Loud Weed: What Does It Mean?

The stomach of cannabis can sometimes be overwhelming and unsettling, especially for new users. Varieties in particular have their share of confusion, in part because of their names, like the WTF names for varieties like Meat Breath and Alien Assate, which give no indication of their effects or what to expect from the experience. Add to your cannabis lexicon another term that is both a cultivar name and an adjective: Harder.

What is loud and how is it used in cannabis country? Let’s dive in.

Origin of the part and of the logs

There are different levels of quality for cannabis, which can affect its aroma, taste, potency and cost. At the bottom of the stairs are the regs – also known as stonegrass. This type of weed is characterized by its dull green or brown color and may contain stems and seeds. Think of it as an amateur weed class, something you’d expect to see at a frat party in the 90s.

Then there are the beasts, or the mid-range hemp, which comes from Canada. Worthy plants should have fewer seeds and stems than brickgrass, as well as a smoother cone and better flavor. They are also more potent with THC levels ranging from 15 to 20%.

After the animals, our word of the day: strong. It is rumored that cannabis originally came from Atlanta. When you or anyone else calls cannabis strong, it’s a description of a powerfully aromatic, pungent, high quality, cerebral experience.

The word luid also contains three root names: Loud, Loud Dream and Loud Scout.

  • Loud is described as a balanced hybrid that can create laughter, sleep or conversation effects. It smells like citrus, pineapple and skunk, with a spicy taste reminiscent of eucalyptus and tropical fruit.
  • Loud Scout is an indica hybrid from Loud Seeds in Barcelona, Spain. The signature strain is a combination of GSC and Platinum OG that smells of berries, spice and pine, with aromas of grape, lemon and tropical fruit.
  • Noisy sleep is often accompanied by noisy stress. This cerebral and powerful sativa has a THC content of 15-28%. From the guys at Loud Seeds, this is a reverse cross between an F1 phenotype and a Blue Dream. It is a mild tonic with a combination of tropical and earthy aromas, as well as eucalyptus and spicy flavors. Loud Dream is very heady, social and energetic and is valued for its creative and stimulating nature, making it a good combination for daytime use.

In addition to its energetic and cerebral effects, Loud Dream is known for its resale value in the unlicensed market, which reached up to $800 an ounce.

How loud is pop culture used

The term loud is also embedded in pop culture, along with other cannabis-related terms like zip and dub. Here are some examples:

Gucci Mane in Couch is my perfume:

Shit, very strong, smells like a whole kilo.

Waka Flocka Flame Make a wish:

It’s windy at the club, this thing is making me dizzy.

Lil Meta on Who Got Da Loud:

I like L-O-U-D, strong packing, fruity.

OJ DA Juiceman Burr Beer:

The strong, stinky kush made me feel like a box of onions.

Little Cudi and King Chip in What I Am:

The neighbors knock on the door and ask if we can turn off the lights. That’s what I’m saying: No music, she says: No, this grass is noisy.

Now we know. This buzzword refers to intoxicating, cerebral, potent, high-quality cannabis weed, and is also a general term for dank, ass-kicking weed.

frequently asked questions

What is a noisy drug?

The name Weed Loud is a slang term for marijuana that is potent and also smells strong. … This marijuana strain is described by frequent marijuana users as being of better quality, and it produces a faster and stronger effect than regular weed.

What is strong slang?

Noisy hose for strong weed. The term loud comes from the fact that marijuana has a strong smell, and since the strongest marijuana strains tend to smell stronger than their counterparts, the term loud was created for this type of strain.

Why do they say it is strong?

A strong smell or nose when you open a bag or can. Loudes cannabis has a strong aroma that comes from the release of terpenes. … It takes skill to produce a terpene-like, noisy herb. A bag without an irresistible, strong and penetrating smell, not loud.

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