CANNABIS CULTURE – Every time I sell a coffee grinder, my customer asks me the same thing: How do you keep it from sticking?

Metal tools and isopropyl alcohol were the answer.

Now the answer is: Lubricant cover.

Lube lid is 100% pure and natural, as it should be. A quick look at the bottle was enough, the packaging is perfect. It is a simple 10 ml bottle marked pure hemp oil and of course contains no THC.

Using the cover is easy too. I applied four small drops (two drops for small sanders) along the outside edge of the sander and started sanding.

When I first received the Lid Lube, I wasn’t sure if it would handle the decade-old B.C. Bud grind we have here at the main store, but I was quickly caught off guard and pleasantly surprised. A full revolution of the sander halved the accumulated residue, a few more revolutions, and the sticky gunk clogging my knob sander was gone.

With such excellent results, I have loved using it on other wheels in the shop and on my own. Needing so little was perfect, enough to make ends meet.

The results are very good, but I had a big problem: What would Lid Lube do to my weeds?

There’s only one way to find out.

I immediately began to break the buttons. The first thing I checked was the smell. The lid of the lubricant is virtually odorless – so no change. The bad buds still smoke as well as they did before crushing.

The next logical step: turn it on, of course. The taste hasn’t changed, I thought, as a delicious cloud of smoke entered my lungs.

So that’s it. Lid Lube delivers on its promise in a completely natural way, without changing the smell or taste of the product. I’ve tested Lid Lube on chippers used in busy Vancouver shops – and often. You can imagine these grinders getting shot. Cleaning them was a problem that used to require a lot of sweat, time and small tools. But now, after a few drops of Lid Lube and a few solid spins, the lids and tines slide on easily and smoothly, pulverizing even the tightest tops BC has to offer.

If it works here, it will work anywhere. I will definitely recommend Lid Lube to future customers.

Cap lubricant can be purchased online with the code:CC10 for 10% off your purchase.

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