Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Slurricane Cannabis Strain – Slurricane Review

Slurricane is a powerful Indica heavy strain with THC values of nearly 30%. It originated from the crossing of its two popular parent strains: Do Si Dos and Purple Punch. Users are drawn to this strain for its potency, delicious flavor, and relaxing high. It’s no beginner strain, of course, but for experienced users, it’s an excellent choice.


Slurricane is an incredibly relaxing strain, and one that should probably used in the evenings or at a time where you don’t have to be productive. As you inhale, you’ll begin to feel a light tingle wash across your body, slowly relieving you of any tension. Slurricane is reported to cause couch lock in some users, due to its heavy sedating effects and body high. This strain is reviewed as being a mood-booster, taking the user to a calm, peaceful state of being in which stress and negative feelings melt away. In addition to the couch-lock, Slurricane is also known to induce the munchies: so you might want to have a snack nearby! This strain is potent and hard-hitting, so make sure you dose accordingly and take caution if you have a low tolerance to or experience level with THC.

Flavor and Appearance

Each Slurricane nug is dense, resin-rich, and olive green in color. They tend to grow fairly round in shape, and have deep violet accents all throughout the bud, with the intensity of this being dependent upon growing temperatures. Slurricane’s scent cannot be missed! The smell of this strain is intensely fruity, with strong notes of berries and herbs. Similarly, its flavor has been described as sugary and earthy, similar to a blueberry tea. Slurricane’s delicious, subtle flavor palate is definitely a big plus for the user!

Medical Benefits

Because of Slurricane’s high THC content, it provides a wide range of benefits for medical users. Many users who choose Slurricane do so because of its anxiety-fighting qualities. This strain is great for those looking for relief from chronic stress, anxiety, and other unpleasant mental conditions. Calming the body and the mind alike, Slurricane allows for the user’s stress to melt away, being replaced with a sense of joy and serenity. Physically, this strain also has many benefits. It is able to reduce pain and inflammation, helping treat conditions such as joint pain, neuropathy, and headaches. In addition, Slurricane is great for those dealing with insomnia given its ability to sedate the user.


This strain is remarkably easy to grow, so it’s great for beginners, advanced growers, and anyone in between! Slurricane can be effectively grown indoors and outdoors, with the yields being pretty similar. After a growing period of about nine weeks, you can expect an indoor yield of 14 to 16 ounces per square meter, or an outdoor yield of around a pound per plant. The only drawback of growing this strain really is its long harvest time, but through the use of stress training techniques, you can shorten that time period.

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