CANNABIS CULTURE – Israeli technology company Eybna claims that a newly discovered combination of terpenes and CBD can control the symptoms of COVIDA-19 and even prevent the infection altogether.

We used our database and advanced data development and formulation techniques to research and isolate terpenes with enhanced anti-inflammatory properties and optimize their ratios. says Nadav Eyal, CEO and co-founder of Abna. This has enabled us to develop and produce our own terpene formula that is effective, safe and synergistic.

For the past six years, Eybna has been studying the therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant and its phytochemicals for use in adult wellness products.  When COVID-19 was first introduced, Abna worked with CannaSoul to analyze the potential of terpenes and phytotoxins in cannabis.  Eyal explains: In the absence of safe anti-inflammatory drugs, we decided to test our knowledge and formulation technologies – and demonstrate their effectiveness against dexamethasone, a steroid with many unknown side effects. The results of this study exceeded our expectations.

This aptly named NT-VRL formulation consists of terpenes from sources such as eucalyptol, beta-caryophyllene, and citral infused with CBD.  Eybna claims that the formulation is safer and more effective than most pharmaceuticals on the international market currently used for COVID-19. explained Eyal: The natural formulation of 30 ingredients avoids the high concentration of a single ingredient and is therefore much safer for our body cells than synthetic pharmaceutical ingredients. The data-based formulation works through different mechanisms of action in our bodies, making it more effective.

The terpene composition of NT-VRL is currently being evaluated in 11 studies, some of which show that the protective agents can also prevent inflammatory diseases directly related to COVID-19 in vitro.  Testing will begin with human coronavirus strain E229 (HCoV-E229), which has similar properties to COVID-19 but is considered safer for laboratory work.  There are currently a number of strains of COVID-19 in use around the world, and Eybna plans to work with these strains in the near future.

Referring to Abna’s discovery and its value in relation to the pandemic, Life magazine wrote: Although vaccination of the world’s population against COVID-19 has begun and will be phased in, it is not expected to be completed. However, there are some people who do not get vaccinated because of personal choices or health limitations. In addition, certain populations, such as. B. Younger age groups should be vaccinated last. A natural antiviral solution with minimal side effects that can be used alone or in combination with vaccines as preventive treatment could be a safe and relatively simple way to reduce infection in these populations.

Abna looks forward to continuing her research to identify the scientifically proven benefits of cannabis and translate them into an effective, safe and targeted application.  According to Eyal, research and technology are advancing rapidly to exploit the vast untapped potential of terpenes. We believe we can make a significant contribution to this evolution and we are working hard to continue to explore the full range of functional applications of cannabis phytochemicals for health and wellness.

NT-VRL is already on the market with partners such as Esteem and Provacan, as well as Loop Labs with products such as the Nano Mist inhaler and an oral spray to optimize care. Further market entries in the US, Canada and the EU are planned for the third quarter of 2021.

Abna is currently expanding with the opening of a new facility in the US and the development of new partnerships, and research capabilities are expected to continue to grow exponentially.  Different cannabis strains have such untapped potential in the medical field, and Abna plans to be at the forefront of this progress.

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