Is Your CBD Product Verifiably Natural?
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Carbon-14 analysis of natural products is a valuable scientific tool to confirm the naturalness of cannabidiol (CBD) ingredients by verifying the percentage of the product that is derived from natural ingredients. By determining the percentage of biobase in a product, companies can guarantee that their CBD ingredients are authentically natural, identify the presence of synthetic adulterants, and verify the authenticity of marketing and natural label claims.

Why should you consider carbon-14 analysis of natural products to test your CBD natural products?

Carbon-14 is an isotope found in natural materials. When testing natural products, the percentage of carbon-14 in an ingredient or product is measured. Higher percentages indicate that the product is made mainly or entirely from natural ingredients, as opposed to synthetic products made from petroleum. These cheaper synthetic substitutes, which are made from petroleum, cannot be measured with carbon-14. An all-natural, plant-based product indicates that it is 100% biobased, while a low or no score indicates a product that is partially or fully composed of synthetic additives.

Structure of cannabidiol (CBD), one of the 400 active components of cannabis strains.

Why should you care about testing the naturalness of CBD products? In recent years, the popularization of CBD extract has increased its demand as an ingredient in personal care and cosmetic products. The higher cost associated with using natural CBD extracts instead of artificial ones leads some manufacturers to use adulterated ingredients or fake labels that claim the product is natural when it is not.

How can you prove that your products are authentic and assure your customers that they are getting the natural ingredients they expect? Artificial ingredients derived from petrochemical sources do not contain carbon-14. The results of the analysis of natural products indicate the percentage of samples that are of natural origin. This allows manufacturers and quality control teams to confirm that their CBD ingredients and products are not synthetic or adulterated and to back up the claim that their product is truly natural.

Natural product testing can confirm the natural content of your CBD products. Confirmation of naturalness through carbon 14 testing supports labeling and marketing requirements and confirms that your products and ingredients are purely natural and free of cheap synthetic adulterants. By checking the percentage of our product that comes from natural sources, as opposed to artificial and petrochemical sources, you can be sure that your product is truly made with natural CBD extract.

frequently asked questions

Is there any fake CBD oil?

Some of these are waste products containing only trace amounts of cannabinoids. Large quantities of counterfeit CBD oil are reportedly being sold in some parts of the country. So yes, if you bought CBD oil the last time you filled up your car, chances are the CBD you bought is fake.

Is CBD oil clean?

If you’ve seen our CBD CBII oil or used it yourself, you may have noticed that it has an unusual dark green color. That’s because our CBD oil is a full-spectrum phytocomplex oil, which means it contains all the plant compounds such as terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids that occur naturally in Cannabis sativa L.

Can you smell the CBD flowers?

Do CBD flowers smell like regular cannabis? Yes, the smell of CBD flowers is very similar to that of regular cannabis varieties. Of course, everything depends on the variety, the ripeness and the way of storing. The aroma often indicates the quality of the cannabis flower.

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