As the new year approaches and a new government is formed, many conversations will be needed to improve the cannabis industry and correct the mistakes of the war on drugs and systemic racism.

To start these conversations and begin building a more inclusive cannabis industry, Weedmaps and Green Enterprise have teamed up to host a two-day virtual conference, the Information, Education and Empowerment Summit, from 22-23. February.

Green Enterprise, a partnership between Digital Venture Partners and Black Enterprise, is a media resource for black Americans engaged in cannabis-related activities. Green Enterprise will effectively bring its audience together to inform, educate and empower black POC entrepreneurs and business owners by providing them with the new opportunities, skills, knowledge and experience they need to succeed in the cannabis industry. Water Cards is the main sponsor of the event.

Since Green Enterprise’s inception, our goal has been to bring true stories that highlight the successes of Blacks, Indigenous people and people of color working in the emerging global cannabis industry. Our partnership with Weedmaps has already shown amazing progress that supports our work to establish Green Enterprise as a media authority on black cannabis, says Andrew Farrior, producer of Green Enterprise.

When and where should I send it?

  • When: February 22-23, 2020. 13:00 – 19:00. EAST.
  • Where: You can check it out on the Green Enterprise streaming page, which can be found here.

What am I looking at?

At this virtual summit, you will hear from successful entrepreneurs, black business owners and other leaders in the field during a series of roundtable discussions. Topics include social impact and equity, social justice, capital extraction and the wider economy, investment advice, and other areas specific to successful entry and participation in the cannabis industry for BIPOC people.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

Some of the speakers:

Which algal maps are affected by the summit?

As a sponsor of and participant in the Virtual Summit, Weedmaps wants to contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way.

We are excited to partner with Green Enterprise to produce this important event and continue to share our company’s commitment to building a fair industry, said Juanjo Feijoo, Director of Marketing at Weedmap. As legalization progresses across the country and the cannabis industry expands, we have a responsibility not only to address the harms that the war on drugs brings to minority communities, but also to create a more inclusive national economy. The challenges are many, but creating an open forum for discussion and education with key industry decision makers is usually the catalyst for real change and real solutions.

Weedmaps will host a roundtable discussion entitled Together for Access, Equality and Legalization, chaired by Roe Johnson, Roe McCarthy and Cedric Haynes. This discussion will focus on the importance of collaboration between cannabis organizations to create a fairer industry.

The panel will also discuss WM TEAL (Together for Equity, Access & Legalization), a Weedmaps initiative that provides tools and resources for cannabis entrepreneurs and businesses that qualify for social justice.

Why observe?

The cannabis industry is booming, and more and more Americans are historically aware of the tragedy of the war on drugs and its lasting effects. Now more than ever, the time has come for blacks and POCs to have all the skills and information they need to successfully participate at the forefront of this increasingly recognized industry. By bringing together thoughtful entrepreneurs and leaders, we can view the cannabis industry through a complex lens that will have a social, racial, and economic impact.

And cannabis sparks new conversations and new interests. Cannabis can be associated with numerous other industries such as wellness, agriculture, technology, sports, food and music. Knowing how black and pest control entrepreneurs can influence the direction of the cannabis movement will help create a healthier and more inclusive industry and culture. In this vein, Green Enterprise and Weedmaps hope to engage in a thoughtful conversation about the challenges minorities face and the paths to success. The business opportunities for black owners and entrepreneurs in the OCP are well founded, and this summit aims to get everything in place for this community and its allies.

For more information, visit and

Sophia Wellington

Sophia Wellington graduated from the University of Irvine in International Studies with a concentration in Issues and Institutions. She enjoys delving into world culture, politics, history, film and music, and began her post-graduate career in the cannabis marketing industry.

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