Smoke and poke? A dating app for cannabis lovers

Meet, a dating website for enthusiasts to connect and build relationships.

“If you like to consume cannabis (whether you smoke, vape, or like edibles), everything gets a little bit more complicated on traditional dating apps.” “It can be difficult to find other pot smokers on sites like Tinder and Match because of the stigma still associated with marijuana,” says Jim Traine, vice president of SmokeandPoke. “That’s why we developed” The site was made because there is more and more evidence that love and marijuana go well together. It also helps get rid of the stigma that marijuana still has on traditional dating sites. Cannabis users can seek out like-minded people on our site, using their appreciation for cannabis as a gateway to a relationship. They can hang out safely from the comfort of their own homes. Hopefully, people will meet their Mary Jane (or Mark James).

Why It Matters

According to a recent poll, 55 million Americans use marijuana (22% of the United States population). That number only increased during the pandemic, when marijuana use skyrocketed.