The award-winning nonprofit organization Minorities for Medical Marijuana (M4MM) has been leading diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in the cannabis industry (as well as many other advocacy efforts) for 5 years, almost since the beginning of the legalized cannabis market. One of their oldest and most successful programs is the Cannabis Business Licensing Boot Camp (CBLB).

M4MM Cannabis License Boot Camp

After presenting successful cannabis licensing camps in Missouri, New Jersey and Illinois, M4MM has brought its 8th effective cannabis business license (CBLB) program to Michigan to prepare applicants for the state’s microbusiness application. On the 13th and 14th. On March 20, 2021, Michigan hosted an event dedicated to licensing cannabis businesses. More than 70 people attended and ten keynote speakers from the industry and the main sponsor, the 7Cities Group, participated.

Michigan was our eighth state. Bootcamp and it was excellent, despite the scheduling and operational issues we had due to COWID-19. The breadth and depth of the topics discussed certainly helped attendees understand both the application process and their options as potential operators when pursuing licensing opportunities in Michigan.

Roz McCarthy, Founder and Executive Director of Minorities for Medical Marijuana.

Roz McCarthy, founder and executive director of Minorities for Medical Marijuana.

M4MM has created a Michigan Cannabis Business Licensing Camp to educate aspiring social justice and minority entrepreneurs on microbusiness applications and the process of starting a business. Participants gained a clear understanding of the microenterprise licensing process, learned key strategies, received specialized resources through the M4MM, and made valuable contacts with industry experts needed to build successful businesses.

Rest stops in New York, New Jersey, Colorado and Oregon are scheduled for the second and third quarters of 2021. You can read more about them here.

M4MM at the Michigan Cannabis Market

Among the ten guest speakers were Chris Jackson, owner of the Sticky Ypsi dispensary, and Patrick Frakes, RAIR’s Director of Operations. The speakers included experts from various sectors who provided important information and suggestions. Sponsor 7 Cities Group, a full-service cannabis consulting firm, provided shareholder information. Visitors were enthusiastic and gave positive feedback throughout the event. They described the program as highly informative and interactive.

Michigan has a unique market with potential for growth and expansion.  We have the opportunity to create tangible pathways and partnerships through the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency’s social justice programs and racial equity initiatives.  In planning the event, we invited representatives from all of Michigan’s key state, business, and community stakeholders to come together and share best practices in hopes of creating a profitable, diverse, and inclusive cannabis industry. I am proud to say that the bootcamp exceeded our expectations.

Simone Casson, M4MM Michigan, state director.

Simon Casson, M4MM State Director of Michigan

On the second day of the boot camp, the Cannabis Business Showcase Competition took place, judged by industry innovators Wanda James, founder and CEO of Simply Pure, Leo Bridgewater, National Director of Veterans Affairs, and Joseph Casillas, former NFL and Super Bowl champion. The winner, Keena Moffett, received a $1,000 grant for her business, Pot and Pans. The pitch competition was broadcast live on the M4MMUnited Facebook page to give all participants national exposure.

Keena Moffett won the soccer tournament.

Minority medical marijuana (M4MM)

ABOUT M4MM : Minorities for Medical Marijuana Inc – is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to cannabis advocacy, education, awareness and outreach for communities of color across the country. The cornerstone of its mission is to promote comprehensive and equitable public policy on cannabis, health education, business development and social reform. The organization strives to create a culturally inclusive environment where diversity of thought, experience and opportunity is valued, respected and celebrated. M4MM currently operates in 26 states across the country and was named Cannabis Industry Organization of the Year 2018 by the Cannabis Business Awards.

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