding Cake

After watching OG Kush dispose of Strawberry Cough in the first round, it’s hard to imagine that 2020 defending champion Stress Insanity wouldn’t take home the 2021 trophy, even against a fresh legend like Wedding Cake. Like yes, Giannis is good, he was MVP; but LeBron is still LeBron, and what happens every time people question LeBron?

These are all the trunks on the west coast.

Winner: TBD

(#3) Alien Kush vs. (#5) MAC

In the first round against WiFi Cake, Alien Kush handled with an ease that humans might not even be on their feet yet. But alien wonder cookies? People are smoking a lot of MAC these days. Yesterday I literally burned a prep roll after climbing a mountain, and that’s before we knew Coach Ken Estes and the BBP were out there.

In a battle of galactic hybrids, which team will pursue Strain Madness 2021? A mellow and extremely relaxing Kush or an earthy and very uplifting Biscuits?

Choose your ET now.

Winner: TBD

Shelf 2

(#1) Gelato vs. (#2) AK-47

You know, boys who grow up thinking they can finally beat their father, only to discover that the power of the adult only makes sense when he just nails them to the living room floor with his forearm, with Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues playing in the background? That’s what happened to Ice in the first round against the hybrid cannabis strain Gelato. Now the famous dessert variety continues on its expected path against AK-47.

I think it’s a dream game.

Winner: TBD

(#3) Banjo vs. (#5) Sour Diesel

If we vote, Bubba Kush may never speak the name Sour Diesel again. Banjo better come up with the best plan possible, because if there’s a story to tell, it’s that Sour Diesel is still and forever one of the best strains in Strain Madness. But in this sativa-dominated game, will Legacy be enough to beat Banjo’s super delicious, super fun high?

Winner: TBD

Shelf 3

(#1) Blue Dream vs. (#2) Green Rift

On the third shelf, we have the battle of all battles: Blue Dream versus Green Crack. They are two of the most famous, legendary and sought after species ever.

Blue Dream launched a 20/20/20 Russell Westbrook triple-double to lead 13 Dawgs in the first round. The green cracker did the same with the apple fritter. What are they going to do with each other now? This is a playoff game between Kobe (RIP) and LeBron that we never had.

Winner: TBD

(nr.6) Purple Haze vs (nr.5) Super Lemon Haze

In the battle for our lives, we thought the forbidden fruit would win, but it didn’t. The spirit of Jimi Hendrix went into the Sixth Man as Kadeem Hardison, helping Purple Haze in the fourth quarter he needed. Defeated, defeated, but still breathing, Purple Haze now heads to Dank 16, where she meets her sister strain, Super Lemon Haze.

Game of Thrones had a Weed Bowl, this is the Weed version.

Winner: TBD

Shelf 4

(#1) Pineapple Express vs. (#2) Biscotti

Pineapple Express kicked Alpha Blue’s ass. There is literally no other way to put it.

Of the 5,391 people who voted for a game in the first round, 82% sent Alpha Blue into the race. It was so ugly that Alpha Blue didn’t even return to the locker room, but ran straight from the field to the buses. The biscotti may be one of Lil Baby’s favorites, but Seth Rogan never made a movie about it. Will the 2 dogs of the Shelf 4 family be upset?

You tell me.

Winner: TBD

(#3) GMO Cookies vs (#4) GG4

GMO cookies are the most common hybrid I know of so far. It’s so inevitable that I’m glad I like it, because otherwise I would walk out of a lot of clinics with empty hands and an empty heart. Therefore, it’s not surprising that he took an exclusive niche cookie variety like Pink Rose.

GG4 is structured differently. GG4 is not to be outdone. GG4 drank blood. GG4 had absolutely no problem with the parental tension of GMO cookies in the first round, and now he wants a baby too.

Can GG4 do what Scar from The Lion King couldn’t? We expect it to be an uphill battle.

Winner: TBD

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