Is Cannabis Good for a Healthier Lifestyle?

It is no secret that cannabis and its cannabinoids have acquired a top spot on the list of new medical trends in the healthcare industry. People are now ready to replace their conventional medical treatments with marijuana. This is how powerful the substance has become. 

Theories about using cannabis for a healthier lifestyle are now all over the internet. The existing data pointing to the plant’s significant therapeutic potential has made people curious to add it to their daily routines. After all, we all secretly wish for a healthier lifestyle. But is cannabis the actual solution? Or can it make things worse? Well, we’ll discuss all that in detail later, but let us first clear our concepts about this complex plant, cannabis.

What Are the Health Benefits of Cannabis? 

Cannabis is a herbal plant known for its therapeutic and psychoactive effects. One must have heard about its cannabinoids, such as CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the two most prevalent and in-demand chemical compounds of cannabis plants. While CBD is known for its therapeutic properties, THC, on the other hand, is the psychoactive part of the plant that is responsible for causing the high. 

Now, speaking of the benefits associated with cannabis consumption, it depends on various factors. Factors such as delivery method, age, medical condition, metabolism, etc., play a vital role in deciding whether marijuana will initiate a positive or an adverse effect on you. 

As a whole, here are some of the most common medical benefits of using marijuana: 

  1. Help Manage Different Mental Health Disorders: Anxiety, depression and PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) are the most common mental health disorders affecting millions of people worldwide. Cannabis contains anxiolytic and other pain-relieving properties that help a patient manage his/her symptoms such as poor sleep, inability to relax, constant stress, muscle tension, etc. 
  2. Neuroprotective properties: Cannabinoids found in cannabis are known to have some particular application as neuroprotectants for motor and mental dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases. Studies have shown that marijuana can act as a therapeutic agent in the slow progression of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. 
  3. Chronic Pain Relief: One who has little knowledge about CBD must know that it is a great pain-reliever. Patients suffering from different types of chronic pain have been taking cannabis treatment to get relief. With the legalization of CBD in most of the US states, getting legal and safe CBD products has become easier. 

Well, the list of benefits doesn’t end here. Though the herbal drug is used for an array of ailments, the FDA has not approved the legal use of marijuana at the federal level as the substance comes under the category of Schedule 1 drug. This has led to limited research on the plant’s long-term potential owing to the lack of funds provided by the government. 

However, because most state lines have legalized both medical and recreational marijuana, there has been a cold war between state and federal authorities. One just needs an online medical card with a qualifying medical condition and can access cannabis products without panicking about the legal ramifications. That’s how vast cannabis has become. 

Is Cannabis Good for a Healthier Lifestyle? 

Now, the main question is – Is cannabis even a good choice for a healthier lifestyle? Well, before reaching a conclusion, let’s discuss some important options one can keep in mind before adding cannabis to their daily routine. 

Combine Marijuana and Exercise

There has been enough research studying the effects of marijuana and different forms of exercise such as yoga, general workouts, etc. The studies concluded that consuming marijuana prior to any activity can boost the motivation level, thereby resulting in more productivity. However, it is to be noted that controlled consumption is necessary. Due to the limited research done on the herb, self-dosing of the products is not recommended. Most national and international leagues have strict rules against using the herb to improve performance, especially when it comes to athletes. 

Choose Healthy Ways to Consume Marijuana 

People have this common misconception about marijuana that it can be consumed only through smoking. That’s just not true. With the growing popularity of cannabis and its potential, more and more new forms of cannabis products such as edibles, oils, drinks, etc have entered the market. 

While smoking is the most preferred form of consumption, it is also the most harmful. The cannabis smoke that enters your lungs can eventually damage the organ or lead to infections. On the contrary, there are plenty of other ways for you to enjoy the benefits of the herb. 

Consuming cannabis in the form of oils or edibles is known to be the most effective and safe way for expecting the plant’s intensified effects. FDA has even approved a cannabis-infused medication called ‘Epidiolex’ for the treatment of seizures in patients of epilepsy, which is administered orally. 

Everything in Excess Is Bad 

You must have heard the saying that everything in excess is bad. and that applies to cannabis too. A moderate and recommended dosage of the substance can deliver significant results, while an irresponsible intake can result in inappropriate consequences. Overconsumption can lead to major side effects like dizziness, dry mouth, cognitive imbalance, paranoia, anxiety, and more. That is why, if one has a doubt regarding cannabis use and the preferred dose, they should consult a medical marijuana doctor and take guidance on what’s needed. 

Bottom Line 

Coming back to the real question, is cannabis actually good for a healthier lifestyle? The truth is that it depends. It depends on what you consume, how much you consume, how your body reacts to it, and how well you’re able to understand what your body wants. If you keep all these basics in mind before consuming cannabis, it can boost your productivity by five times. However, consumption without knowledge and research can adversely impact your body. It is crucial to properly research the herb and then try a few products or doses out as part of the trial-and-error method.