Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Super Silver Haze Cannabis Strain – Super Silver Haze Review

This Sativa-dominant masterpiece, considered one of the highest quality Sativas in the world of marijuana, earned its name and respect seeing as it was  awarded first prize at the High Time Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999 respectively.

Little wonder why 20 years later, this strain  is still famous, respected and highly sought after.

If you are a sativa lover and you’re looking for the best high that’ll leave you focused, more perceptive, euphoric, and energetic, don’t think twice before going for the Sativa masterpiece that is Super Silver Haze.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the details that explain the origin of the strain, growing process, appearance, flavor and aroma etc.

Origin of The Strain

Super Silver Haze, otherwise known as “SSH” or “SS Haze,” contains about 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. The combination of Skunk X Northern Lights X Haze strains birthed this highly admired sativa masterpiece.

Its foundation promises powerful Sativa genes and a terpene profile to dream of.

This strain’s genetics is  like a football club featuring the best players. Northern Lights (Afghani x Thai), Haze, and Skunk #1 (Acapulco Gold x Colombian Gold). Little wonder it won the cannabis cup three times in a row.

It was first cultivated and bred by Shantibaba and Neville (two popular breeders), the development of this strain started while Shantibaba was at Greenhouse seeds in the early 90’s.

This Sativa masterpiece boasts a sizable THC content, ranging from about 18%-23%.

The Growing Process

Ask any stoner around what their dream is, they’d tell you it’s owning their own farm.

For anyone looking to grow this strain, know that Super Silver Haze needs to be handled very gently. That is, it has to be treated with extreme care and it requires a lot of patience. While this plant requires a lot of time, patience and attention, the efforts of growing it is highly rewarding.

Average grow time for the plant is between 9 – 11 weeks. That’s noticeably shorter than most sativa hybrids, some of which take a whole five months to reach maturity. Research has it that indoor growers usually get about 450 great/sqm. While she is grown indoors, the flowering time is set between 56-63 days. While super silver Haze is best grown in a hydroponic setup, it can also be grown in soil or outside.

Super Silver Haze thrives in warm, humid environments between 70 and 80 degrees °F. ScrOG and LST methods of growing should help your Super Silver Haze grow and improve yields.


Super silver Haze probably got its name from the way the buds look. It  features a wide array of cool and muted tones, that come alive at the tips of the plant.

The sugar leaves tend to be a faded green in color, with gray and pastel purple/pink accents. The pistils are reasonably short, with a faded orange color.

Lastly, the most vibrant section of this amazing plant is often the water leaves, which extend far out with their sometimes colorful deep purple hues. You won’t have trouble recognizing this plant when you want to start your own farm.

Flavor and Aroma

Well, Super Silver Haze aroma is pleasant but it doesn’t feature any candy-like notes. Instead, it captures the senses, filling it with spicy, diesel, and sage-like notes that make you revel in your highness.

This strain can be laced with hints of citrus but is overall herbal, spicy, sour, and earthy.

The aroma of Super Silver Haze can best be described  as fairly Sour (a bit of Citrus and also with a touch of Orange) and Sweet.

The Experience

This sativa dominant strain can make users want to get on their feet, stimulating creativity, which can be very profound and stimulate a dull mind.

Its effects kick in from the first inhale, but Super Silver Haze changes tactic during the second half of its long-lasting high and begins to soothe the body. Users may experience an increase in perceptions both visual and auditory.

For most users, the strain can be an effective daytime medication for stress, mood swings, nausea, and migraines.

Side Effects

Most strains tend to have a downside and Super Silver Haze isn’t excluded.

The notable side effects include dry mouth (cottonmouth), dehydration, and dry eyes. This doesn’t compare to all the benefits that it brings right? But it can still be uncomfortable.

Dry mouth can be managed by remembering to stay hydrated and consume enough water or beverage of your choice.

The same applies for dry eyes. Keep moisturizing eye drops ready for when you start to experience this.

Medical Benefits

Amazingly, this strain has spread its tentacles to the medical world.

Super Silver Haze seems to have helped patients suffering from depression, given its ability to promote enlightened emotions of contentment, and even happiness.

Furthermore, stress and anxiety have also been influenced by Super Silver Haze.

However, Patients with medical conditions should always seek medical advice before administering this strain for any medical related condition as over-consumption can potentially lead to an increase in anxiety, paranoia, or stress. It is important to be cautious and regulate the intake of this strain.

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