Primary Jane: Empowering Balance Through Hemp

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When it comes to hemp products, it doesn’t get any better than Primary Jane. As a family-owned brand built on holistic wellness, it’s clear to me that Primary Jane cares deeply about the quality of their products and the experience they provide. 

This deep care and attention to detail shone brightly through each of the products I had the pleasure of testing out for myself. I’m excited to tell you all about my experience with this brand, as they deserve every ounce of our praise!

Why We Love This Brand 

Before I dive into the products themselves, I’d like to talk for a moment about Primary Jane as a brand. As I mentioned earlier, Primary Jane is a small, family-owned business. Unlike some larger brands that are in the game for profit, this brand’s beginnings are rooted in personal wellness and health.

Primary Jane places an emphasis on quality, only creating clean CBD products that they would give to their closest friends and family members. After speaking with one of the brand’s founders and reading their mission statement, I truly do have a lot of faith in them. 

It’s refreshing to encounter a brand with such genuine care and honest intentions, knowing that all of these products were carefully crafted for their specific purposes. Their prices are also incredibly reasonable, so that CBD enriched wellness can be accessible to everyone!

Our Primary Jane Review 

Something else I love about Primary Jane is that they have products to fit a wide range of needs. Whether you struggle with insomnia, anxiety, or pain, there’s a Primary Jane product that can help provide targeted relief. Without further ado, let’s get down to it!

Pure Gold Carts

First up today are the Pure Gold Carts, which come in two options: full spectrum CBD or CBDA + Delta 8! These guys are the definition of a premium CBD cart. They’re made with live resin extracted from flash frozen exotic flower, and come in 100% glass cartridges. 

We had the pleasure of trying their brand new Sour Jack full spectrum cart, so let’s start there! As someone with a low THC tolerance, I’ve always enjoyed the effects from full spectrum CBD. At first hit, I was really pleased by the herbal, dank flavor profile.

I have been known to enjoy artificial flavors with carts, but I thought this one was incredibly refreshing in terms of taste. The effects were more noticeable than other full spectrum carts I’ve tried in the past, and even more pleasant than the flavor!

After a few hits, I felt uplifted, yet relaxed. This one was great to hit before getting to work, as it didn’t compromise my ability to focus and be productive. It definitely enhanced my work day in a positive way, and was great to use when I felt my anxiety flaring up to return to a centered state of being. 

Our team was also a big fan of the Delta-8 + CBDA cart. If you’re looking for a more potent experience, this one is the way to go. I definitely felt a deeper sense of relaxation with the London Pound Cake cart, as well as a stronger high due to the Delta-8 live resin. 

I really enjoyed using this one before bed, as it helped create a deeply calm high that was perfect for inducing a good night’s sleep. The team drained this cart pretty quickly, as it produced such a perfectly mellow, hazy high. 

Experience the luxury of Pure Gold! It doesn't get better than these. 

Lunar CBD + CBN Gummies

Up next are the Lunar CBD + CBN Gummies, which had to be my favorite of all the options I tried! These gummies each contain a blend of full spectrum CBD, CBN, melatonin, and chamomile for optimal pre bedtime relaxation. 

I will be honest, I have struggled with insomnia throughout my life and these knock me out within 30 minutes. I also only take half a gummy! These gummies make me feel so calm and centered before bed, then before I know it, I’m waking up the next morning.

I have been using these every day for a solid week or so as I’m writing this, and I haven’t felt any sort of grogginess or energy loss in the morning after use. This can happen to me with many melatonin and THC heavy gummies, but not with Primary Jane’s.

The flavor of these is incredible as well, and they’re made with real fruit! If you’re a fan of watermelon and berry flavors, well, it won’t get much better than this. Although I’m not vegetarian anymore, I still appreciate that these gummies are vegan and made with all natural ingredients. 

Oftentimes when I get to test out a product, it’s a one and done, but I will be a returning customer for these. Adding them into my routine has genuinely improved my quality of sleep, as well as my overall energy levels. If you need a little help winding down at the end of your day, I would strongly suggest you check these out. 

Upgrade your bedtime routine today! You'll thank me later...

Euphoria D8 Gummies

Last up would be the Euphoria Delta-8 Gummies, the hardest hitting product on our list! I would have to say these edibles are very aptly named, as they created a potent, relaxing, and euphoric high. Our whole team agreed that these were some of our favorite edibles we’ve tried this year. 

The high from these made me feel incredibly uplifted and carefree, yet grounded at the same time. It was a really pleasant juxtaposition and I didn’t encounter any elevated anxiety levels, which is definitely a bonus for me!

Depending on your tolerance, these can be a great daytime treat, as they aren’t going to induce couch lock or take you out for the day like some other edibles can. They enhanced my day off in a really positive way, and made me feel a bit lighter on a physical level.

Yet again, the flavor of these gummies was incredible. You can tell from the first bite that they’re made with real berries, and there’s little to no hemp taste to them. I would suggest taking these in the afternoon for optimal timing, although I was still able to get to sleep fairly quickly by munching down on a Lunar gummy afterwards!

Enhance your day with Euphoria gummies: there's a peach flavor too!

In Summary 

Primary Jane has to be one of my personal favorite brands in the hemp space. Their commitment to quality stems from a personal desire to guide others towards balance and holistic welless, and they truly do everything they can as a brand to achieve this goal.

Primary Jane hit every mark for me. Their products are top-shelf quality, their flavors are on point, and their effects profiles are carefully curated from product to product. Their Lunar CBD + CBN gummies have become a staple in my bedtime routine, and have noticeably improved my quality of sleep.

Overall, I would strongly suggest you check out some of these products! There’s also plenty more to explore on their website that I hope to try out someday, like their Dragon Fruit CBD drinks, for example.