WM Strains Madness 2021: A Flower is Crowned

We arrived at Weedmaps Strain Madness 2021 with 32 weed cards ready to claim the title of best strain in the game. Although we had hoped last year’s contest would cause some controversy, it played out for the second year in a row and OG Kush was once again crowned champion.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Cannabis Strains Madness 2021 tournament.

Total votes

In total, more than 180,000 people cast their votes for all the games. Thanks for the great participation!

Before we shower the absolute champion with praise, let’s look at the total number of votes for each of the top eight candidates:

  1. OG Kush – 18,577
  2. Pineapple Express – 14,586
  3. Ice cream – 13,992
  4. Purple Hayes – 13,527
  5. Acidic diesel fuel – 12.205
  6. Blue Dream – 12 105
  7. GG4 – 9,353
  8. Alien Kush – 9120

OG Kush entered the Strain Madness race with a total of 18,577 votes – and Pineapple Express surprisingly sailed right behind him. Disappointed, Alien Kush must dry his tears and hope that next year he will have a stellar performance.

If you’re running low on weed and wondering what to buy next, consider celebrating this week’s OG Kush win with a pipe or vape full of a mega-popular winner.

– Hannah Meadows

Og Kush Victory Road

We asked sponsor Dante Jordan to review each round to see how OG Kush became the 2021 champion.

Round 1: OG Kush versus Strawberry Cough.

From the moment O.G. Kush entered the figurative court, he knew that no one could touch his majesty. The first match was against Strawberry Cough, where O.G. Couch crushed Fruit Sativa by a score of 4,222 to 1,614. OG’s performance was so dominant that his starters sat on the bench exchanging water bottles in the second half, much like the Cavs did against the Knicks in 2016.

Round 2: OG Kush versus wedding cake.

Sending Strawberry Cough to the cradle, OG Kush faced his most formidable foe: Wedding cake. We know what wedding cake has to offer: A national craze and recognition backed by quality genetics, aroma, taste and experience. And with the extreme popularity of Wedding Cake in modern cannabis, we thought it might be a strong team to put Og Kush escapes to bed. NAH, NOISE.

In the end, the experienced OG Kusha proved an unbeatable force for the future hybrid with 4,273 votes to 3,348.

Round 3: Og Kush versus E.T. Kush.

When a basketball team competes on the court, it can come out one of two ways: completely exhausted and unable to continue, or stronger because of the growth that comes from enduring adversity. OG Kush was the latter, as evidenced by the way he treated Alien Kush like the school’s B-team. After receiving 4,428 votes against Alien Kush’s 864, OG Kush told his rival: Don’t ever talk about me, my team or my coaches again.

Round 4: OG Kush versus Gelato

The Beast through the tournament led OH Kush to the Fiery Four, where we got the #1 fight the world has been waiting for: OG Kush versus Gelato.

The hybrid strain Gelato is simply one of the best varieties in the world, and one of the reasons why so many of us are so obsessed with finding exotic varieties and flavors. So we expected her to push the OG to its limits – maybe even send it home with its head down The original backbone of California genetics.

No. OH Kush stuck to the plan that got him this far, garnering 3,061 votes over his 1,783 opponents. Finally, Gelato was reminded that his time to rule may come one day, but not in 2021.

Finals: OG Kush versus Purple Haze

After beating Strawberry Cough, Wedding Cake and Gelato, O.G. Couch was up against Cinderella Story 2021 in the final: Lila Hayes.

To get to this point, Purple Kush took a completely unexpected route via Super Lemon Haze, Blue Dream and Pineapple Express. Unfortunately for the legendary Haze strain, people’s love of purple weed waned, and Jimi Hendrix wasn’t close enough to the OG Kush to bring out the color. And in the end we could crown Original Kush the first and only double Stress Madness World Champion with 2,593 votes to Purple Hayes and 1,117 votes to Original Kush.

Will OG Kush ever be defeated in the race madness? Only time will tell. But until then, he remains the undisputed heavyweight champion and the unanimous best player in all things grass.

*One Shining Moment (Luther Vandross’ Version) Music *

– Dante Jordan

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