The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, with sales expected to triple to $30 billion by 2023. With the many rules and regulations that business owners must adhere to, marketing your cannabis business can be a challenge. While many don’t know where to start when it comes to marketing, there are some organic and simple tactics owners can employ to drive traffic to your website, leading to more leads and sales.

Digital marketing is the most effective way to improve your brand’s online presence, reach your target audience, rank higher in Google searches and ultimately increase sales. Today, 81% of people use the internet before making a purchasing decision. Determining which digital marketing efforts are most useful, however, can be a challenge for business owners. When implementing digital marketing strategies, companies should apply the 80/20 rule of thumb and focus on the 20% of digital marketing tactics that produce 80% of the most successful results. In this regard, some of the most important digital marketing tactics to implement today:

Reputation management

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Positive reviews about your business are essential to keep customers coming back and new customers discovering your business. With 72% of customers only making a purchase decision after reading reviews, businesses should prioritize soliciting customer feedback and pay attention to incoming reviews. Companies should respond to all feedback, whether good or bad, because it shows consumers that the brand cares about their opinions and feedback and wants to continue to create a positive experience for everyone. Testimonials should be placed prominently on the company’s website so customers can read them clearly, and can also be used in emails or social media posts.

Make search engine optimization (SEO) a top priority

By focusing on developing a solid SEO strategy, you ensure that customers can find your business on Google when they search. To rank well in search engine results, websites need to be optimized for search engines (SEO), which is a powerful and indispensable tool if your business wants to be found by customers online. In July 2020 alone, Google processed 12.18 billion searches and 93% of all online searches through the search engine. It is therefore crucial to the success of your cannabis business that it is well found and visible online. Keeping your website up to date and basic information like opening hours, contact information and prices will keep your search engine optimization high.

Business relationship management (CRM)

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Collecting emails from customers is critical, and your business should have a solid plan in place to capture them, whether it’s an incentive to provide an email address when registering on a website or at the checkout counter of a store. Companies need to have the name, phone number and email address of their customers in order to send them emails or text messages about the latest promotions. From there, companies can also set up a customer loyalty program to encourage customers to keep buying from your company. Creating targeted and personalized messages for customers using CRM tools creates brand loyalty that can increase purchasing power and spending.

Sharing social networks

Social media is part of almost everyone’s life, and it’s a great opportunity to give customers a glimpse of your business, the products you sell, and any promotions or special offers you may have. Using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is essential for reaching your customers directly with visually appealing and timely content. Social media is an opportunity to personalize your brand and build a relationship with your customers so they see who you are. Social sites need to stay relevant and connected to feedback from followers.

With more and more cannabis dispensaries and stores opening up across the country, marketing your business can seem like a daunting task for entrepreneurs, but simple and useful digital marketing tools can be incorporated into your business plan to improve promotions and sales. The key to success is a strong digital presence, so customers can find you and learn more about your business online.

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