The KOVID-19 pandemic is still in effect since it began early last year. These numbers have risen steadily and at the time of writing more than 107 million people have contracted the virus, including 2.3 million deaths. In recent months, a vaccine has finally appeared at the end of the long and scary COVID tunnel. The vaccine is supposed to somehow protect people from the virus, so the world will be good again.

The development of a vaccine against COVID has raised many questions regarding pre-existing diseases and other drugs. People with a history of severe allergies to any of the ingredients in Pfizer’s newly created vaccine are the only ones who won’t be able to get it, and little has been said about other conditions. What does this mean for users of medical marijuana? Will administering MMJ affect the COVID vaccine? We’ll find out.

Does cannabis affect the COVID vaccine?

Many people who use medical marijuana to treat a chronic illness may wonder if their medication will affect the COVID-19 vaccine or vice versa. Unfortunately, there is little or no information on the effects of MMJ on the vaccine.

The interaction between the COVID-19 vaccine and cannabis use is not known, so it can be assumed that they do not seriously influence each other. Depending on your medical condition, it may be wise to consult with your doctor before receiving the COVIDS vaccine.

image by CDC on Unsplash : There is no evidence that medical marijuana affects the COVID-19 vaccine.

Do I have to stop taking MMJ to get the COVIDS vaccine?

Because the interaction between medical marijuana and the ingredients of the KOVID 19 vaccine is unknown, it is not necessary to stop using medical marijuana to get the KOVID vaccine. The vaccine works by supplying the body with a specific protein that registers as a virus. This leads to an immune response in which antibodies specific for COVID can be produced. These antibodies remain in the body to prevent infection or COVID-19 disease if you come into contact with the virus after widespread vaccination and with lax safety precautions.

If you are a medical marijuana user and plan to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, you should consider how your immune system works and whether or not marijuana can weaken it. For the vaccine to be effective, the immune system must be able to respond properly. Some studies suggest that marijuana may suppress immune activity, which could theoretically weaken the effect of the vaccine.

Smoking and the COVID vaccine

The KOVID-19 vaccine will not infect anyone with the virus. What is used in the vaccine is a kind of blueprint of the virus, so the body can make antibodies based on the information it gets about the mRNA. This means that smoking medical marijuana and receiving the COVID-19 vaccine are unlikely to have adverse effects.

However, smoking inhibits the action of the immune system, which can lead to suppression of immune function. People with impaired immune function are not able to develop as many antibodies as their healthy counterparts, so the vaccine may be less effective. However, this is not definitive and unless you are on a strict no-vaccine list, you should consult with your doctor.

Image by CrystalWeed Cannabis on Unspsplash : Since smoking marijuana can alter immune function, changing the dosing method may be a good option for those who want to receive the vaccine.

Ensuring the effectiveness of COVID vaccine for MMR users

If you are willing and able to get the vaccine, consider switching to a non-cigarette dosing method. Smoking medical marijuana can have adverse effects on the lungs. All types of smoke contain carcinogens and toxins that are released during combustion. When you breathe in this smoke, these substances enter your lungs. There are many alternative ways to consume MMJ, including edibles, topical ointments and creams, oils, and patches.

Since you are using medical marijuana for medical reasons, it is also important that you follow the dosage so that you are healthy when you take the vaccine. This will ensure that it works as it should and that you continue to get relief from your health problems while being protected from this dangerous virus.

Featured image by Marcus List on Unsplash

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