SFV OG Cannabis Strain – San Fernando Valley OG Review

The mysterious acronym SFV OG stands for San Fernando Valley OG: a vivid, lemony strain that’s also soft and earthy. Cali Connection Farms, as you would expect, named it after the San Fernando Valley, where it was bred. It is an OG Kush phenotype that has contributed to the development of several well-known strains such as Tahoe OG and Ghost Train Haze. Many people smoke SFV OG when they want to have a good time with friends, since it can trigger euphoria and laughter. As a consequence, this Indica-dominant hybrid is also ideal for people with various mood or panic disorders.


If you have a lot of work to do, this pressure may not be for you! We’ve heard a variety of stories on how SFV OG affects people, ranging from mildly Indica to mainly Sativa effects. You should expect to feel drowsy and couch-locked, close to how you would after an OG Kush session. Users report feeling euphoric and joyful, and you might even burst out laughing at the mildest joke your friend makes. It’s a great weed strain to have on hand when you want to unwind and have a happy, stress-free day. It could motivate you to be more creative on occasion, allowing your inner poet or musician to shine. This strain will not leave you energized and active, so it’s not for workdays. However, if you’re planning to spend a relaxed day off work, then this is the strain for you.

Appearance and Flavor

The build and appearance of SFV OG is characteristic of an OG strain. The nugs are round and thick, with few pistils and a wintergreen coloration. In terms of aroma, this strain has tart, piney notes that are accompanied by a heavy citrus smell at the finish, as is typical of OG strains. It’s not as earthy as other OG strains, but it’s also not as sour as the Jet Fuel variety. You might be shocked by the overall scent, which is both pungent and sweet at the same time. The flavor of this strain is almost as strong as its aroma. If you’re smoking this cannabis, the lemon taste is really pleasant and can tends to be an overwhelming flavor of the strain. You’ll even detect a hint of fresh herbs, with the overall flavor lingering on your tongue after exhalation. SFV OG is a strain that vaporizes exceptionally well, and can be delicious in an edible.

Medical Benefits

San Fernando Valley OG may not be as well-known as some of its offsprings, but it is still a valuable and powerful marijuana strain. It can be used to treat physical discomfort as well as mental conditions like depression and social anxiety disorder. It’s known for having a fast anti-anxiety effect, which can be beneficial if you have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) or depression. This strain may be right for you if you suffer from panic attacks that come on suddenly and without warning. Its high spirited and relaxing high also helps energize those with depression, as well as lift their mood into a more pleasant, positive one than before. SFV OG is also linked to an increase in appetite. If you are a cancer patient who is having trouble eating after chemotherapy or if you have a disorder like anorexia nervosa, you can use SFV OG to effectively stimulate your appetite.


When you buy SFV OG strain seeds, you’ll be relieved to know that they’re relatively easy to develop. Keep in mind that the climate, like that of the San Fernando Valley, must be mild and dry with plenty of sunlight. Many growers claim this is a thirsty and hungry strain that needs a lot of water and nutrients. Overfeeding SFV OG, on the other hand, can be a common mistake and will lead to nutrient burn, so make sure you find a healthy balance for your plants. SFV OG has a naturally high tolerance to pests and diseases, but still make sure that your plants are being properly ventilated as to avoid any harmful mold growth. When grown indoors, this strain will flower in 8 to 10 weeks and produce a yield of 12 ounces per square meter. If grown outdoors, you can expect a yield of 13 ounces per plant by harvest time in early October.

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