With the increasing legalization of cannabis in the United States, entrepreneurs are starting to grow it on a large scale. With so many new cannabis companies entering the market, many mistakes are made when starting up production. Here are the top ten mistakes you can make when growing a cannabis plant:

  • Lack of consultation with cannabis experts – poor planning and design of the soil can lead to deficiencies in the work flow, resulting in delays and additional costs. Poor horticultural practices can lead to crop failures and non-compliance can result in loss of the permit. All too often people plan and build without first bothering to talk to an expert. Some important questions to ask yourself and your advisor: What materials are used in the construction of the extension? Is my relationship with the bed and the color good? How long will it be before I see my first harvest?
  • Choice of Contractor – Do NOT build your system yourself, leave it to the professionals. Sure, you have experience in construction and you have a friend who has worked in construction. Don’t make this mistake – Our experience can save you from the mistakes of others. To remain profitable in this competitive industry and maximize the quality and yield of your products, you must build the plant right the first time. If an experienced and qualified grower builds the system, it will produce higher yields and save you time, stress and money from the start of construction to the first harvest.
  • In today’s fast-paced world, fixed shelves, benches, and file cabinets don’t add to your space needs. If you don’t plant your garden properly, you’ll end up with every harvest below your ability.
  • Insufficient Capacity – There is no planning or communication as to whether the facility has sufficient capacity for your current and future needs. This means you can’t build the common area you want. When you are looking for a building, the first thing you need to know is how much energy it will take to get the size you want. With the right size, you know what the load will be and can plan accordingly.

  • Material Selection – Building materials used in the cultural and operational complex should be non-absorbent and antimicrobial surface materials. The days of the wooden bench are over. Epoxy coating, metal handles and other materials are essential for high-quality and durable production.
  • Manual Watering – If your plant is neglected, many people think they have spent enough money and can save money by hiring people to water manually instead of using an automatic system for water and nutrients. The problem is that your employees are not listed in your establishment. What if an employee calls and doesn’t deliver the water at the right time or mixes the wrong amount of nutrients with your chosen formula? We see this kind of problem a lot. Accurate and planned irrigation and nutrient application to increase yields are essential.
  • Control and automation deficiencies – Crop automation is important for scheduling lighting and fertilizer application and for data collection, and is necessary to maximize yield. If you can do this remotely, you can have peace of mind that you are monitoring the temperature and humidity of your grow room at all times, and will be alerted if there are any problems.
  • Poor weather – This can lead to stunted growth, reduced yields and failed attempts. Our experience has led us to properties where mold has been a problem due to poor weather conditions. Proper air balancing, additional dehumidification, and proper cleaning procedures can bring the system back to good condition. Millions of dollars can be saved by installing proper air conditioning systems.

  • Choosing the wrong location or building – Not knowing the history of the building you want to rent or buy can lead to logistical and financial nightmares. A bad website can be a disaster for sales and marketing. In the wrong building, exponentially more money is spent to bring it up to the standards needed for successful production and profitability. For example, installing a roof and cleaning an existing system can be very expensive. If you don’t know what you’re getting into at the time of purchase, you could be faced with months of unreimbursed expenses and an unclear timetable. This can be detrimental to businesses and individuals who are pressed for time and need a successful, uninterrupted harvest from an area that must be converted to a main crop.
  • Lack of maintenance of your equipment – A contaminated site poses risks of pests, work accidents, an unhealthy work environment, and equipment failure. Regular maintenance of the system and equipment ensures efficiency, long equipment life and reduces the risk of mold and bacteria. Clean equipment = clean plants and better flowers.

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About the author

Michael Bernstein


As an entrepreneur for over 30 years and in the cannabis industry for over 15 years, I have the desire and professional dedication to know all aspects of the cannabis industry to ensure that I am providing our clients with the strongest and most accurate elements to succeed. My attention to plant care ensures that the plants thrive, which contributes to higher yields and optimal potency. At Pro Grow Builders, we help our clients through every step of the design process, all the way to installing your plants in their first location on your property. Our team has a keen eye for detail, construction management and knowledge of affordable products that have saved our clients thousands of dollars while providing the expertise, ingenuity and integrity expected of such a large investment.

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