What is Slurricane?

Slurricane is a powerful Indica strain with THC values of nearly 30%. Users like it as it provides the ability to cope with many symptoms, including migraines, headaches, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and even cramps. Some people said that they used it for chronic fatigue because it made sleep easy for them. In House Genetics, an inspired cross with Purple Punch was developed by the Slurricane strain.

This is because the strain can achieve THC levels of up to 28 percent. It’s no beginner strain, of course, but instead, for experienced users, it’s an excellent choice. A Slurricane review that doesn’t speak about its therapeutic use is not difficult to locate. All of the patients with sleeplessness and cancer had respite thanks to a Slurricane weed night. Stress is not the right way for this strain to relax.

Origin of Slurricane?

After crossing Do-Si-Dos with Purple Punch, Slurricane first came into existence.

The origin of the name of the strain was creative because it did not originate from its parenthood and it did not slur your speech. Instead, reviewers have noted it as hitting hard and relaxing tense muscles (as a hurricane) (which theoretically could make you slur).

Smell, Taste, and color

The Slurricane scent cannot be missed. This smell is intensely fruity, with the most part of the profile being berry and herbs. There is a severe pungent flow with some spicy, earthy notes. It is a tenting aroma, which someone will try with eagerness.

The smell of this strain is similar to that of a beer tea, which is herbal and spicy, especially with notes of berries. Slurricane’s taste is similar to blueberry tea with strong clay notes. The cured nuggets are often formed like excessively large grapes. They are deep violet, with slender amber pistils olive in color.


Smokers say they felt the spread of a light tingling across their necks and body, which eliminated tension. Others said that their couch block was pleasantly overwhelmed by a sense of sleepiness. Many people said they improved their mood even if they found it difficult to focus. Some say that Slurricane can help with migraines, chronic headaches, muscle spasms, and even cramps. Others have said that they use it to find sleep with chronic fatigue.

The Slurricane weed is a powerful punch of fruits that will take place all night long. The head is high and builds slowly in just a few minutes before it all takes over.

It is a happy, high-minded head high that can immediately knock out negativity. When you’re riding the Slurricane, there are no concerns.

The physical height rapidly follows and pinches become a seriously relaxing mood across the body. Snacking and movies are preferred, so it is a slightly sedative strain. The couchlock is going to be long, so better be ready.

There’s no joke about the Slurricane strain. Most beginners have a little bit of super-high THC content. The bigger the dosage, the greater the effects of sedation. Pacing is important for a long night.


On the first taste, Slurricane is very sweet and fruity. Berry and fruit mix in a slightly spicy mixture. The exhalation is grassy and terrestrial, with just a hint of diesel.

Adverse reactions

Slurricane’s biggest side effect is the overestimation of tolerance. It’s a highly hitting strain with a tasty taste, so without paying attention it’s easy to overdo it. The high content of THC and the sedative effect can cause sleep and wild dreams.

Some users report a minor paranoia from high doses when they remain awake, which can be reduced by touching moderately. Alternatively, dry mouth and eyes, water nearby, are the most common results.

Growing Slurricane

This strain is remarkably easy to grow while delivering intenseness of THC. Indoors and outdoors are relatively compact, so it can grow in several environments. Slurricane’s greatest drawback is harvest time, so low-stress techniques can help you get faster.

Depending on the amount of light plants received, the strain tends to remain 3 to 5 feet high. Producers are recommended to trim the trellises and other methods that help lighten buds. The buds themselves are often small, but they are more than compensated by the number and quality of the Bud sites.

Proper treatment of the bud is important if Slurricane crops are to be best exploited. Let the plants harvested dry for 7 to 10 days before processing helps to remove additional moisture from the plants. Then the longer they sit, the better the smoke gets when you heal your bud in jars. This strain pays off by taking time to correctly do things.

Growth process


Plants flowering in Indoor Slurricane in about nine weeks. The harvests range from 14 to 16 ounces per square meter after the plants are ripened.


When grown externally, Slurricane plants in the northern hemisphere are usually ready for collection in early October. When well maintained outdoor plants can produce up to a pound per plant.

Medical effects

Reduces stress: 

Anxiety is an unwanted part of life. In the initial phase, anxiety appears to be a normal problem, but over time it becomes difficult to overcome this chronic disease. A heavy workload is one of the main sources of anxiety. Controlling this problem is therefore crucial. In stress management, Slurricane strain was shown to be effective. The release of the stress hormone is effectively reduced and relieved.

Reduces pain:

The main reason people are looking for medical care is to overcome pain. There are no effective medicines for treating certain types of diseases, and that is when marijuana’s pain-relieving properties become apparent. Slurricane strain reduces pain from non-migraine headaches, spasticity, neuropathy, and joint pain significantly.

Effective against Epilepsy:

Epilepsy is a medical disorder that has an uncertain blackout or convulsion. The major causes of this disorder are head trauma due to an accident or damage to the brain caused by a stroke or brain tumor.

Slurricane also contains CBD, which is relatively less than THC, which helps to fight epilepsy.

Fights insomnia:

Slurricane strain is Indica and Sativa’s hybrid form. Cannabis is shown to be effective against insomnia, particularly in India. You’re going to fall asleep without any difficulty as the amount of THC descends.

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