Cannabis packaging is one of the biggest topics of conversation for cannabis consumers, but there is little real debate about the importance of smart cannabis packaging. There are two basic problems that need to be solved when it comes to cannabis branding: the packaging must clearly identify the brand, and it must clearly identify the product.

Whether you are consuming cannabis in a form of an edible, a concentrate, or a traditional flower, it is important to ensure that the packaging of your cannabis is very clean and safe.

If you’ve ever thumbed through a bag of cannabis, you’ll notice that it’s largely dominated by brightly colored candy-like-applications. Why are all these colorful things just sitting in one place? Is it because many people choose to use candy and cakes in their packaging? Does this make them more attractive as a delivery system? These questions have been debated time and time again.. Read more about american made cannabis packaging and let us know what you think.

All consumer packaged goods brands, regardless of size, spend a significant amount of money and resources on packaging to attract consumer attention. We are all very visually oriented and are attracted to subjects that pique our interest. Cannabis brands are no exception when it comes to branding their products. The packaging plays an important role in promoting the brand and makes it stand out on the shelves of the pharmacy. When I was in Las Vegas for the CBD show in the early 2020s, I visited the dispensary and it was beautiful. I remember remarking to a colleague travelling with me how spectacular the packaging of the products in the windows was. One of them had unique designs on every product they offered, and it was truly art. Yeah, I bought this piece I was attracted to. The US cannabis industry is challenging for brands due to the lack of a common federal packaging guideline. Each state determines its cannabis laws, and with them, its packaging regulations. As a result, multi-state operators (MSOs) must manage each state as a separate entity and comply with packaging regulations, which is not very efficient and increases costs. As the industry grows and becomes federally legalized across the country, packaging regulations will be easier to enforce. Louis Vuitton bags are one of many products whose image is often imitated : UK Home Office, Flickr The Importance of Smart Cannabis Packaging Let’s look at counterfeiting in all product categories. Counterfeiting is a major problem worldwide, as the following statistics show. The total world trade in counterfeit goods is estimated at about $4.5 trillion. Counterfeit luxury goods account for 60 to 70 percent of this amount, more than pharmaceuticals, entertainment products and perhaps a quarter of the total luxury trade worth $1.2 trillion. Digital technology plays an important role in this area, and perhaps as much as 40% of high-quality counterfeit goods are sold over the Internet. In fiscal year 2020, U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized $1.3 billion worth of counterfeit goods. (The value seized in 2020 is actually down from the $1.5 billion in counterfeit products that CBP seized in 2019.) Unfortunately, the above figures are alarming and the cannabis industry will face the same counterfeiting issues in the future, which will further increase these statistics. What can be done to combat this problem and provide cannabis brands with relief? Smart technology. The trend towards smart technology varies from sector to sector, but the basic concept includes technological systems designed to impede or limit the ability of high-tech counterfeiters to copy or replace products. These layers typically include forensic product control, digital systems for materials traceability, and consumer-facing systems for communicating essential value to consumers. By incorporating this level of smart technology into cannabis products and packaging, consumers can distinguish between real and fake and, in the case of cannabis, between legal and illegal. Molecular technology is a forensic verification capability that can be used as a unique identifier to verify the authenticity of products. Each brand will have its own unique identifier, which will be applied to the raw materials that make up the product, such as oil or isolate. The sample can then be tested at the point of origin and at subsequent nodes in the supply chain using a remote testing device. All digital data is stored in a secure, cloud-based database for tracking and transparency for the end consumer to show them the authenticity of the product they are consuming. The same molecular technology can be applied to inks or coatings for packaging and labels. A great application to help combat counterfeiting and product diversion around the world. Burglars can create virtually identical versions of the original. The Importance of Smart Cannabis Packaging Another interesting platform is StrainSecure from TruTrace Technologies. Their SAAS platform allows cannabis producers to track all product lots and SKUs, linked to a blockchain. It also facilitates interaction between the manufacturer and third-party testing facilities for product testing and reporting. Data is collected within the platform and easy access to dashboards allows the authenticity of products to be established at any time. An Australian company called Laava makes a product called Smart Fingerprints. This is the next evolution of QR codes. Smart Fingerprints can be printed on each package and provide a unique identifier that consumers can read with a mobile phone app. The consumer receives information about the authenticity of the product and any additional information the brand wishes to share with the user. Smart fingerprinting is an excellent example of secure customer loyalty at the point of sale. The three solutions above illustrate the advanced technologies that the cannabis industry can build into its packaging and products to ensure the sale of authentic and safe products to consumers. It provides consumers with important information and product information to help them make informed purchasing decisions. There is no miracle solution that provides all the answers. As with all goods of high value, counterfeiters will strive to almost replicate the original until it becomes unprofitable. There is a need for a technology ecosystem that ensures a seamless connection between supply chain partners and ultimately the end consumer by providing timely information. As the United States separates legal cannabis production from illegal production, both for adult and medicinal use, the challenge will be to protect and communicate authenticity, and packaging will be the first step in that direction.Marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs in the United States. The drug has a mindboggling number of medical uses, though its effects on the human body are not fully understood. But it is also a highly addictive substance that can cause severe damage to many vital organs of the body.. Read more about 420 containers and let us know what you think.

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