It’s that time of year again. There’s a familiar and rare scent in the air, glasses are being frantically cleaned, your favorite cannabis stores are stocking up on edibles, and Bic lighters are disappearing every minute. We’re talking about the 4/20 season, of course!

Last year, 4/20 was in the middle of a pandemic, but now that more people are able to safely go outside (please still respect social distancing practices!), we can take advantage of the incredible festivities and deals going on at clinics and stores across the country (read our tips for great weekend sales).

And while there are more products and offers than we can keep track of, it’s still true that you want to approach 4/20 in style. Whether it’s a new bong or a roll to impress the grid, or clothing or jewelry for stoners, 4/20 is the perfect time to give to that special stoner you have your eye on. We have a selection of smokers, grinders, ashtrays, rolling trays, clothing, jewelry and more to celebrate 4/20.


Vibrations Ultra thin paper roll

Vibes Ultra Thin King Size are new, but they may be the best flow in the game. The vibrations roll super well, they hit super smooth and they burn super slow. I’m not a fan of rice or hemp, but these ultra-thin joints? 10 out of 5 stars.

Price: $2.50 (single), $125 (box).

Mota Glass Bong

Now you should know what’s so good about Mota Glass. They are great people who make great bongs out of great glass. Like most high-end eyewear, Mota bongs will put a few hundred dollars in your pocket on a good day. But if you want to give it to someone special and still save money, buy this Mota mini glass mug.

Price : $70

Puffco Vision Plus Dab Rig

The Puffco Plus is a good buy for cotton swabs. It’s basically a pocket drill, and let me tell you, those three temperatures get terpenes in your oil. And with great clouds of smoke. To prove it, opt for the Puffco Vision Plus, which comes in a tie-dye rainbow color for the same price as the metallic Puffco Plus.

Price : $89.99

Tombstone battery

The Tombstone is essentially a double-barreled shotgun with a cast battery. This allows you to plug in two different 510 cartridges at once and get a buzz from the mix of flavors, as opposed to just one flavor like traditional 510 batteries (or even branded cartridges like G Pen Gio, PAX Era, and STIIIZY). Should I smoke two different oils at the same time? Not at all. Is that supposed to stop you from doing that? Not at all.

Price : $37.99

– Dante Jordan


Jane’s Parade Gold Crushing Card

Have you ever bought grass on the road without having a grinder with you to grind it? Have you rolled a joint that burned so weird you wished you had bought a roll? It’s the same thing. But this gold mill card from Jane Parade that fits in your wallet/pocket is here to solve that problem forever. And that’s only 20 moves!

Price : $20

Rainbow astrological cursor

LET’S DO ASTROLOGY, BABY. If you wake up every morning and read your horoscope for your morning meditation, this rainbow mill with the zodiac sign on it is the gift for you. Seriously, the design is creative and it has Oh, where did you get that! Factor.

Price : $26

Luxury Grinders

Gold never goes out of style, so you can’t go wrong with Grinzilla of Her Highness New York. It has three cameras to capture all the twists and turns of the world, and a cute snake design. And the price is unbeatable for such an elegant piece.

Price : $36

Marley Natural wood sander

$90 for a sander is a pretty steep price, but it’s hard to argue with the quality of Marley Natural’s wood products. Honestly, that’s all there is to it. This is a well-made mill that will last longer than the average mill.

Price : $89.99

Tectonic9 hand-held grinder

Here we go, here we go, the gadget meat grinder. Here you can see how to use the Tectonic9 hand mill. You grind the grass by hand as you would with any other 4-piece grinder, but this grinder is distinguished by the fact that once you are done, you use an electronic dispenser to pour the grass out of the side of the grinder and directly into your bowl or paper. No more spills for you!

Price : $56

– Dante Jordan


D:Ceramic Ashtray and Incense-holder

If you like burning incense, this ashtray and incense holder by artist Denise Lopez might be for you. All items are one-of-a-kind and handmade to order, and you should allow 2-3 weeks for shipping – so maybe make it a late gift for yourself to save 4/20 after the holidays.

Price : $48

Silicone and glass ashtray of the ugly house

Decorated with cute bongs, lighters and other condiments, the Grind On Me ashtray is both cute and functional. The glossy silicone lid protects the glass from breaking, so you don’t have to worry about spills or the wild wagging of your dog’s tail. Check out the Ugly House Etsy shop to see if any more are in stock.

Price : $9.99

Ashtrayby Mae

In collaboration with designer Joe Doucet, luxury cannabis accessories brand Mae has launched an ashtray. Made of brass and rose gold, its elegant design and unique stand make it a great option for those celebrating alone.

Price : $95

Kush Panda handblown cannabis leaf ashtray

What is a 4/20 without the presence of a cannabis leaf immortalized in glass? This hand-blown ashtray from Kush panda combines casual style with effortless design for a relaxing stoner vacation.

Price : $14.90

Apollo Box Ashtray Monster

This unique monster ashtray will be a topic of conversation the next time you can safely gather with friends and family. In the meantime, pair this ceramic ashtray with a full joint of monster OG before you celebrate 4/20 with the Cheech and Chong marathon.

Price : $51.97

Thigh-high ashtrayof Her Highness

Feel even more fabulous when you rest your knuckles on the brass feet of this marble ashtray from Her Highness. Plus, the legs keep your pre-rolls separate when you, the indica-lover, and your sativa-loving partner take separate joints for a 4/20 rock dinner.

Price : $90

– Hannah Meadows

Roller bearings

Umudyok designs a hard rock bearing pan

This roller tray from Umudyok design is simply stunning. Handcrafted in Oakland by Cassie Dela Pena with real walnut, maple and beeswax, these trays are unique and sophisticated, as functional as they are stylish.

Price : $40

RAW Bamboo Foldable Magnetic Tray withTriple Flip-Flop Magnet

As Lindsay MaGerry writes in her guide to rental scales, it’s the poppy among rental scales. If, like the hardwood rolling tray above, you’re looking for a tray with a classier, more refined edge, these eight beautiful trays are made of durable bamboo and lock together to create a giant rolling station for whatever rolling situation you find yourself in.

Price : $72.99

Tree storage

These triple-curved, high-gloss glazed rolling bowls by Brooklyn-based ceramicist Julianne Ahn are elegant and functional pieces that add a bit of elegance to the fun of rolling together. For the modern, hip stoner who doesn’t want to ride on plastic.

Price : $90

Ooze Life Rolling Trays

Ahhhh, but for stoners who care more about a fuzzy than a fancy, expensive rolling tablet, it’s a funny gig: Ooze Life. Made of glass and metal, these unbreakable trays have a surprisingly quirky, three-sided design that will make your eyes wander when you roll them up. Some favorites are Imaginarium, Tag, and Space Race. Plus, these pallets are affordable, costing between $8 and $15.

Business Ooze Life

Glow plug

A colleague recommended these glow-in-the-dark trays to me and at first glance I wondered if they were worth the price ($60-90). So I asked sponsor Dante Jordan what he thought: Every time I see them I wonder why people drive in the dark, lol.

Honestly. But working with Cookies ($60), Alien Labs ($60), Runtz ($60) and six multicolored LED lights is too mundane to resist. If you’re looking to party, you’re sure to turn heads when you pull one of these light-up trays out of its suede cover.

Light box in the shop

– Nick Juarez.


Vegetable bandage charts

It wouldn’t be 4/20 without an approved deposit. Fortunately, Weedmaps has new models in stock that you can grab before the big day. They’re all certified fresh, but I favor these wavy extruded long-sleeve tees ($32), the Wordmark sweatpants ($50) and the Boarder Dad cap ($24).

Herbalist maps

Cannaboss Party Costume

There’s always someone who comes to a party in a funny costume… and maybe it’s you! If so, we thank you for your service. We need you and your suit to start the conversation. If you want to make a splash on 4/20, consider this impeccable Cannaboss party costume with bright cannabis leaves on a black suit.

Price : $69.99

High School

Of all the cannabis brands with clothing lines, Sundae School is my favorite. All of his creations are unique and bold without being too showy. I usually wear the Navy logo hat ($42), but I recommend also checking out these Cherry Color hoodies ($95), the yellow Nubi reversible corduroy jacket ($280), the orange velvet tuxedo hat ($42), and the [AAPI] Stop Asian Hate Calculator T-shirt ($42, on sale).

Ice cream sundae school shop

Biscuit clothing

You can’t talk about Weed clothing without talking about Biscuit, the Weed brand and the Berner lifestyle. Cookie apparel brings all the excitement of the Bay Area to have staples like hoodies, jackets and blazers that should be in every fashion caper’s wardrobe.

Cookies Clothing Store

Old friend

Old Pal’s retro chic appeals to modern players and old timers alike. The shareable flower concept also extends to apparel like the Share the Knock pocket shirt ($45), the Cosmovision shirt ($45), the It’s only Grass Y’all! The pocket shirt ($45) and the Pleasure to Treasure corduroy cap ($36).

Old Pal Clothing Store

– Nick Juarez.


Witschy Cannabis Enamel Pin

Designed by Make Heads Turn, you’ll want to hang this stone creation from your hat, coat, lapel or backpack to keep the good vibes going until 4/20 and beyond.

Price : $10

Rainbow Cannabis Leaf Earrings by Pretty Little

The missing piece in your 4/20 outfit, these dazzling earrings add a little elegance and sparkle to the classic cannabis leaf. Bonus: The hooks are made of stainless steel, making them safe for sensitive ears.

Price : $16

Mini Cannabis Adjustable Charm Bracelet

If you want a slightly more subtle representation of this 4/20, check out this adorable bracelet designed by The Charm Spot. The small pot leaf is very elegant and discreet, so you can wear it without being too flashy.

Price : $32

Functional glass microtube chain of blunt objects

On April 20, make sure you’re ready to shoot at any time. You’ll never be without the Micro-Tube necklace from Blunted Objects – don’t forget your lighter.

Price : $45

Mary My cannabis ring of Her Highness

Her Highness’ 14K gold plated hemp adjustable ring has a special shape in the shape of a sativa plant. So for lovers of Jack Herer and Sour Diesel, it’s the perfect accessory to celebrate their favourite flower on the day of their choice.

Price : $32

Idle Hands Weed Earrings Bag

The most stone-faced holiday of the year calls for whimsy and kitsch, and you’ll find both in these mini pocket brooch earrings. They make it easy to start a conversation and make people laugh to brighten an already busy day.

Price : $8.33

– Hannah Meadows

occasional and odd

Cute and funny: Classic Pet Rock reaches new heights with a rock-solid version of the 90s hit toy. This fun handmade ceramic figurine with an acrylic paint design is the best companion for Capper celebrating 4/20 solo. – HM

Price : $10

420 Candles for sealing soybeans

Looking for a candle to remind you that you smoke weed? Well, it’s your lucky day. Because for a very low price, you can get these 420 scented candles on Etsy. They are 100% soy, and the different flavors are called Bong Rips In The Night, Blazed for Dayz, and Munchies, to name a few. Munchies candles contain Cap’n Crunch berries or Fruit Loops in the wax. – DJ

Price : $10.80

Custom Rolling Tray

If you’ve ever wanted to put your degree on a roller tray (I have), the My Rolling Tray custom roller tray is here to make your wildest dreams come true. You can literally turn any photo you can think of into a ganja tray. They even have an LED light box! You and your whole family need one with your grandmother’s picture. – DJ

Price : $44.95

Submitted by Gina Coleman/Shared Cards

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