After years of making robust Dry Herb Crowd vaporizers, Canadian company Utillian has just released their latest model with the Utillian 5, which features a glass bubble attachment.

An affordable option for raw concentrates can’t come soon enough. Over the past year, more and more users have started experimenting with various new cannabis products that they wouldn’t have had if they hadn’t been sitting at home all day. At the top of the list of these cool things is a boutique chopper, which is of a different level than anything else in a cartridge.

With the new Utillian wax crayon, you have a product that stands out from the biggest discounts and yet is very affordable. Here you will find everything you need to know about Utillian 5.

What is a Utillian 5?

The Utillian 5 is a mid-range wax pen. It’s actually a dirtier version of the Utillian 2 with a lot more accessories for twice the price, but the package still costs $69.99. So if you can’t implement some of the more popular electronic dubs currently available, the Utillian 5 is a great option.

This allows for more powerful flush strokes than in competitors’ ceramic chambers. What you lose in taste, you make up for in volume. It’s definitely a little sweeter with the bubble attachment, but you still get the same quality taste from the coil.

How does Utilian 5 work?

After the first charge, your Utillian 5 will be ready for use in no time. Just plug in the included micro USB and wait until the bar is full and stops flashing. The battery indicator lights up continuously when the battery is fully charged.

Before using a vaporizer for the first time, it’s always a good idea to wipe down the parts of the atomizer and mouthpiece with a few drops of isopropyl alcohol. Then burn it several times following the instructions below. If you plan on making cracks in Utillian 5, you might want to get a Glob Pug. They will sit tighter on the spool and you won’t have to try to weave Q-tips.


Once you’ve prepared your device for the first digital dumps, the party won’t last long.

  1. Remove the mouthpiece and cuspidor to expose the atomizer coil, and put a small amount of BHO or resin on the coil. Utilian recommends a piece of concentrate about the size of a grain of rice, but our research has shown that it can be a little meatier, especially if you’re using a triple titanium coil. Despite its name, the Jumbo Kanthal reel is actually meant for one-off sessions.
  2. Press the power button five times to activate the device.
  3. Press the button twice to set the Utillian 5 to one of the four voltage options: Lower voltages give more flavor, while higher settings give more sparkle.
  4. Once you have selected the desired voltage, press and hold the button to begin heating the concentrate. When you see the LEDs start to turn white, you can take the shot. It stops heating automatically after ten seconds. You can adjust the airflow ring under the atomizer to find the right draw for you.

How to clean the Utilian 5

Utilian told us that when cleaning coils with alcohol on the cotton swab – whether it’s a Kanthal coil or a Triple Titanium coil – you need to make sure you burn the coil without product. The core will absorb the alcohol, and when this happens, it may take time and attention to get it out.

Utillian also recommends raising the temperature after cleaning the unit and running it several times after thoroughly drying the battery to remove residue and alcohol left in the battery. This is even more important with the Kanthal coil, as the black ceramic core may have absorbed some of the alcohol.

Heating also disinfects the battery and removes detergent residue from the battery itself.

What is the call?

What you get with the Utillian 5 is a basic one-piece concentrate with some extra features like a large battery and multiple coil options. You will be able to smoke most high-end concentrates on the market, with the exception of the sauce.

And if you like the Utillian 5, then you’ll know if it’s worth spending a few hundred dollars on one of the high-end concentrated vaporizers like the Peak Pro or the Map.

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