Why Has Kratom Become so Popular?

Kratom has taken the world by storm in recent years. It has become more popular than ever – but why? This article will explore the potential health benefits of Kratom and why it is becoming increasingly popular among people looking for natural alternatives to modern medicine. We will examine how Kratom can help relieve pain, anxiety, depression, and other common ailments. Whether you’re curious about what this amazing plant can offer or just looking for a new way to stay healthy – read on!

What is Kratom?

Before getting into the benefits that kratom offers and why it has become so popular over the last few years, it would be a good idea to look at exactly what it is. Although at first many people might think kratom is a synthetic drug, it is actually an organic and natural substance found in the leaves of the Mitragyna species, a tree within the coffee family.

In terms of where they can be found, these trees usually grow in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and some African countries. The leaves themselves can either be eaten as is or dried out, smoked into a tea, or made into powder and encapsulated as a supplement. It’s important to note that the method you use to consume kratom will affect its efficiency.

Where to Find it

The next question you might have is, “where could you possibly find kratom?” This is a relatively simple question to answer. Kratom has become quite popular and, as a result, has popped up in many different types of stores. For example, you can find kratom at a vape shop; you can also find it at a health food store or an organic supplement store. 

Moreover, kratom can be found at many online specialty stores. However, you should always go for a reliable and trustworthy vendor. If finding one seems daunting, take advantage of Kratom IQ’s comprehensive kratom vendor reviews. These will help you determine the best kratom vendors on the market and ensure you get the best quality product. Then again, before buying a kratom, always consult with your healthcare provider!


Now, to answer why kratom has become so popular, the main reason is that it offers quite a few benefits. First, many people have begun using kratom because it offers quite effective pain relief. More importantly, people are beginning to use kratom instead of opioids because its side effects are much less severe. In fact, many people are using kratom to aid in opioid addiction. 

In addition, many people also consume kratom because it can help to boost their mood. Kratom can also be used as a hunger suppressant and an antidepressant. For those struggling to sleep, kratom is also a good choice since it is a sedative at higher dosages.

How to Consume

One of the easiest ways to consume kratom, and one of the most popular because of convenience, is in powder form. When Kratom is in powder form, it can be mixed into beverages, which is what most people do. The preferred beverage for kratom is orange juice since it is said to activate it more, and it hides the slightly unpleasant taste.

Kratom can also be mixed into tea, which is another preferred method since most people add honey or lemon. However, these aren’t the only methods of consumption. You can also consume kratom in a capsulated form or even chew the leaves. People who are into other dry herbs seem to enjoy smoking the dried kratom leaves.


Finally, the last question you might have about kratom is, what dosages are recommended to be taken? While there is no official guideline to the amount of kratom that needs to be taken since no official research has been done to determine what conditions it would treat at various dosages, you can follow a basic guideline.

For example, if you want to feel stimulated and energized, you must consume fewer than 5 grams. However, if you want pain relief, you should consume between 5 to 15 grams. On the other hand, if you are looking for more sedative-like effects or to aid in sleeping, you should consume more than 15 grams.