CBD Absorption of CBD Products: Tinctures, Capsules, and Gummies

CBD is very expensive; most customers can’t afford to waste any of their precious products. Many users don’t understand that the delivery method and ingredient quality in their CBD products dramatically affects absorption rates. 

We will compare the best CBD gummies, tinctures, and capsules, identifying the best option for the majority of CBD users. 

CBD Absorption

One of the essential aspects of CBD use is absorption. The amount of CBD available for your body to use at a given time is called bioavailability. When we take CBD, the molecules need to travel into our blood then be distributed throughout the body. 

Sending CBD to the digestive system delays the results and offers a much lower absorption rate than other methods. However, administration methods like gummies and dissolvable capsules are easy to break down offer much better bioavailability rates. 

CBD Oil Absorption Rate

CBD tinctures offer the best option for delivering CBD to the bloodstream. Using CBD oil sublingually is done through the mucosal glands under the tongue. This sends the compounds directly to the bloodstream without going through the digestive system. 

The only method with a higher bioavailability is smoking or vaping CBD. While you will experience the fastest reaction time and absorption rates by smoking, the harm done to the lungs outweighs the natural benefits of CBD, especially when there are safer methods available. 

Bioavailability of CBD

The bioavailability of CBD is a highly debated topic within the industry. Many companies will claim their products has 100% bioavailability, but this is likely impossible. Any way you take CBD will result in some going to waste or not making the journey to your bloodstream. 

The companies making the claims also fail to back up their bold bioavailability rates. No lab tests are done, proving all the CBD ended up in the bloodstream. Rates are likely to be pretty low, other than CBD absorbed through the lungs. Just remember that the digestive tract is the least efficient way to take CBD. 

Best Way to Absorb CBD

Gummies, capsules, and oil are all great ways to get your daily dose. While gummies and capsules are considered edible CBD, they easily break down and have relatively high absorption rates. 

The best option for you is the product you are most likely to take on a regular basis. It makes no difference which you choose if you aren’t getting a healthy daily dose on a consistent basis. The benefits of CBD aren’t experienced after one use for most users. It takes three consecutive days for CBD to build up in the endocannabinoid system and deliver benefits. 

Our favorite method is sublingual CBD oil. The experience isn’t as enjoyable as eating flavored gummies, but you get more CBD into your system. Many people don’t like taking oil sublingually, especially if they aren’t comfortable with the strong earthy taste of hemp. We find that it is an acquired taste that gets better over time. 

Again, the best method is one you will use consistently. If you are more likely to take gummies, just increase the dosage and get the same benefits. 

How to Increase CBD Absorption

Experts say that taking CBD after a meal consisting of healthy fats is the best way to take CBD. Salmon, nuts, and avocados are good options.

Choosing sublingual oil, gummies, or capsules all provide significant absorption rates. Remember that no administration method is 100% and to be mindful about consistent use.