What Dosage Of Kratom Is Beneficial For Health


Knowledge about the right dose of Kratom is essential for every user, no matter whether you are a pro or a newbie. Taking the correct dosage not only ensures that you are getting the most out of it, but it also helps you avoid any future complications like the effects of an overdose.

As taking less than the required amount of kratom will not be as effective as it should be. On the other hand, if you consume more than you need, it can worsen your health.

There is no single right dose of Kratom. It depends on different aspects like your age, BMI, body weight, your kratom tolerance, etc. So it is very important to learn about the different types of  Kratom dosages and what is the right dosage for you. 

Kratom strains and dosage

If you are a kratom user, then you must be aware of the different strains of kratom. Knowing about the different strains is equally important as knowing about the different dosages. Different strains of kratom work differently, and the dosage amount of a particular strain also determines how it will affect the body. 

For instance,  red kratom strains work as a pain reliever in high dosages but also boosts your mood in mild Dosage. Here are the three different strains and their effects in different dosages.

Red-veined Kratom strains 

Red-veined Kratom strains like Red Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Red Bali, etc. are made from fully matured kratom leaves. And they are well known for reducing severe pain and building endurance. But the light dosage of these strains can also give you sedative or euphoric effects. 

White veined kratom strains

The white strains of kratom are made from the young leaves of the plant. Some well-known white kratom strains include White Thai kratom strains, White Bali kratom strains, and White Maeng Da strains. These strains usually have a soothing effect and help you relax and calm down.

Green-veined Kratom strains

The half-grown or mature green leaves of the kratom plant are the source of green kratom strains. These strains have a balanced effect on both the white and red strains of kratom. It is mainly used to improve concentration, uplift the mood, and increase the energy levels of the body. But the high dosages of green strains can also reduce pain and improve sleep patterns. 

Gold or yellow kratom strains

These strains of kratom are not very popular and are also very new in the kratom world. These gold-yellow veined Kratom strains are not natural products of Kratom. These kratom strains are created through several layers of processing and compression.

Yellow strains work similarly to white strains, but they can also cure sleeping issues. 

The common structure of Kratom Dosage 

Generally, kratom dosages range from 2 to 12 grams, irrespective of the strain. And according to this general dosage structure, Kratom dosage can be broken into four groups: microdoses, low dosage, medium dosage, and high dosage. 

  • Microdose – 2gm or less. 
  • Low dose – 2gm to 6gm.
  • Medium dose – 6gm to 8gm.
  • Heavy/high dose – 8gm to 12gm.

Key factors of optimal dosage

Kratom dosage does not depend on any single aspect or factor. There are some key factors that help you determine the right dose of kratom for you. The basic factors are 

  • The reason you are taking kratom.
  • Your body weight and age.
  • Your kratom tolerance. 

Some common kratom benefits and dosage

You need to remember that different kratom strains work differently and that their dosages also differ. Here we will list some of the common kratom benefits and their dosages depending on different strains.

  • Dosage for treating Stress and Anxiety

Kratom dosage always differs from person to person. And this is also the case when you use it to reduce stress and anxiety. Kratom strains are well known for reducing stress hormone levels and helping you relax and calm down.

Generally, a high dosage is good for reducing levels of stress and anxiety. Because the mild doses help boost energy, taking a low dose can actually increase levels of anxiety in the body. Also, taking more than the required amount may worsen your health. 

  • Dosage for healing pain

Kratom is primarily used to treat chronic and severe pains, as well as muscle aches and fatigue. The red strains of kratom work best for treating severe pain. The optimal dosage of kratom in healing pain depending upon the condition are – 

  1. Mild pain – 2gm to 4gm
  2. Semi severe – 3gm to 5gm.
  3. Chronic/severe – 5gm or more. 
  • Dosage for curing withdrawal symptoms

All of the kratom strains are beneficial for curing different addiction symptoms or withdrawal symptoms. Naturally, doctors prescribe strong or heavy doses of kratom to fight the withdrawal symptoms.

Most people need 5gm or more kratom dosage for fighting against the symptoms of opium or nicotine withdrawal symptoms. 

But one should start with 2 grams or less and then slowly raise the amount for a safe intake of kratom.

  • Dosage for treating Depression

Kratom strains have sedative and euphoric properties that elevate your mood, boost energy, and reduce symptoms of depression. The dosage for curing depression depends on the state or levels of depression. Like-

  1. Mild depression –  1 to 2gm.
  2. Semi-severs depression- 2-4gm.
  3. Severe depression – 4gm or more. 

Usually, doctors prescribe mild doses of kratom for healing depression, as the mild doses of kratom give people sedative and euphoric feelings. 


Kratom strains have a vast range of health benefits, but they entirely depend on the measurement of your kratom intake. Knowing the right amount of kratom dosage is essential to enjoying the benefits of kratom without facing any negative side effects. 

You should always consult with a specialist before taking kratom. 

Also, we recommend you always start with a low or mild dosage of kratom and understand what suits you. Once you understand what is the right dose for you, you can experiment with it by adding it to beverages, adding it to tea, or even taking capsules if you wish.