Tuesday madness begins with 32 strains facing off

The stoner is in full swing, as two wildcards have already been eliminated. Congratulations to Strawberry Cough and Ice Cream who made it into the top 8 and placed 1st there. Setzer OG Kush and Gelato respectively.

And thanks to everyone who voted for the Wild Cards on Sunday. There were over 500 marijuana strain entries, many of which were expected (Jack Herer, Bruce Banner, Skywalker OG, Cereal Milk) and some less expected (False Teeth, Pie Hoe).

A word about Sunday’s performance: Due to trademark issues, we have not received proposals for varieties named after a classic space character, nor have we received proposals for some varieties named after candies and cereals.

In short: Don’t forget, today is the 16th. March to vote on Instagram’s Widmap Stories for the first round. Polling stations will remain open until 4:20 p.m. Wednesday. PST.

And with that, we dive into the 16 preliminary rounds and 32 contending tribes.

Top shelf

(1) OG Kush vs (8) Strawberry Cough

OG Kush is perhaps the most legendary strain in all of cannabis culture. Its genesis is one of the most debated topics in weed science, and the ability to grow it is a rite of passage among growers. Known for its power and effects, OG Kush is still on the retail menu today.

Strawberry Cough is a species you all know and love (and have volunteered for). A fan favorite and reportedly from Connecticut, Strawberry Cough is a delectable cross between Hayes and Strawberry Fields. But can it compete with one of the most popular varieties of all time?

Winner: TBD

(2) Wedding cake v. (7) 24K gold

Wedding cake has become a big trend among weed lovers. LA’s famous gardeners, the Jungle Boys, have put Wedding Cake on the map and are in talks with companies like Gelato and Biscotti. Last year Wedding Cake was seeded fourth in the tournament, but this year it is seeded second.

Crossed with Tangi and Kosher Kush, 24k Gold is an Amsterdam staple that’s undergone a few name changes, which could hurt its chances in the long run – but she’s so tasty she might hold her own.

Winner: TBD

(3) Alien Kush vs. (6) WiFi Cake

If you’re feeling frisky, the Alien OG Kush may be the answer. It’s a true Californian and a clear candidate for Strain Madness with its uplifting and concentrating effects.

But the Alien Kush is not the only strain that can take you to space and back. WiFi Cake is a real contender in this competition with his superstar parents Wedding Cake and White Fire OG.

Winner: TBD

(4) GDP vs. (5) MPC

Grandpa Purple is very popular in Northern California. Of course he went – again – to our annual Strain Madness contest. Will she be able to take on her favorite MAC (alien Wonder Cookie)?

Winner: TBD

Shelf 2

(1) Gelato v. (8) Ice Cream Cake

Gelato made it to the Fire 4 podium last year, but lost to eventual champion OG Kush. Like last year, Gelato is supported by the rap community. Rappers love to mention weed, including Chief Gelato.

But can he beat the fan record?

Ice Cream Cake has proven to be a strain to be reckoned with in the cannabis community – you voted for her as a counterpart to the popular Gelato.

Winner: TBD

(2) AK-47 v. (7) Marital breaker

AK-47, a staple in the early 90s, won numerous awards at various Cannabis Cups in the 2000s. A win in this round would be another notch in AK’s belt. But the grape and vanilla-flavored Wedding Crasher can’t be ruled out – it could win with its delicious makeover and euphoric effects.

Winner: TBD

(3) Banjo v. (6) Apples and bananas

Sourced from Santa Cruz-based producer Strong Agronomy, Banjo offers a very high end product that may well displace the unique flavor of its competitor: Apples and bananas. Both strains are participating in Strain Madness for the first time and are equal favorites.

Winner: TBD

(4) Bubba Kush v. (5) Acid Diesel

Bubba Kush was produced by chance in Matt Berger’s garden in the 90s and is a cross between Northern Lights and Kush. Since then it has become one of our most sought after varieties.

Meanwhile, Sour Diesel is one of those herbs from the 90s that is not only respected by old smokers and growers, but also remains relevant in a sea of new herbs and trends. She’s also very popular with sativa lovers, and we don’t see this adoration diminishing.

These two strains are causing trouble for children in the 90s.

Winner: TBD

Shelf 3

(1) Blue Dream vs. (8) 13 Dawgs

Blue Dream is probably the most popular strain in the modern cannabis era, which makes it also one of the most hated strains by cannabis snobs. Last year, the Blue Dream suffered a disappointing first-round loss against Gelato. For the first seeded match of this year, he faced a less difficult opponent.

But don’t lose sight of the creative and energetic impact of 13 Canadian-born Dawgs – nothing stays the same until all is said and done.

Winner: TBD

(2) Green slot v. (7) Apple peeler

Despite its name, Green Crack is staple in most stores and delivery menus, so it’s no surprise that it’s not only cheap, but also a potent seed. Green Crack reportedly has ties to Snoop Dogg, which won’t hurt his name recognition. We wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the next round after dipping him in a delicious apple fritter.

Winner: TBD

(3) Forbidden fruit v. (6) Purple hazard

The forbidden fruit represents sweetness and a fruity taste and is a favorite of many consumers. This variety seems to have taken Tangie’s place as a fruiting variety lately, and it’s cool to see it in 3 seeds.

According to Sam the Skunkman, Purple Haze originated in Colombia, a phenotype of the standardized Haze variety he created in the 1960s and 1970s. This is a great combination with Forbidden Fruit, with both varieties coming out victorious.

Winner: TBD

(4) Mimosa v. (5) Super Lemon Haze

Mimosa is known for its sweet and lemony aroma, and also for its supposedly uplifting and stimulating effects. Like the brunch drink it’s named after, the mimosa is a popular daytime variety. On the other hand, Super Lemon Haze is also a famous daytime variety. So we’re up against two awakening heavyweights in the first round of Strain Madness.

Winner: TBD

Shelf 4

(1) Pineapple Express v. (8) Alpha Blue

Pineapple Express does so many things. Not only is it a solid strain with balanced effects and fruity flavors, but it’s also a movie star that finished in second place last year. But don’t call Alpha Blue an underdog here; it’s an outstanding sativa that took second place for best sativa at the High Times Cup in Denver and San Francisco in 2011 and is still going strong.

Winner: TBD

(2) Biscotti v. (7) Bonkers

Biscotti are a favorite among weed lovers. Developed by the legendary Cookies Fam Genetics, founded by rapper Berner and producer Jigga, Biscotti is a descendant of GSC, Gelato #25 and South Florida OG. This species has reached iconic status in recent years and will not surrender without a fight.

Can Bonkers take the fight to the ground? There are reportedly two versions of Bonkers on the cannabis market, one from Exotic Genetix who crossed Cookies and Cream with Lemon Tree and the other from Next Generation Seeds who combined Grapefruit, Burmese, Purple Indica and the Ruderalis strain to produce a unique variety. Bonkers could be a double shot for the popular biscotti.

Winner: TBD

(3) GMO biscuits v. (6) Pink

GMO Cookies and Pink Rose are two of the strongest strains and have a lot of fan support, so elimination will be exciting when it comes to declaring a winner.

Winner: TBD

(4) GG4 v. (5) GSC

GG4 is an absolute monster. GG4 consistently appears on lists of high THC strains and is known as one of the first strains to be tested with a THC content of over 30%, when 30% cracking was still unknown.

As for the SGC, it’s a modern marvel in the shape of a necklace. GSC, another original Cookie Fam product, has won numerous awards and remains one of our most requested working lines. A real coincidence if we ever saw one.

Winner: TBD

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