Dashcam footage shows disgraced Texas trooper vaping confiscated marijuana

A video shows former Texas trooper Chad Harden vaping confiscated marijuana while on duty. David Sloane

What a dope.

A disgraced Texas trooper was caught on his police cruiser’s own dashcam vaping confiscated marijuana, according to newly released footage.

The video is from 2019, but only just came to light after the lawyer representing several drivers who were stopped by the same state trooper near Wichita Falls sought evidence against the officer, the dogged attorney told The Post.

“The public should find it abhorrent any time there’s a breach of public trust,” said Fort Worth lawyer David Sloane. “We place people in a position of trust when they enforce the law.’’

Chad Harden, the now-former trooper with the Texas Department of Public Safety, was caught on camera inhaling pot from a vaping pen he’d just taken from a suspect, according to the video.

“I accidentally inhaled THC, as stupid as that sounds,” Harden later admitted to an investigating officer, according to the audio of the footage that Sloane posted on YouTube.

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