Willie Nelson’s Super Bowl ad for Skechers is really about legal cannabis

Photo by Skechers via YouTube

Willie Nelson and Skechers partnered up for a Super Bowl ad that’s about shoes, but really, it’s about legal cannabis.

If you weren’t already aware, Willie Nelson wants to legalize marijuana. That’s the message of his Super Bowl ad, but he can’t say it outright, so instead, he’s promoting legalizing comfort with Skechers.

While never mentioning the word “cannabis,” the Skechers commercial is still a significant marijuana moment. Using a weed icon to air a message of legalization during the Super Bowl in the midst of this current wave of legalization doesn’t ask much of viewers to put two and two together while also being able to skirt the NFL’s rules for their ads.

The commercial is called “Skechers Legalized Comfort,” and it features an exchange between Nelson and the commercial’s director.

While wearing a black tee that reads “Legalize Willie introduces himself, saying, “I fought for the legalization of the one thing that can bring comfort to millions.” Sketchers.” At this point, the commercial cuts to the director, who looks down at the script in confusion. “You see, Skechers should be legal,” says Nelson. The director interrupts him. “Willie, I don’t think Skechers are illegal anywhere.” Willie shrugs. “But because they feel so good, I assumed the man made them illegal.”

In a statement, Nelson explained everyone’s right to feel comfortable, sending another pro-legalization message in disguise. “I can’t resist making an appearance during the Super Bowl. And I’m doing this because of a message we can all agree on—everyone deserves the right to feel comfortable. From the bus to the stage to a jog around the ranch, staying healthy and feeling good is how I can keep doing what I love.”

Skechers also released a statement. “We know featuring Willie’s genuine personality and well-known passions in a pair of commercials will make an impression for the millions watching the game.”

Marijuana ads and the Super Bowl have a little bit of history. While a variety of weed companies have tried to run cannabis ads in the country’s most important televised event, the NFL has restricted cannabis use, which means weed ads are a no-no.

One thing is certain. While more and more states continue to legalize marijuana, cannabis legislation continues to advance at a snail pace.