Judging by the recent spate of cannabis thefts in Portland, Oregon, attention is growing on the need for more security measures at cannabis dispensaries across the country. According to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, more than 120 robberies of cannabis stores have occurred in Portland alone since March 2020, with a total of more than $500,000 in cash and edibles lost.

Robbing a cannabis dispensary is just as lucrative as robbing a bank. Cash is king in stores until the passage of the Safe and Fair Banking Act (SAFE), which prohibits federal banking regulators from penalizing depository institutions that provide banking services to legitimate cannabis businesses. Before the law was passed, it was common knowledge that all transactions had to be made in cash, making cannabis dispensaries a prime target for thieves.

Pharmacies are a popular target for burglaries. Protecting your store requires a comprehensive security plan.

While many security protocols, such as product tracking systems and surveillance cameras, are mandated by every state, pharmacy owners must take steps to proactively protect their products, protect their employees, and sustain their business in the face of increased theft.

One of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to increase store security is to install security roller doors. Once you’ve determined what level of security is needed, follow these four tips to prevent criminal activity and protect both employees and products.

Tip 1 – Storefront Security
Sturdy steel roll-up doors are designed to prevent looting and break-ins, and offer cannabis holders reliable security. They can be adapted to existing buildings, can be installed on the outside and are ideal for protecting shop fronts, particularly shop windows whose replacement can be expensive. Unlike conventional shutters, thieves cannot see the goods when the shutter is down. As well as giving the building a secure appearance, locking the door to the room is essential to deter criminals.

High-strength steel doors must also be able to withstand lifting and sliding. Manufacturers have subjected the doors to rigorous testing, and some security doors even meet Department of Defense standards for forced entry, which can provide up to one hour of protection against violent attacks on the door to enter. Look for security sliding doors that can take a beating and withstand break-in attempts with common tools, as well as doors that cannot be pushed up. Some manufacturers offer doors with heavy-duty sliding latches and rigid, stable bottom bars that can withstand a lifting force of 4,500 pounds.

Tip 2 – Protection when visibility and airflow are limited
When visibility of products is required, but more safety is needed inside the display case, in addition to safety measures such as impact resistant glass, a heavy duty protective grille is an excellent choice. The safety grilles can easily be ordered individually and do not need to be adapted to the design of the individual rooms. They are easy to install behind storefronts, compact enough not to be seen when not in use and require little maintenance.

Heavy duty roller shutters can protect supply corridors

It is important to work with the manufacturer to choose a retractable trellis that is reliable and offers more safety. Choose lattice curtains with rods that are closer together and heavier links. Safety grilles with these features are more difficult to lift and install than standard roller grilles.

Roller blinds are also an ideal solution for protecting counters within the service area. They can be easily concealed in small openings when ceiling space is limited.

Tip 3 – Reinforce the A-Store in an A-StoreFor cannabis dispensaries located in high-end retail stores, it is important to consider additional security measures to separate the dispensary from the rest of the store.

The metal grid can be a good barrier for the shop within the shop.

Local store hours may vary, as states often mandate specific opening hours for cannabis dispensaries. Changing opening hours is an easy way to secure a small part of a large business.

When aesthetics matter in stores, a woven mesh screen offers both beauty and security without being cumbersome, while protecting cannabis products as customers browse the store. Manufacturers offer different patterns and even logos to bring more creativity to the aesthetics of the grill and turn it into rolling works of art.

Tip 4 – Secure Supplies
Pharmacy owners sometimes overlook the fact that thieves are targeting supplies. Deliveries to the back of the store or to pickup points can be the riskiest. It is important to know when delivery will take place, who will be present and how the product will be handed over.

Heavy duty roller doors provide the best security for loading entrances and are more reliable than conventional sectional roller doors. The revolving doors, made of galvanized steel, aluminium or stainless steel slats, can be fully adapted to existing building structures and are ideal for rooms with limited height.

Reliable security
By carefully assessing the level of security required, the layout of the building and the delivery location, it is easy to improve security with the right roller doors. Each door is made for a specific opening, so it is custom made. Choose a competent manufacturer to help you determine the right roll capper for the needs of the pharmacy.

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