Mendo Breath Cannabis Strain – Mendo Breath Review

Mendo Breath is an indica strain that is best for managing pain and decompressing after a long day. Creating a euphoric, lifted mental state and relaxing body high, this is the perfect strain to consume before winding down. Known for its sweet, caramel-like flavor profile and aroma, many users are drawn to Mendo Breath for its pleasant smoking experience. This strain is also relatively easy to grow, offering high yields to growers of practically any experience level. It has a high resistance to pests and disease, and can be grown successfully in indoor or outdoor environments.


Mendo Breath starts out with a wave of uplifting euphoria, mentally and physically. As you begin to feel the effects, your headspace will gradually become more positive, with negative thoughts and feelings melting away. The euphoria and relaxation this strain brings about makes Mendo Breath really helpful for anyone dealing with depression or anxiety. It is able to help the user ground themselves and feel the waves of euphoria, free of worry. Like most indica dominant strains, Mendo Breath lends itself better to nighttime smoking seshes. This one in particular does allow the user to focus enough to be fairly productive, but it’s best not to smoke this strain if you have any attention-intensive plans in the near future. With the combination of its mental effects and body high, this strain creates a still, peaceful environment that’s conducive to meditation or sleep.

Appearance and Flavor

This strain produces dense, olive green nugs with yellow pistils throughout. The flavor profile of Mendo Breath is really unique and a big reason why so many choose this strain! With caramel and vanilla notes at first inhale, the sweetness eventually subsides to mintier, earthy undertones. Some even mention a berry-like flavor coming through once you’ve exhaled. The aroma is pretty similar to the flavor: sweet and herbal. Because of this strain’s flavor profile, it’s candy like taste lends itself really well to edibles of many varieties. Two of this strain’s dominant terpenes are pinene and camphene. Pinene is known for its abilities to combat stress and anxiety, and brings a sweet, piney scent to this strain’s flavor profile. Camphene, similar to myrcene, also brings a woodsy scent and flavor to the table, reminiscent of fresh pine needles.


This is overall an easy strain to grow, for those of any experience level. It is naturally resistant to diseases, molds, and pests, and doesn’t require too much special treatment. This strain can be happily grown indoors or outdoors, with the outdoor yields being slightly higher. Mendo Breath does best in a fairly warm and dry climate, like most indica strains. The plants grow to a medium height and tend to grow outwards a bit, so keep this in mind if you’re planning on growing indoors. The flowering period is pretty average, being around 7 to 9 weeks. This strain is usually ready to be harvested around early September to late October. When grown indoors, each plant produces a yield of 10 to 12 ounces. If grown outdoors, the yield will be closer to 12 ounces per plant. In order to maximize the yield, many growers have found great success growing Mendo Breath in a hydroponic setup, saying that it will even further increase the yield when harvesting time comes.

Medical Benefits

Mendo Breath, like other indica strains, is helpful for those looking to calm their minds, unwind, and decompress. It leaves the user mellow and relaxed, but alert enough to be able to focus on their preferred activity or task. Because of Mendo Breath’s unique terpene profile, it is able to effectively treat mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. The combination of mental and physical relaxation allows for the user to let go of negative thoughts and tension throughout their body. These qualities of the strain are helpful to those with mood disorders and chronic stress.

This strain can effectively create a calming environment where one can disconnect from the mind and exist peacefully in the present moment. It contains relatively high levels of camphene, which has been proven to effectively treat hypertension and is thought to have high potential in treating other heart conditions. Often recommended as a nighttime strain, Mendo Breath creates an ideal environment for falling asleep. Because of this, it is often used by those who struggle with insomnia. Overall, with the calming aspects of the high, this strain is ideal for those looking for relaxation and relief at the end of their day.

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