Seth Rogen’s Houseplant weed brand expands to 17 California dispensaries

The level of FOMO surrounding Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Houseplant brand of weed is very, very real. Since announcing its launch in Los Angeles via an online order on its website, countless stoners and Roe fans have decided they can’t get their hands on the new flower after waves of orders led to multiple stock-outs and outages on the cannabis company’s website.

When American Idol’s Ricky Manning failed to get an eight, he tweeted an actual cover of British magazine GQ. Rogen replied: There’s a bigger fall coming.

And now we know what it is, as Houseplant has announced today that it will be available from the 15th. April will be available in 17 California pharmacies – just in time for 4/20.

The Houseplant team has spent more than a year talking to cannabis retailers throughout California to find partnerships with retailers who align with the flower brand’s vision and values. They have partnered with eight retailers in 17 locations (see below).

  • Los Angeles – Sweet Flower Dispensary
    • Melrose: 8163 Melrose Avenue. Los Angeles, California 90046
    • Westwood: 11705 Ventura Boulevard. Studio City, California 91604
    • Art District : 614 Mateo St. Los Angeles, CA 90021.
    • Studio City: 1413 Westwood Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90024
  • San Francisco – pharmacy clerk
    • Castro: 2029 Market St. San Francisco, California 94114
    • SOMA: 527 Howard San Francisco, California 94105.
    • Marina: 2414 Lombard San Francisco, CA 94123.
    • Capitol Hill: 1850 41st Ave. in Capitol Hill, CA 95010
    • Berkeley: 2312 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley, California 94704
  • San Francisco | Lush Green Boutique Cannabis : 828 Innes Ave #110 San Francisco, CA 94124
  • San Diego Walk and Ashes
    • City Heights: 2281 Fairmount Avenue, San Diego 92105
    • Mission Valley: 2835 Camino del Rio C #100, San Diego, CA 92108
    • Outlook: 2465 Dogwood Way, Vista, CA 92081 *medical only.
  • Santa Barbara Coastal Dispensary: 1019 Chapala St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101
  • Orange County People’s OC: 2721 Grand Avenue. Santa Ana, California 92705
  • San Jose, airport supply: 1190 Coleman Avenue. San Jose, California 95110
  • Palm Desert. Your Royal Highness: Highway 111 Ste 205, Palm Desert, CA 92260

With three starter strains, Diablo Wind (sativa), Pancake Ice (sativa) and Pink Moon (indica), Houseplant will be available at retail for the first time. Rogen and Goldberg personally tested hundreds of varieties before arriving at the choice of starter varieties, a fact Rogen has spoken about in numerous interviews, much to the amusement of many.

In the picture: Pink Moon, an indica-dominant hybrid strain cross of Tangi and Kosher Kush. In the nose strong citrus tones with hints of spices and cloves. This houseplant is said to induce a euphoric feeling with a slightly calming effect. Perfect for a fun time with friends or for music, art and writing.

Since Rogen announced Houseplant’s California debut last month in an incredibly helpful and endearing Twitter post, he’s appeared frequently in the New York Times, GQ UK and Architectural Digest, as well as on Jimmy Kimmel Live, to talk about Houseplant’s ashtrays, lighters and logs.

Rogen also explained how they named Home Plant’s varieties. When we came up with Pineapple Express a few years ago, it was kind of a joke, and after the movie it became a weed, but it was based on a weather system that hit the Pacific Northwest, where we’re from. So we named all our tribes after weather systems as a tribute to ourselves, Rogen told Kimmel. At one point I was embarrassed by the importance I placed on weed, but I accepted it.

Images courtesy of Power Digital Marketing

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