THC Lube: We Asked a Budtender About Weed Lube

Dear Cupcake,

I’ve been struggling to find information about weed lubricants online. My question is, if applied to a mucous membrane, will THC oil (without transdermal ingredients) enter the bloodstream?

I can’t smoke or eat edibles because of THC testing at my job. Legally, I understand that you are not responsible for any repercussions. However, I can’t seem to find a straight answer. If a weed lubricant is applied vaginally, would it be absorbed systemically? If it goes into the bloodstream and is processed by the liver, that could result in a positive drug test. But if it’s only absorbed locally, after a few days, I’d imagine that there would not be any THC metabolites present in urine or blood.

Can you provide any insight into this matter?

— Slippery Answers

It can be hard to find straight answers on this subject because every weed lube is different. All of them are made to help in some way when applied to the vaginal and/or rectal area, whether it’s to increase sexual pleasure or to ease cramps.

What benefit you get depends on how the product is made, what cannabinoids are in it, and whether or not it has any other ingredients that help the body absorb it.

What does lube with THC do?

Before the 20th century, most doctors thought that drugs couldn’t get into the bloodstream through the vagina. Since then, scientists have confirmed that the vagina is able to absorb some drugs. In the 1990s, a big improvement in how drugs are given to the body led to the creation of products like the Nuva Ring, which is a vaginal ring that gives hormones to prevent pregnancy.

A 2005 review in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics concluded that topicals applied to the vagina follow the same rules as any other cannabis topical; without ingredients designed to penetrate through layers of skin, cannabinoids won’t make it to the bloodstream.

Since THC isn’t being metabolized by your liver, the THC metabolite 11-nor-9-carboxy-THC (THC-COOH) won’t show up in your blood, hair, saliva, or urine.

Christine Skibola PhD., drew on her background as a cancer researcher and Professor of Epidemiology to formulate Long live the V! with rejuvenating ingredients like vitamin E, honey, and cannabis-infused olive oil. As co-founder of Cosmic View, a California-based brand focused on whole-plant cannabis medicine, she’s seen the vaginal health balm gain popularity as a sexual lubricant. Even though it can’t be used with condoms, it’s good for people who are worried about drug tests at work.

“Some level of THC will always be present to some degree in high CBD crude extracts; however, it will not cause an intoxicating high,” said Skibola.

Can weed lube get me high or make me fail a drug test?

The key is finding products that don’t combine high levels of THC with skin penetration enhancers. On the FAQ page for infused lubricant brand Foria it is suggested that a lubricant made with non-psychoactive CBD “will not cause you to fail a drug test.”

But here’s the rub, Slippery. On dispensary shelves, there are topical and transdermal weed lubes sitting right next to each other. Pick the wrong one, and you could potentially run afoul of your workplace’s archaic, outdated, and anti-science drug policy.

To learn more, I spoke with Olivia Alexander, an OG weed influence and founder/CEO of the Kush Queena line of bath bombs, edibles, supplements, and skincare available in both CBD-only and THC-infused formulations. Her Water-Based THC Lubricant available at select California dispensaries, will absolutely get you high—wwhich means it could cause you to fail a drug test.

“Kush Queen has a patent-pending nanotechnology that allows the cannabinoids to fully absorb via the skin and into the bloodstream,” she explained. “Our transdermal water-based lubricant gives consumers truly absorbable cannabinoids.”

If you scan the ingredient list of products like Quim’s Oh YES! Latex-Safe SerumYou might be able to spot ingredients designed to penetrate the lipid barrier of our skin’s outermost layer. Phospholipids act as a vehicle to carry drugs across the stratum corneum, while lactic acid increases the permeability of the skin.

Topical and transdermal weed lubes to try

While CBD isn’t included in routine drug screeningCannabis lubricants that contain THC in tandem with skin penetration enhancers may show up on drug screenings.

Check out the company’s website before investing in a new product. Many of them address the topic directly or use keywords we’ve covered in this article. Below, check out a few recommendations to get you started and exploring:

Lavinia Oh.Hi Lubricant

According to Lavinia’s website, the use of this lubricant will show up on a drug test so proceed with caution when buying.

Latex-safe: Yes

Find Lavinia Oh.Hi Lubricant

Om Love Balm

Om’s Love Balm contains 420:100 THC:CBD per jar.

Latex-safe: No

Find Om Love Balm

Quim Oh Yes! Serum

The Oh Yes! lubricant from Quim provides 200 milligrams of THC total.

Latex-safe: Yes

Find Quim Oh Yes! Serum

Kush Queen Personal Lubricant

Kush Queen’s water-based lubricant contains 30 milligrams of THC. The brand also offers a full CBD variety containing 30 milligrams of CBD.

Latex-safe: Yes

Find Kush Queen Personal Lubricant

Cosmic View Viva La V! CBD Balm

The Viva La V! formula from Cosmic View contains 100 milligrams of CBD.

Latex-safe: No

Find Cosmic View Viva La V! CBD Balm

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