At Raw Garden, we have an agricultural philosophy because we understand that agriculture is about managing the plants and the land on which those plants grow. This is when a plant has a chance to thrive, but it must be grown correctly to provide resources like high-quality terpenes and cannabinoids.

Our cannabis plants are grown in Santa Barbara County, in the sun, just like other California plants. We are vertically integrated, from seed to shelf, and perform quality control at every stage of the process. We grow our own seeds, grow and harvest our own crops, and process our own produce using sustainable and regenerative farming methods – the farm uses only organic and natural fertilizers, soil conditioners and pest control methods.

As farmers, it is our responsibility to take care of the land and the soil so that it remains fertile and healthy for the future. We take care of the soil and he takes care of our plants. The result is high quality products that our customers love and trust. Our success and commitment to quality are proof that clean and sustainable operations are possible. We are farmers and scientists, we strive to produce pure, high quality cannabis at an affordable price.

Some of the sustainable growing methods we use at Raw Garden include:

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Clean Green Certification – Since our inception, we have been a certified and licensed member of the Clean Green Program, an internationally recognized certification program for organic and sustainable cannabis. The program was created in 2004 to standardize legal cannabis products. The result is a program that helps farms and brands obtain organic certification based on the USDA’s National Organic Program. Certified organic producers and processors regularly receive awards for their high-quality products, including our award-winning extracts.

Water conservation – our farmers irrigate at the right time of day to reduce water loss through evaporation; we also use drip irrigation and mulching to reduce water loss and runoff. Last year we averaged about 8,000 gallons of water per acre, which is much less than conventional outdoor crops.

Natural Fertilizers and Pest Control – We use only organic fertilizers and foliar fertilizers and spray only organic and disease-free insecticides to keep our plants healthy and prevent disease, which inevitably leads to high yields. We use beneficial predatory insects such as ladybirds and ichneumon wasps to eradicate pests naturally, in addition to vegetable oils and diatomaceous earth.

Precision Agriculture (PA) and Specific Crop Management (SSCM) – We use technology to manage crops and make farming more efficient, for example. B. Machine learning to optimize fertilizer application and digital sensors in the field to monitor crops.

Author Khalid-Al Nasser is next on the Raw Garden farm.
A photo by Brian Walker

Soil health and terroir – Like grapes for wine, cannabis plants grown in soil have a terroir that affects the flower’s qualities, characteristics, terpene profile, aroma and flavor depending on temperature, climate, soil composition and topography, and other environmental factors. Microclimatic factors – the same cannabis strain grown on the coast will likely have a different taste and potency than a cannabis strain grown inland. We grow vines in Santa Barbara with a combination of fertile soil, warm sun and cool nights that produce an incredibly diverse, potent and flavorful crop of cannabis flowers. Between growing seasons, we use regenerative agriculture by growing crops like oats, beans, peas and buckwheat to add nitrogen and organic matter that naturally returns to the soil. This cover crop method also reduces soil pests and diseases for the next growing season. We know that ideal conditions, combined with healthy soil and good land management, lead to healthier, stronger crops, which translate into higher quality products.

As farmers, we have a duty to care for the land by making the right management decisions today to grow the best quality products while preserving the land for the future. It requires careful planning, knowledge of the land, a commitment to sustainable practices and a willingness to put agriculture first.

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